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Before the hike to Kolob Arch in Zion. [Randomly scattered through this make-shift site, I'll post pictures from hiking trips & adventures......sort of an acoutremont to the writing portfolio.]

Thank you so much for visiting AnthroGnosis. I earnestly hope that you find the stories and information here encouraging, inspiring, enlightening, and manumitting in regard to all aspects of your life.

AnthroGnosis is a collection of my fiction and nonfiction writing with a pervasive focus on the metaphysic, the cosmic spiritual reality, behind all physical existence on this earthly plane. Inspired by many years of scholarship and delving into the spiritual, anthropological, paranormal, and phenomenal, through my writing it is my endeavor to raise collective human vibration and thought-form, to move beyond all limitation that has been set upon us in this age of empty, constricting materialism. I make no claims of elite spiritual endowment: I am simply a human becoming, who needs help to become. I pine to unite with the Atma, the Creator-soul within; my writing is part of that journey, and I grandly aspire to have you join me on this soul-quest of consciousness, illimitable giving, and bliss.

Writer Bio -
A brief synopsis: I studied journalism at Michigan State University, moving to San Diego 2 years after my graduation in Dec. 98. Initially, surfing was the primary impetus behind my move......and then I stumbled upon the grandiose back-country of the outdoors that - to me - constitutes so much of the gold of this golden state. My nascent years living here I joined the corporate world for a spell (trying to stay afloat), during which, I was blessed with the opportunity to work for a solar tech company (WorldWater Corp., at the time) that specialized in water-pumping through photo voltaic energy. Here I worked with some brilliant minds (Princeton/NASA) and learned vastly about our contemporary renewable sphere.

While working at WorldWater, I continued to chase my craft, writing part-time for a North County San Diego publication, The Surf City Times. Upon beginning here, I was immediately taken by the literary merit and incisive, behind-the-scenes environmental, political, and socio-economic dissection of this paper. Here again, I was blessed with the company and support of some verily fecund minds, people of positive and lively spirit. Some of my short fiction work has appeared on the website, a magnanimously profound astrological and metaphysical online magazine. Run by Arthur Gianfermo (a prolifically gifted and intuitive astrologer), this online publication is a rich compendium of spiritual and cosmic knowledge. Regarding my piece, Cosmic Peregrinations, Aquasoul offered these kind and generous words - “An amazing piece of short fiction”.

You may find this story on it is posted on their Literary Archives and Current Articles and Reports pages. There is a copy (below) posted on this site as well.

Much of the inspiration behind my writing comes from a well-spring of hopes to raise human vibration and consciousness (including my own), to bring critical thought to the fore of global society, to pierce the veils of this physical temporality and see the truth of unity, love, and compassion seated at the core of all. Like the great spiritual philosopher Rudolf Steiner, I believe it is our duty to peacefully resist the negative influences of this pervasive material age with all of our fortitude of spirit; for running concurrently within this material illusion lies humanities' own will to self-deceptions: greedy physical acquisitiveness and myriad thrusts of self-aggrandizement, clinging and possessiveness, and all the intolerance, competition, conflict, and strife that a focus of this thought-form brings along with it, if not initially.....inevitably. For I believe we have been force-fed competition (rather than cooperation), and, as a global whole, have all too willingly acquiesced to this form of divided global citizenship. Through my writing, I hope to tell a wonderful story that brings these issues and movements starkly to light.

Here is the nascence of a theoretical treatise of sorts that I expect will be ongoing interminably. Please feel free to keep randomly checking it for expounded additions, tweeks, and other radical augmentations; and please excuse it's rough and probably error-ridden haphazardness (just for now), as I was pressed to upload what I had before a particular lecture.

A Phantasmagorical Curtain

I was at Earth Dance Festival in Mendocino County, California last summer. The days were sweltering hot and the nights cool. It was sizzling midday and our group of six had journeyed over to the nearby river inlet for a cool-down. My name is Jay: I'm a thirty-five-year-old freelance writer and cosmic searcher surfer/adventurer of sorts with a penchant for antiquity and unveiling humanity's true history. While cooling my scorched nubs at the bank of the water's edge, I made eye contact with a petite pretty woman of dark Mestizo-like origins and lineaments. Here is a passage of this true story of my experience at the 2009 Earthdance Festival, taken from my short story about the event (fictitious names are used, i.e. myself as Johnny):

'Sitting in a lawn chair in the shallows before him was a small woman in her mid-forties; she was of dark complexion and a sullen candor. She smiled. “Hey, how's it go'n?” Johnny returned the smile. The woman feigned a partial smile; her movements, everything about her were gentle and shy. “You are very handsome,” she said. Johnny grinned humbly, “Why thank you. And you are very beautiful.” “You will make an old woman blush,” she chuckled. “What's your name?” he asked, stepping into the shallows with an outstretched hand. But to his surprise, the woman pulled back, afraid. “I don't know,” she said, “it's been so long since I've touched a man. I....I don't know.” “It's OK,” responded Johnny softly, slowly sitting back down. The others were off frolicking in the river. She gazed into the water with a forlorn stare, a quiet sadness unlike any he had ever seen. “What's wrong?” he asked. She smiled nervously but did not answer. “I'm sorry. It's OK, you don't have to answer – it's none of my business.” There were a few moments of silence, just timid smiles, then: “You are very sweet,” she said. “I am sad sometimes......because I feel as though I have missed out on life.” She paused, and Johnny remained silent, simply offering soft, sympathetic eyes, allowing her to process her thoughts and what she wanted to say. “My son has autism,” she continued. “I chose to stay at home and take care of him.......and sometimes I regret it. I sacrificed everything for him: a relationship, a career, going out and having fun.” Silence. “How old is your son?” he asked. “Nineteen.” Silence; she stared at the water on the verge of tears. Johnny roved desperately through the psychological confines of his mind for the right words to say; he was completely taken by surprise with this, in a way it was so strange an encounter with a stranger – 'but we're all just pining souls,' he thought. And how utterly did he compassionately sympathize with her: she had sacrificed her entire life for her son. Would he have been able to do that? He grasped for comforting words.

Well you're here this great gathering,” he said. She grinned very slightly, as if simply for his benefit, then returned to her sombre stare. Johnny clutched: 'Come on dickhead, think of something! Anything!' “And also, I truly believe, that great positive change is happening as we are entering the Photon Band of Mayan prophecy......a new golden age, a return to harmony and balance.” Here she began to perk up a bit. “I know this may sound really far-out or even crazy, but I, and many anthropological scholars of antiquity and others of spiritual foresight, believe that there have been higher intelligences manipulating humankind for a very long time in our linear counting, and that false religion, higher technology, competition, and materialism have been their primary tools of deception and control; that they are the ones behind the global elite.” At this she perked up tremendously, giving a genuine smile of hope. “Welcome to the family,” she announced resolutely. “I am of Mayan decent. I was awoken to this reality at a very young age....most of us are.” Johnny was speechless, shocked to the core: he had just recently, in the last two years, begun piecing together the puzzle of his own sightings and the mind-boggling reality that exists; he had been researching with an insatiable appetite, feeding his mind with accredited academicians and scholars the like of Rudolf Steiner, Zecharia Sitchin, and Barbara Hand Clow, and many others, and now this little sad Mayan woman was blowing his mind that she had been in the know for some forty years or more.....awakened as a child. “Most of the native peoples of the earth know about this,” she said kindly, sensing that he was dumbfounded. Silence. He thought. “That's why our government tried to wipe out the Native Americans!” he burst. “Because they knew the true human history!” She smiled, nodding her head in affirmation, “Yes, that was one of the main reasons.” “And they knew that many of us were even stepped up genetically by these self-proclaimed extraterrestrial gods – the unexplained missing link, homo erectus evolving into homo sapien instantly, a process that should have taken at least a million years,” he went on. Silence......then, “You are knowledgeable and wise,” she said with a grin, “and by this exhibition of wisdom toward my benefit, by showing me that you have awoken, one who has grown up in their have given me great hope. Thank you, Johnny.......Thank you very much.” And she extended her hand, though yet still noticeably coy, and Johnny took it gently in his own and kissed it with a chivalrous kiss, a loving and compassionate kiss that redounded into the far ether of the cosmos. It electrified them both.

“My father will be here soon,” she said. “He is a wild old man, very feisty. But he is a seer, a shaman; he knows of the wars going on in other dimensions and the spiritual realms, wars which have carried over to here on the earth plane, the microcosm of the macrocosm.” “Hermes Trismegistus: as above, so below,” affirmed Johnny. Her face glowed in the biggest smile he had seen from her yet. “I would very much like to meet your father.” “You must watch out for him,” she smirked, “he is trickster....a mischievous old man.” Grinning, Johnny nodded. “Brother, come on! Hamsa Lila is play'n. You gotta see these cats,” called Andy. “I better go,” he said. “You are very wise, Johnny Knab.” Her visage was reverent, loving and sincere, there was a new-found peace pouring forth from it. “And you are a selfless, wonderful soul.....Thank you.” he said. “Johnny, come on!” “Hopefully I'll see you and your father later.” “Hopefully....Sai ram,” she said. “Sai ram,” he shined, and turned and went.'

For me, this was no chance encounter – there were no coincidence in life - it was a meeting of Divine Cosmic synchronicity, a sign to keep searching in the direction I was headed, to delve further down the rabbit hole. And it came exactly when I needed that further push, as I had been feeling distraught and alone in my directions and perceptions, unmotivated and too infinitesimally small to ever make a real impact on this materially swayed world. This sad and gentle little woman had given me the invigorating sign of hope that I needed, right when I needed it most – the sign to keep following my intuitions, what Rudolf Steiner defined as our Higher Self speaking truth to us.

Now, almost a year later, I have just returned from the 2010 Oregon Country Fair and had a similar experience. Ken Kesey (one of the Merry Band of Pranksters, and author of One Flew Over the Koo Koos Nest), along with the council of elders, started the fair over 40 years ago. It is a grand celebration of cultural diversity, art, music, theatrics, consciousness and ecological living, and much much more. Saturday, the most popular of the three-day gathering, sees some 55,000 attendees. While meandering through the colorful maze of people and performers, we came upon a stage whereon three Native American men (I did not catch their tribal origins at the time) were chanting and drumming, one of them also reciting spoken verse. He was stolid, strong, and evoked a powerful voice, one of confidence and surety. But his message is what caught me most of all, locking me in the audience. He spoke of not having ever voted, of the false picture of this party system here in America. He spoke of Earth Mother's geological responses to our greed and decadence, of internal terrorism and the increasing spread of fascism we are witnessing from this New World Order; and then he came to the extraterrestrials who have been manipulating reality on this physical plane for longer than we might like to realize. It seemed that some of the audience was unsure how to react. Impulsively I raised my hands in peace signs of support: Hallelujah!, I was not alone in my insane yet logical deductions. I had to speak to these brothers.

Later that afternoon I was blessed with an opportunity to speak with them after another native drumming ceremony in a different area of the fair. I was a little nervous, musing upon what I was going to say and how it would be received. Figuring brevity and directness were the best approach here, I simply walked up to the powerful speaker while he reposed off to the side of the drums, and, extending my hand, said, “Thank you for your wise words of truth, brother. I too write about the deceptions of the Annunaki.” He and one of the drummers, whom I also spoke with, seemed excited and very encouraged that I had come forward. I gave them each a card, saying that I was at their disposal of selfless service to this cause of raising consciousness. I really hope I hear from them. This encounter was priceless for me at a time when hope seemed grim and fleeting – for me it was the Cosmos announcing: “Stay to the path. You are on the right road.”

Cosmically coupled with this, was another UFO sighting I had that very night. Heads were bob'n and shaken around the main stage; it was drawing nigh to midnight. I felt positive psychic energy, joyful auric fields, all around. And then I looked up, and shockingly was not surprised to see a spherical white orb the size of a large dump-truck, and effulgent like the bright white light of Venus, slowly circle around the perimeter of the main-stage and then disappear into the hills. I had seen this same phenomenon once before while reposing in the deep forest after a late-night soak at Orr Hot Springs in Mendocino, CA. They looked like the spheres captured by camera around the crop circles of Glastonbury and such, images ingeniously included in Suzanne Taylor's wonderfully erudite film exploration: What on Earth? Inside the Crop Circle Mystery. Intuitively, I feel that good-intentioned extraterrestrials, being able to sense thought-form, pick up on these types of heightened psychic activity and consciousness (at OCF, many folks were experiencing heightened awareness on plant-medicine and 60's family LSD, and the overall vibration is centered on love, compassion, and sacred earth) and come in for a closer investigative look. The white luminescence emitted from these orbs was ineffably beautiful, and their was not even the inkling of machine-noise of a combustion engine of any sort. If the skeptic retorts that this was merely an illusion of my (dwindling) trip, rather than engage a dialectic, I can only offer that my first sighting of this type of UFO was not accompanied by any type of hallucinogen. Connected with the happenings of that day with my Native American brothers, I took this as another grandly phenomenal sign.

It can be difficult at times to broach the topic of extraterrestrial life, particularly in the West, without being categorized insane, imbalanced, or at least variably unstable. Growing up in Grand Rapids, Michigan under ultra-conservative parenting, I was initially quite the rationalist and empiricist regarding much that has been categorized as supernatural phenomena; yet there was still a part of me however, that was prepossessed by some unknown innate intuition and logic that there had to be other intelligent life afoot in our solar system and beyond. Though as of yet I had experienced no direct evidence of these phenomena, looking up into the illimitable expanse of space and creation, planets and stars and nebulae and comets and asteroids stretching far passed the comprehensions of the mind, I was open to it, for even as a child I pondered: 'Why would the Creator fashion all of this magnificence for naught? How ethnocentric and egocentric of humanity to believe that it is the sole intelligent creation in existence. The explanations conventional historical doctrine and dogma offer just don't add up.' And now science is proving that these far-distant stars contain solar systems of planets and moons similar to ours. Considering this, it seems absurd to be entirely closed off to the possibility of other intelligent life in space.

What I would like to explore in this treatise is not only the strong probability that illimitable variations of intelligent life exist beyond earth, but that even much that has been propounded as angelic beings and hierarchies in a rather veiled and ambiguous sense in an array of ancient records, are in fact some of the same myriad of mysterious entities over 11 million people since the 1930's have reported as extraterrestrial and/or UFO sightings; and that some races of these otherworldly entities (having evolved to the point of figuring out the science-alchemy of immortality), such as the Annunaki of ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia, have been controlling and manipulating life on earth's plane for a very long time within our linear counting; and, having had this enormous span to study our psychology, our behaviors and libidinous tendencies, and even physically experimenting upon us without our knowledge (inoculations, contaminated food, drugs, fluoride, chem-trails, radiation, etc.), they, working cloaked behind a multiplicity of mysterious veils and elitist, royal demigod bloodlines, know exactly what works best in keeping their human experiment/worker in check. [Like the great anthropological scholar Barbara Hand Clow so eloquently unravels, I too hold to the theory that these very same forces have indoctrinated humanity with a very altered and fear-ridden dogma in multiple forms, having warped and rewritten a number of ancient religious texts to serve their psychological agendas, the bible and Christianity sitting at the forefront.] And though this latter particular will be part of the focus of this piece, I also want to address the strong empirical possibility that there are many more highly evolved extraterrestrials (spiritual beings) of benevolent intent who are pining to help humanity awaken to these truths and evolve; though, due to the karmic laws of free-will unfoldment, they are currently limited as to the degree by which they may intervene in our earthly evolution......until a significant enough quotient of humanity awakens, centering itself back within the harmony of the true Cosmic Laws of Creation, the Laws of Nature known to many indigenous and ancient cultures, the laws of harmonious balanced thought backed by good intention.

And though some of the focus of this piece will center on a few of the egoistically control-driven high intelligences behind the scenes of this physical plane, it is not with a fear-ridden tendency or victim-hood stance; it is merely an objective and spiritual observation of the reality through aeons of evolution that has come to be, a reality we have had our willful take in – I hope to bring it further to the fore so that we may collectively evolve through these oppressive manifestations of ego. As Rudolf Steiner so wisely indicated also, even these egoistic higher spiritual intelligences have helped us evolve as well, gifting us with plenitudes in the advancements of the arts, sciences, medicine, geomantic architecture, etc.; and as Sitchin indicates, even higher advanced genetic forms. I believe also that through having allowed ourselves to be inimically swayed, indoctrinated, and materially controlled by these high intelligences, we are learning through these mistakes, and will learn evermore, and evolve geometrically, through the unveiling of these deceptions and how our own ego and insatiable greed allowed these life-form's reign and decadence to spread. Our great pickle is simultaneously advancing our consciousness, for this we can thank them. [Who are the 'them'? One race I and other scholars thoroughly believe have been malevolently playing around on earth since the beginnings of historical antiquity (history of which we are today aware) are the Annunaki of Sumerian and Mesopotamian civilization, from the planet Nibiru – now confirmed as an outer planet of our solar system by Hubble. Research has lead me to believe that these are the same fallen spiritual angelic hierarchy referred to by Zoroaster and Steiner as the Ahrimanics.] Taking a purely transcendental spiritual perspective – the messages of many Messiahs/Avatars – I believe that we must love these oppressors with the greatest compassion and sympathy, for, like ourselves, they are simply thought-fragments of Creation evolving along the lines of their own free-will thought-form; and have we not also become bent on controlling other life. “As above, so below.” - Hermes Trismegistus. Theoretically speaking, if we gave ourselves a couple million years of devolving through ego-pursuit at our current rate of attrition, couldn't we very well become as denigrated as they (in many ways we are already there within our specie).

In all, I bring forth my intuitions with a grand confidence that we will peacefully evolve through this, and upon further exhibited evolution, will be welcomed back into a harmonious galactic family from which we have been quarantined because of our warlike, destructive, and selfish propensities. We will rise through this by collective peaceful thought and unified cooperation, a unity that will suffocate their deceitful attempts at competition and ethnic, religious, political, and lifestyle division. Fear, its limitation of thought, has been used to keep our true potential of multidimensional co-creative consciousness from us......but no longer. These deceptions and dogma are crumbling away. It is all part of the cosmic plan.......and to know the true face of our deceivers is one of the first steps toward manumission. [And even these deceivers and controllers are on their own journeys of soul evolution; and, like Terrence McKenna indicates, if control is their obsession, the cosmos will eventually pin them against the wall, and they too will eventually have to evolve.] They continue to feed us fear in myriad forms; so be it: for our own fears are what we are meant to transcend in this period of cosmic evolution. Fearful thoughts manifest and lower collective vibration (this they know); so, despite everything, let us transcend this contraction and expand into the unknown. Let us not be judgmental as to polarizing our reality. All is creative thought unfolding, and the divine plan – despite what they may try and depict – is unfolding exactly as planned. Grand forces are already advancing our consciousness geometrically......We will make the jump! A leap into an unfathomable spiritual-physical existence – it's happening now! Through much of the media and other forms of propaganda they will continue to try and divide and conquer humanity; but our resistance, like that of Gandhi, can only be a peaceful resistance, that of power in numbers, unifying as a global people, as the human race....together as One. That is what these oppressors fear the most; that is why they pine to divide us in every manner their think-tanks can conjure. But just as their deception of fossil fuels is now beginning to fall away, so are these other untruths, dogmas, and false doctrines.

And while attempting to unveil their subterfuges of deceit, I will reach to explore realistic avenues of peaceful resistance to this decadence, oppression, and war, cooperative avenues which are already gaining powerful ground and numbers in various movements around the world, i.e. The Sai Baba Institute, and to name but a minute fraction of the humanitarian, spiritual, and philosophic unities of humankind coalescing and growing amidst this our modern turmoil, decay, and strife.

One more preface I would like to address: Within this movement, which some term as the New Age movement, yet I feel is quite undefinable in its multi-facets and flux, there is the correct perspective to stay focused on the positive, on the Light if you will. Here I believe my focus thus requires some clarification. Though much of what I will attempt to bring to light could be misinterpreted as negative or gloom and doom fear focus, this is not my intent. Even these denigrated higher intelligences of which I address, I approach with the love, insight, and knowledge of seeing them also, like ourselves, as fragments of Creator thought evolving along their own lines of free-will thought and action manifestation; and though what they are doing here on earth is of a negative polarity along the precepts of Cosmic Law, it is still Creation unfolding, and necessary and divine to our own human soul development, as all thought is intertwined (ours and the various hierarchies) and manifests accordingly; necessary, that in this climax of decadent chaos which we are now beginning to experience, this intertwining of Annunaki dominance over humanity is revealing to us where we have allowed ourselves to be deceived and become selfish, materialistic and power-mongering, and so move back into the harmony of the co-Creative Cosmic Laws that have been purposely kept from us. It is necessary for our soul evolution to go through this phase we have brought upon ourselves through our reincarnative actions throughout the ages. It is our true awakening to these controlling manipulative deceptions, and the personal confront of our own free-will material partaking and involvement in them, that is a dire and necessary stepping stone to our physical and spiritual emancipation from these shackles.

Yes, we must stay in the positive light always in our thoughts and intentions, but we cannot put our heads in the sand to the dark reality that has displaced harmony here on this physical plane. All is Creation unfolding through free-will quantum thought development, yet not all these fragments of Creator thought are moving in a balanced direction – like ourselves for instance. This I believe, cannot be ignored. Nor can we gloss over and ignore the gross, destructive, and genocidal realities that have been and are in existence on our physical plane, and who the impetuses are behind these. I think we can look at all with the positive optimism of Light and hope; but the severity of our world's realities cannot be brushed aside because it is not considered by our minds to be a positive focus. It is positive in that we are coming to terms with these deceptions and evolving through them. As Steiner indicates: in all of these darker realities, there is no judgment, yet the “living reality” is what we must critically observe, and change our behaviors to accordingly. We cannot ignore negative polarity realities like the many appendages and undertakings of the Annunaki here on earth: i.e. the fear and depopulation experiments of the Nazis (the U.S. did not enter the war until the very end, after millions had already been murdered) and Stalin (killed more people than the Nazis and the U.S. did not intervene), the destructive and homogenous overtaking of most all sectors of agriculture and business across the globe by megalithic corporations propounded by the World Trade Organization and World Bank, and their intent to control all food and water (research companies like Monsanto and their GMO food which has purposefully had the nutrients genetically modified out of it – think depopulation through resultant sicknesses of malnutrition, and the buying and privatization of massive underground water aquifers by these same entities and personages), poisonous chem trails being sprayed the world over, the inimical actions and agendas of the Bilderburg Group, the lie and true intentions of fear propaganda behind 9/ infiniteum. Though these may not seem “positive” on the old polarity scale, they are however realities we must come to terms with and quickly address if we are to have a promising future within Mother Earth and Creation. That said.............

So, even in my neophyte stage of phenomenal belief, I was open to other life, which is a start from a spiritual quantum physic perspective of the laws of attraction; yet I was unconvinced in either direction, sort of floating in material limbo, for I had witnessed no empirical evidence of my own. Like this, I stayed lackadaisically abreast of matters on the world stage through high school and college, until moving out to San Diego, California, and observing the tragedy of 9/11 that happened a few weeks after my arrival. I had always harbored some subconscious suspicion toward politicians and policy-makers, the news we receive globally, and particularly domestically, never really seeming to jibe with logic and reality for the most part. Immediately, before any grand conspiracy theories had come to the fore, I had questioning doubts of my own, such as: How is one of the most protected defense buildings in the U.S. left vulnerable and unprotected? Even before conflicting evidence, eye-witness testimonies, and various theories found voices, this was a very troubling conundrum for me. Something was definitely awry, and I did not believe the American public was getting the truth. This then opened my perspective to alternative thinkers and scholars, and I began reading some Noam Chompsky. His Media Control strongly resonated with me; then I picked up The Chompsky Journal and saw how this erudite scholar had been dissecting these matters since the 1950's, and that, Democrat or Republican, it didn't make a difference, because behind the scenes – what we are not told by the media – these leaders were instituting the same agenda of terrorism, fascism, and imperialism worldwide, regardless of political affiliation. Our votes never seemed to make a difference as per bringing about domestic and world harmony – Chompsky was showing me why.

The Rule of Terror

Time passed, and further evidence came to the peripheral which gravely conflicted with what our government gave us in the 9/11 Commission Report. The stark discrepancies are too vast to briefly encompass in this piece, so I will paraphrase by enumerating those I deem to be the boldest of inconsistencies: A 757 (that which they claimed hit the Pentagon) has a 125 ft. wingspan: but photos of the hole from where it struck (before the ceiling collapsed) show an opening around no more than 16 ft. wide; and a 757 leaves approximately 60 tons of wreckage wherever it has crashed in the passed around the globe (slamming into the side of Mt. Kilimanjaro for instance), yet they showed us mere scraps that didn't even belong to that airplane. The claim that the wreckage burnt up is absurd, for there were fully intact books, tables and shelves where it had supposedly struck. And where were the body parts? They said there were none, yet even when the space shuttle crashed, plummeting from beyond the stratosphere, they found human remains, in the middle of the ocean of all places; and then there were the testimonies from the New York Fire Department verifying the suspicions that the Twin Towers were in actuality brought down by demolition explosions (captured video now clearly proves this); also, there are the many lies surrounding the collapse of building #7 adjacent to the towers that were flushed out [initially owner Larry Silverstein claimed that #7 came down from fire on an upper level, but then recanted when he was caught in this lie (investigators knew that it had been demolished), claiming they decided it was too much of a liability and decided to demolish it – all good and dandy, yet a building demo of that magnitude has to be professionally surveyed and installed 2 weeks prior to the actual demolition]. So what is really going on here? And why did Giuliani illegally have all the wreckage from Ground Zero shipped over to China and the New York Fire Department displaced from the investigation by a government team? These are but a few of the 9/11 inconsistencies that didn't sit well with me, and there are many more.

Well if our government was behind 9/11, what was the purpose? At first I thought it might be a ploy by the Bush faction to make an oil grab; but that deduction didn't fully sit with my intuition – it seemed like something even more inimical was at play here. And so my mind delved further, I awaited the signs. Then there was the 2007 tazering of the University of Florida student at the Kerry forum, our peace and love Democratic candidate. The student had not done anything wrong, but after bringing to light the fact that Kerry roomed right down the hall from President Bush at Yale, and that they were members of the same elite secret brotherhood there, in true Orwellian fashion he was brutally whisked from the microphone and tazered. Something much more grave and devious was at play here, logic and reason insisted. And it was at this time that I had my first UFO sighting with one of my best friends on the beach of Encinitas, CA.

I had heard some of the theories, like those of David Icke, but never given them much creed, as I was too stable and grounded for any of that. Well, everything happens for a reason I believe, and these two events almost paralleling one another resonated as a cosmic sign......and so I went a little deeper down the rabbit hole. Guided by my spiritual mentor's reading suggestions, I began devouring the works of thinkers and seers like Rudolf Steiner, Zecharia Sitchin, Barbara Hand Clow, Hurtak, Graham Hancock, William Cooper, and others: then the chaos, the war, the fighting, the competition, the environmental destruction, it all began to make much clearer sense. And here, manifesting synchronistically on a cosmic scale, I began having more UFO sightings, close and undeniable. I started to trace the warlike tendencies and egoistic competition of the Annunaki, described by Sitchin and Hand Clow, to our modern existence (“As above, so below” Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus); I also began to trace the royal bloodline of the majority of our Presidents (even Obama is a second cousin, twice removed, to both Bush and Cheney) from the United States to Royal Britain, Britain to ancient Rome, and from Rome to ancient Mesopotamia and Sumeria, our historical civilized beginnings in the Fertile Crescent.

Signs of the Annunaki & Others

I feel I should also add that I had always been confounded by the conventional explanations of how the various megalithic pyramids, temples, and other stone structures around the globe had been constructed, particularly since, even today, we do not possess machines with the capability of successfully lifting and moving many of these monolithic stones. For most of these monoliths were of incomprehensible weights, even by modern capacities. Also, these nascent civilizations showed no signs of possessing instruments or machinery capable of cutting these massive rocks with such exactitude and precision. Following is an excerpt from Sitchin's, The Cosmic Code, which offers convincing evidence in support of this contrasting stance, based on one of many finds of this like:

The remains of the Roman temples still stand atop the vast stone platform; so does, undisturbed by the passage of time and the ravages of nature and men, the platform itself. Its flat top rests on layer upon layer (“courses”) of large stone blocks, some weighing hundreds of tons. Of great renown from antiquity is the Trilithon – a group of three colossal stone blocks, lying side by side and forming a middle course where the platform had sustained its greatest load-impact. Each of these colossal megaliths weighs about 1,100 – one thousand one hundred – tons; it is a weight that no modern piece of equipment can even come close to lifting and moving.

But who could have done that in antiquity? The local legend says: the Giants. They not only placed those stone blocks where they are, they also quarried and shaped and carried them over a distance of almost a mile; that is certain, for the quarry has been found. There, one of the colossal stone blocks protrudes from the mountainside half-quarried; a man sitting on it looks like a fly on a block of ice.

Down at the southern end of the Landing Corridor, the Giza pyramids still stand, defying all traditional explanations, challenging Egyptologists to accept that they had been built millennia before the Pharaohs and not by any one of them.

The giants, known in the bible as the Nefilim, and ranging from 12 to 36 ft. tall, are said to have been the aberrant progeny spawned by the Elohim (referred to in the bible as an angelic hierarchy, who it appears, from profligate egoism, fell from grace, and seem to be what many deem a specific race of extraterrestrials, these the Annunaki, from the planet Nibiru – see the book, The 12th Planet, by Zecharia Sitchin) taking a liking to the female sex of their creation, the daughters of man. [It is riveting that pictures of skeletal remains of these giant proportions are being discovered now, and although intentional disinformation appears to be circulating as well, some of these remains can be found in Rothbury museums: yet these exhibits are not open to the general public – still pictures from inside the museums are extant. Theories regarding the spawning of the Nefilim range from the above mentioned to further genetic experimentation by the Annunaki on humans – more to follow.] Though I do believe the Nefilim existed, I am still unable to concede that it was they who directly moved the monoliths. Stone of that tremendous weight and magnitude would still have to have been transferred by more advanced means.

Referencing some of the legends contained in Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods, where lore speaks of mysterious force fields encompassing the stones and efficaciously moving them, sometimes wielded by what appeared to be priest-scientists, alchemists and/or demigods of sorts, and incorporating corroborated theories of many UFO's operating on magnetic light harmonic, or otherwise termed magnetic-vortex-gravity anomalies - unified fields in the world grid - leads me to speculate that the rock was hewn, cut, and transferred by some higher extraterrestrial technology, in the latter case some type of magnetic field having been applied. Hancock's extensive research further revealed that where many of these stones were moved into position deep within the pyramids of Giza, no human would have even been able to fit to push or pull the stone, as the space available afforded no more than extremely tight fissures. And as Hancock and other experts succinctly indicate, the conventional theory by Egyptologists that a mud ramp was built to convey the stones to the upper courses of the pyramids is absurd, for the mud ramp itself would have crumbled underneath its own cumbersome weight and that of the building blocks; also, these ramps would have been almost as grand and difficult an engineering feat as the pyramids themselves. Hancock goes on to adeptly prove that the intricate markings, cuts, and grooves in many of these stones and structures could not have been made by primitive tools, which may also lead one to hypothesize they were cut by some higher technology as well, perhaps highly advanced, concentrated lasers.

In Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, phenomena gatherer David Hatcher Childress presents an additional compelling supposition regarding these anomalies, multiple means that can be applied to move the immovable. In this book he presents some of the works of the renowned mathematician Bruce L. Cathie, one of which is his inquiry into the acoustic levitation of stones and it's analogous connection to the geometric relationships of earth grid harmonics. Cathie had obtained a documented report of this phenomenon from one of his friends, Henry Kjellson, a Swedish aircraft designer and civil engineer. In his book, The Lost Techniques, Kjellson recounts the verified report of his good friend Dr. Jarl who had been summoned by one of his Oxford affiliations, who was a monk, to an isolated Tibetan Monastery to treat a high Lama. While there, the Monk brought Jarl to one of their construction sites in a deep valley surrounded by high cliffs. Here is where he witnessed the amazing phenomenon whereby “19 musical instruments were set in an arc of 90 degrees at a distance of 63 metres from the stone slab” that was to be moved via levitation. The musical instruments consisted of 13 drums of varying size and six trumpets (Ragdons). Behind each set of the instruments was a row of monks who chanted in an increasing tempo of “unbelievable noise. During the first four minutes nothing happened, then as the speed of the drumming, and the noise, increased, the big stone block started to rock and sway, and suddenly it took off into the air with an increasing speed in the direction of the platform in front of the cave hole 250 metres high”, where the monks were building. “After three minutes of ascent it landed on the platform.” Kjellson continues:

Continuously they brought new blocks to the meadow, and the monks using this method, transported 5 to 6 blocks per hour on a parabolic flight track approximately 500 metres long and 250 metres high.

Dr. Jarl knew about the hurling of the stones. Tibetan experts like Linaver, Spalding and Huc had spoken about it, but they had never seen it. So Dr. Jarl was the first foreigner who had the opportunity to see this remarkable spectacle. Because he had the opinion in the beginning that he was the victim of mass-psychosis he made two films of the incident. The films showed exactly the same things that he had witnessed.

The English Society for which Dr. Jarl was working confiscated the two films and declared them classified.

After reviewing this account, it at once became evident to Cathie that the monks in Tibet were fully conversant with the laws governing the structure of matter, which modern day scientists were hectically exploring. Cathie confirmed that “the sound waves being generated by the combination were directed in such a way that an anti-gravitational effect was created at the center of focus (position of the stones) and around the periphery, or the arc, of a third of a circle through which the stones moved.” The mathematician then compared these geometric relationships to his former mathematical explorations “and I discovered, to my great delight, that when they were converted into their equivalent geodetic measures, relating to grid harmonics, the values gave a direct association with those in the unified harmonic equations published in my earlier works.”

Through a series of complex equations Cathie goes on to prove how the sound created by the monks, the projected frequency vortex, causes a reciprocal reaction to the mass harmonic of each block. He writes:

I believe that there is not much doubt that the Tibetans had possession of the secrets relating to the geometric structure of matter, and the methods of manipulating the harmonic values, but if we can grasp the mathematical theory behind the incident, and extend the application, then an even more fascinating idea presents itself. In my last book I mentioned the flying machines described in ancient records, that flew through the air with a melodious sound, and theorised that the sonic apparatus was tuned to the harmonic unified equations.

Now the Tibetans have given us a direct indication of how to construct a sonically propelled anti-gravitational flying machine. All that is necessary is to complete the circle of sonic generators, indicated by the drums, trumpets, etc., and we have a disc which creates anti-gravitational lifting force at the centre.

What an insightful genius! Here too is another invigorating, captivating account and valid extrapolated theory, one which continues to lead me to believe knowledge like this was gifted to certain priestly scientific orders (prolific evidence of this is given in The Secret Teachings of All Ages, by Manly P. Hall) by highly advanced intelligences, technology evolved far beyond our conventional historical capabilities and knowledge base as humans. Penetrating this with open-minded critical thought, it makes sense that if controlling ETs were secretly working behind the scenes, that they would not want such free energy to be available to their human experiment, one which they could not commodify and control entirely, like fossil fuels. Plus, dually, it would present the existence of higher intelligent life as far too viable a possibility: and if you are a manipulating form of extraterrestrial life, you don't want people to believe, for this could lead us to believing in their existence, the Annunaki, and discovering their trail of deceptions.

Now before I pine to stretch the perhaps cosmically neophyte and skeptical mind any further, let me convey that had I not had direct sightings of my own (numbering 6 currently, with a possible but indiscernible 7th), my theories and openness to these types of phenomena might be considerably different at this time; thus rationally and logically, I understand how far-out much of this may sound to many people. One of my sightings was particularly remarkable in that the UFO's looked exactly like the Merkabah vehicles described in Hurtak's The Keys of Enoch (1975), which I did not read or have any knowledge of until a year after this encounter. The event happened at approximately 10:20 p.m. on a Saturday night about a year-and-a-half ago. Each ship was pyramidal in the shape of the golden luminescence it emitted, composed of two oval lights forming the base, and a triangle finishing the upper two-thirds. The UFO's were in a precise, smaller-scale formation of the Big Dipper, the lowest ship to the ground (probably 100 ft. in the air) representing the tail-end star of the system, each of them projecting the most beautiful golden glow, fading into blackness, then repeating; and there was complete silence, no sound of a combustion engine of any sorts, the vehicles seeming to operate by some type of advanced magnetic technology (backed by many renowned figures in the realms of theory and science: see Anti-Gravity and the World Grid by David Childress). Here again, as with many other accounts, was a military connection: for they hovered over the beach of the Camp Pendleton Marine Base in Oceanside, CA. There has been an ongoing pattern since the 1940's of the military establishing bases, many of them top secret, highly guarded and restricted, in vortex and other areas of high diamagnetic pulse on the earth (in some cases, like that unfortunate Sedona, AZ rancher, unconstitutionally confiscating land and sealing it off like Area 51); for I believe these are gateways, some expression of inter-dimensional portal access, where innumerable extraterrestrials enter our three-dimensional plane. Ancient cultures across the globe also built their grand enigmatic structures and temples in these same areas of higher vibrational ether. Coincidence? I don't believe so. And though I am focusing on bringing to light what I believe to be some malevolent high intelligences behind the curtain, other scholars (like Barbara Hand Clow) and I also thoroughly believe there are many more extraterrestrials, and other spiritual beings, of good intent who are trying to assist humanity in manumitting itself from these materialistic chains and evolving into a coexistence of peace and harmony through adherence to the true Cosmic Laws that have been intentionally withheld from us. Sai Baba too, is an Avatar with us today, working his miracles and mission to bring us back into alignment, balance within Creation.

This type of collective consciousness evolving gnosis is what many believe the Mayan prophecy of 2012 is describing. I believe the recent authenticated video presented on Larry King, showing a bright white spherical craft immobilizing an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) of sorts during a test run high in the sky over Big Sur, CA further corroborates this theory: the old weapons of mass destruction, devolving, not evolving, message to humanity here; for the only thing engaged and dismantled was the missile. In addition to the conundrum of the primitive building explanation of these megalithic structures, I had also been long perplexed by the many inscriptions and engravings throughout antiquity of irrefutable depictions of spaceships, rocket ships, and 12 ft. tall beings of an otherworldly nature lording over humans, etc. Evidence like this may be found in the British Museum, much of it stemming from nascent Sumerian and Egyptian culture. We are coming into the Photon Band of Mayan prophecy, an immense wave pouring forth from the center of the Milky Way, I believe a grand opportunity to evolve collective consciousness in this higher vibratory ether of a new Golden Age. Now is our time to make the jump. But before we can evolve en masse, I feel we have to awaken to the reality, no matter how seemingly horrific it appears, that currently exists on our physical plane; for we, through our free will, have allowed this lamentable tragedy to occur: this material aggrandizement for self, competition vs. cooperation, violence and war, intolerance and fascism, dogma and unfounded rhetoric, crippling ignorance and thought limitation, our misguided veiling and binding onto the material microcosm of this physical plane. Our false gods behind the curtain of the elite global dominance structure have figured out the science-alchemy of immortality; they have had a very long time to study our psychology and what methods of control work on humans: fear, greed and competition, and divide and conquer, being some of their primary tactics of manipulation.

Until I had read Sitchin, I never paid much heed to these tracings of royal bloodlines, these far-flung conspiracy theories. Sitchin is one of maybe one-hundred people in the world that can decipher ancient Sumerian, Mesopotamian and many other sources of cunieform, cryptoform, hieroglyphics, texts and markings. An erudite academician and scholar, he has painstakingly studied the remnants of these ancient cultures, including biblical texts, for over forty years. To date, Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilization are the oldest of which history and science has confirmed to the public at large; and as many are aware, their allegorical myths and lore, i.e. resurrections and Great Deluge, follow the same tales of the bible, though written many millenia before the birth of Christ. And then I began to see through his meticulous study of ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilization, that everything about these gods from whence heaven (space) to earth came, emulated the same egoistic and ugly characteristics exhibited by humanity - “As above, so below.” Like us, they ruthlessly clawed for power and control among their own hierarchies and pantheon of 12, or for a seat thereon (some, like Marduk, over control of the entire earth, deeming it his time to rule during the Age of the Ram), they too lusted for the desires of the flesh, they too were furious and vengeful, they too were all too fallible and human-like to be a true Omnipresence, perfect consciousness. Thus I speculate that their ruler on Nibiru, Anu, wrote himself into the bible (and other ancient religious texts) as Yahweh/God: he is the vengeful god, the angry god, the warlike god and aggrandizing god, the god who gathers and supports armies of man.....and the god who intentionally falsified a make-believe hell of eternal suffering to keep his experiment slaves in fear-crippling check. For, at least for me, a perfected consciousness such as Creation, would never be capable of such evil. Ahriman himself has given many humans their hypocritical pieties, and deceived and controlled them therein.

As to the anomaly of the 'Missing Link', Sitchin concisely translates the story for us. In the Sumerian records extant in the British and other museums is the truth behind the vexing enigma - that even Darwinian science can offer no explanation to – of how homo erectus (caveman) suddenly made the advanced jump to homo sapien, a biological evolution that should have taken a million years or more, yet was instant, abrupt. The Annunaki touched down on earth some roughly 450,000 yrs. ago in search of gold, silver, and minerals that were crucial to their survival on Nibiru, for, as the records tell, they had utterly destroyed their own atmosphere on Nibiru, and these efforts might save them. According to these records, those Annunaki of a lower hierarchic stature were forced to work the mines, and there they toiled in darkness and malnourishment for some 144,000 yrs. approximately, until finally they mutinied. So the Annunaki gods of their pantheon of 12 gathered to render a decision regarding the rebellion, which eventually resulted in the solution of creating a “primitive worker” through the genetic cross-coupling of their DNA with that of homo eructus, thus resulting in the sudden and scientifically unexplained jump to homo sapian (this being a very abbreviated rendition of the epic). And so the “le lu” (that which they termed us), the primitive worker, toiled in the mines of Southern Africa and the god's abode in the Garden of Eden in the Fertile Crescent; and many of us still slave for these false gods to this day, albeit now unwittingly.

Other references, like The Keys of Enoch and writings of Bob Frissell, relay a slightly different account. While they both seem to affirm these realities of the Annunaki, they attest that there are other spiritually fallen extraterrestrial races playing on the earth plane as well, the latter suggesting that a race from the Sirius star system would have had to help the Annunaki create homo sapien. In his work Nothing in this Book is True But it's Exactly the Way Things Are, Frissell also speaks of one of the races of Grey extraterrestrials (some theorizing there are more than one species of Greys) that had been created on Mars as a result of the Lucifer rebellion (another hierarchical spiritual lifeform that had rebelled against Creation by creating other life from outside of the Trinity union – all of this really becomes too complex to pursue here, and language falls drastically short of revealing the depths of these immense truths). Tracing much of his sources to Drunvalo Melchizedek, Frissell continues that having been created by exterior means (outside of inner spirit), these Greys were emotionless, thus mechanistic, calculating, and self-oriented. He wrote that they came to earth during our age of ancient Lemuria and tried to impel their will, yet we were too strong and resisted their complete takeover. Still they hung on and lived among us, influencing our then dominant matriarchal driven society into that of male domination and warlike propensities. This patriarchy eventually overtook our more rational female mindset, leading to disharmony, strife, and eventual catastrophe, both directly through our decadent actions and the earth responding synchronously thereby - thus the great cataclysm of that period. I am only an ignorant human searcher, thus obviously I cannot declare any of this as irrefutable proof positive accounts; I can only relay that the possibility of other extraterrestrials being part of this scenario resonated very highly within me. I believe as time progresses, and more phenomena and truth are unveiled, our minds are exceedingly going to be blown wide open. We shall forever be learning.

Regarding the environmental decadence on Nibiru, I feel there is a direct connection between the Annunaki traveling to earth in a desperate search for gold, minerals, and other precious metals to sustain biological life on their planet, which they had destroyed, and our planet's contemporary ecological plight. With our help, they're making quick work of doing the same to Gaia, Mother Earth. If it is them and other high intelligences of a less than savory nature behind the scenes, then logically it makes a lot of sense why such destructive abandon has been promulgated in this particular age of earthly evolution - “As above, so below.”

Ahriman's Materialistic Deceptions

By what other names throughout cosmology and spirit might they be known? Throughout the ages Messiahs, prophets, sages and seers have told of various races of angelic orders who, out of egoism, fell from grace into darkness. The incarnation of Godhead, Zoroaster (the Persian Messiah), told of the fallen Ahriman and his legions. Rudolf Steiner lectured in-depth on this subject, conveying that the Ahrimanics were a fallen order of the angelic hierarchy (race) of the Angeloi, both the Angeloi, and the yet higher evolutionary race of the Archangeloi, being a part of the upper spiritual realms (and physical, for spirit creates the physical, all being free-will thought-fragments of Creation) that have worked on humanity in ineffable ways throughout our soul-becoming evolution. Goethe coined him Mephistopheles. Are these Ahrimanics of whom they refer the same Annunaki of Sumeria? My intuition is pulled to it, for a number of parallels. Steiner describes the Ahrimanics as manipulating humanity through gross materialism in this our “Fifth post-Atlantean Epoch” of earth evolution; thus, considering this, and the materialist direction our royally interrelated global leaders, the half-breed demigod earth kings and queens of the Annunaki, have forcefully swayed the collective population toward, a deductive clarity arises. Steiner warns, that in order to combat the current evil and treachery of the Ahrimanics, as spiritual humanity it is our duty to resist materialism with all of our might. Ego and materialism denigrated and destroyed the life of their planet Nibiru, now they have spread that same deplorable disease on this plane of existence, and we have helped to bring it about.......“As above, so below.” I always have to remind myself to take responsibility for the current pickle in which we find ourselves, for it is by our own free-will failings of ego, greed, sloth, and the like, that such a decadence has metastasized here on earth. Though it can be harsh and frightening to confront, we must accept our willful participation in this deception; there is no victim here, we helped to bring this lamentable reality about.

By propounding a conception of atheistic materialism in every category imaginable, the Annunaki strive to keep humanity limited in this microcosm, and hopefully unaware of the grander picture of self-realization to the thought-power, the Godhead, the Atma, latent within all of us. As Steiner indicates, the way in which the Ahrimanics have used materialist sciences like Darwinism (which attempts to deny the phenomenal spheres, the spiritual realms) is a well-contrived think-tank by them to keep us limited on this illusory physical plane, to keep us bound up in material aggrandizement and survival, to keep our eyes out of the heavens (space) and the knowledge that there is other endless life in the ether of creation, limited to the material world they create for us – they're world! For the further we climbed these stairways to heaven, the more we might learn and discover, perhaps even realize that there is other intelligent life in this universe and beyond, which would be far too dangerous, for that could open up our minds collectively to the reality that some of these extraterrestrials have been here raping our planet and playing a biological game for a very long time.

And as inferred by Sitchin, a Darwinian scientific approach still does not explain anomalies like “the missing link”, but their Sumerian epic, in the British Museum, does. Here is an example of one of the purposes of their material science. I should clarify that I am vehemently pro science, science based on truth and of good intent; my delving here is to reveal that they are purposefully steering science away from spirituality and Creation, and that the two are in fact One. Despite their malign and deceitful efforts, science is beginning to realize this. Much of the science that does exist however, we have watched them claw to limit and send into the wrong channels: such as the stealing of Nikola Tesla's research (he was delving into the diamagnetic energy that flows all around us), which the United States Government still possesses to this day, and the burning down of his laboratory in Colorado Springs. Even now, Tesla's family is still battling to obtain the stolen research, but to no avail in the bureaucracy the Annunaki have had millennia to create. For they could not have this vast and free energy source, one which they could not so readily control and push as a commodity like fossil fuels, coming to the fore, much less at their onset of propagating the Industrial Revolution and the malleable material greed they knew it would incite in us - as again, they know the tendencies of our psyche very well. Through all forms of materialism they seek to bind us to the microcosmic reality, the limited reality, they create for us on this physical plane. Both Sai Baba and Steiner have indicated that it is our spiritual duty in this stage of earthly evolution to resist materialism with all the fervor and might of our spirit.

It seems that this entire material infrastructure and its leanings are being channeled with the intent to mechanize us evermore, pulling us away from time to be spent on spiritual and phenomenal matters. Taking a perspective of pure philosophic reason alone, one could verily say that there has been an increasing pattern of “not-enough-time” for spiritual self-inquiry in the mechanizing propensities of our modern age: this, I propose (as did Steiner), has been purposely channeled upon us with the intention of mechanization, inculcating the worker drone bee evermore, and keeping us distant from the higher truths and knowledge that would manumit humanity forever from these illusory chains of materialist stockpiling and survival fear. Observing these machine-like tendencies, a priori, since the onset of the Industrial Revolution, it is most chilling to ponder the visionary stark revelations thinkers like Huxley had in his Brave New World of some 80 years passed! - this the fictitious extrapolation of the directions the Annunaki were swaying us even then. And what do we see today? How stark are these nefarious realities coming into existence! One blatant parallel that really speaks to me is Huxley's portrayal of the Zeta workers in the book, purposefully dumbed-down genetically so as to procure a more meek and compliant mundane worker, and what we are experiencing today with the inoculations of babies being directly connected to neurological disorders like Autism due to the toxic levels of mercury and other harmful metals that attack the brain contained in the shots. The appendages of the Annunaki, like the World Health Organization, try to tell us that these amounts of metals are safe, used in the inoculation only as a preservative. Statistics, and many distinguished personages in the medical community who are outraged, speak otherwise. Since widespread inoculations began, Autism percentages have skyrocketed. Follow your intuition and critical thought here. These are the lies of a perfidious tool, their WHO from whose other inoculations the spread of HIV can be traced – this a depopulation scheme targeted at those populations of the world they deemed 'undesirables'. Huxley was a true critical thinker, a seer and unraveler. The dumber a mass population is, the greater the ease and efficacy with which it may be controlled.

I sense there are other malign ingredients in many of these other inoculations we are seeing as well. In his 1917 lectures on Secret Brotherhoods, Rudolf Steiner mentions these Ahrimanic forces even being able to use inoculations to lead people away from a spiritual life. [If you consider that the Annunaki are a highly technologically advanced intelligence, one that also knows a great deal about the spiritual realm and alchemy, a declaration like Steiner's seems very plausible.] We do know that tiny tracking and devices of other intricate micro-technology can be inserted through injections now. These were matters my intuition and mindful reason had to consider.

With materialism and mechanization revealing themselves ever further as the true core behind the major players in world politics, the ruses of their manufactured society become increasingly clearer to me. Divide and conquer, keeping the powerful masses separated, by any means necessary, seems to be one of their most thoroughly applied tactics of manipulative subterfuge. Taking a sober look at U.S. Government, it seems that most of what has sprung forth therein has been promulgated with the intention to create disharmony, competition, and division, rather than harmony, cooperation, and unity. They know well of humanities' propensity toward intolerance and selfishness, and through psychological think-tanks, I believe this knowledge has been applied as the underlying intention of many political measures and moves. We see them bringing trivial religious debates into the political sphere whenever possible, knowing the division this can create. And as they utilize the media to steer attention where they see fit, or steer it away (as from 'Where were the weapons of mass destruction in Iraq?') from where they don't want it to be, they also utilize it to the utmost when fueling these flames of discrepancy. What an efficiently simplistic psychological tactic, one that could not be accomplished without our own willful egoistic combativeness and ignorant complacence. What continues to astound me are the trivial topics of discrepancy, many times, by which they use to divide us and/or keep us distracted from the real horrors they're committing domestically and worldwide; and while we bicker and debate in the false bureaucracies they have created........our world and civil liberties crumble beneath our feet. Will we continue to let them divide us, or will we rise from the ashes like a reborn Phoenix and take critical responsibility for our true realities on this world-stage (not the un-realities they try to herd, funnel, and separate us by).

Positive Sidereals

I am ecstatic and eternally hopeful by the counter-cultures to this pervasive materialism we already see around us, more taking root every day. To anyone looking to be a part of the solution, I encourage looking into the various Sai Baba organizations, and the already mentioned and The lists of these new cooperative, alternative groups and communities are already tremendous – people are seeing through the veil of what has not and does not work, that which this global political elite has tried to force upon us for thousands of years. Love, unity, compassion, and cooperation shall be our salvation. Yes it idealistic, but still the truth of reality, and it is obtainable. There are now considerable movements within these circles focused on transcending these monetary systems that have been forced upon us. [For it is an ancient alchemical secret of controlling the masses through the printing of worthless paper money. How terribly simplistic is the genius behind that........And look about us – it has worked. The Federal Reserve is a grand hoax of electronic paper trails, with no true backing of precious metals.] Many of these transcendent movements are focusing on alternative methods of exchange, those which center upon tangible foundations of real value, some even returning to the logically simple market of barter and trade. Here are foundations of true and healthy economy based on real, tangible items of value, rather than a nugatory paper note. And sitting at the apex of positive powerful change amidst these tumultuous seas are the many altruistic unities of selfless giving and philanthropy we see growing; even though the mainstream media might not tout these trends to the public eye (not wanting such an anti-capitalistic disease to spread, one antipodal to the self-aggrandizing materialism and its resultant human divisions that the Annunaki use against us). Our very deceivers are bringing many of us back into unity and enlightenment.

I live in San Diego, and have been very encouraged over the passed five years to witness a growing assemblage of farmer's markets. Here local vendors of anything from organic, locally-grown produce to arts and crafts to healing alternative medicines etc., exhibit their goods in myriad communities on different days and nights of the week. On the agricultural end, for the most part, the vendors are all small local farmers, some of them communal cooperatives. This is very encouraging, and I believe one of the best defenses we have against the toxic, GMO-ravaged food of big agriculture like Monsanto. I believe this company is one of their tools in the depopulation effort, modifying the nutrients out of food so as to bring about sickness and death. Look at their experiment in Africa (those who have resisted imperialistic tyranny) – I cannot kid myself, statistics don't lie: we have enough food to be feeding these starving countries, but our dominant world powers do not allow it to enter these lands. If you search into these matters for yourself, you shall find the truth.

Annunaki Bloodlines & Demigod Pan-royal Succession

All too much to merely be coincidence I believe, the stark parallels revealed by history of the characteristics pertaining to pan-royal succession amongst humanity and that practiced by the Annunaki are virtually identical, even down to the interbreeding of relations to secure a purer bloodline and incontestable ascension to thrones. It had confounded me, such a morally zealous text as the bible being replete with tales of incest, even among the lofty Patriarchs: such as Abraham having sex with and impregnating his daughters while hiding in the mountains from Yahweh's wroth, the death cloud that consumed Sodom and Gomorrah. If these fallen Elohim of the bible are the Annunaki as Sitchin suggests, and they have written themselves into it – Anu, their leader inserting himself as God/Yahweh, the vengeful and angry one, the fear-instiller – befuddlement like this begins to make staggering sense. Have we not even observed some of these same patterns of incest and direct bloodline relation throughout various royal families of Europe, political elite of the U.S., and elsewhere? I believe this is why we are seeing the ongoing interrelated pattern of U.S. Presidents, such as our contemporary proof of Obama being second cousin (twice removed) to both Bush and Cheney, this royal bloodline tracing from the United States to Britain, Britain to Rome, and Rome to the very beginnings of recorded human antiquity in ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia. “As above, so below.”

Many ancient texts spoke of the Nefilim giants having also spawned progeny with the daughters of man, and that even after the Nefilim were wiped from the earth in the great cataclysm of 10,000 – 9,500 B.C., their sons would survive and go on to become the demigod (halfbreed) kings and rulers of humankind, performing the will of their Annunaki patriarchs on Nibiru (and also appearing to have wrought their own egoistic wars, struggles, and strife here on earth). Intuition and logic tell me that is what we are seeing happen here.

? The Reality of Depopulation

So, taking into account the possibility of manipulation from above, stretching all the way through linear time to our augmented beginnings as homo sapien in the Fertile Crescent, and that these Annunaki, having been the ones who stepped us up genetically to this our current physical form, and consider themselves our rightful gods, much more of the puzzling conundrums, like the testimonies and abduction proofs in Nome Alaska, begin to make startling sense. Since the recorded record of the 1960's there have been a startling number of disappearances, and mysterious murders and suicides, in isolated Nome, Alaska. Recently there was a film released about this: The Fourth Kind. Research reveals that there is a myriad of disinformation circulating regarding the authenticity of what is purported to be true footage in the film: that, I will leave to the infinite debaters. What caught my intuition in this archived footage of abductees was when, under hypnosis, they spoke ancient Sumerian in a different, seemingly non-human voice, as if possessed by an outside entity, and that some of what could be made out in the translations of the broken speech was along the lines of: I am creation.....destroy.

What sparked my synchronizing intuition here was the veracity of this statement in light of the underlying modern techniques of depopulation subterfuge that have been increasingly put into action since the population explosion of the 1960's onward, and the facts, from ancient Near Eastern records, that the Annunaki, because they genetically advanced us, considered themselves our gods. As some scholars intimate, and many former top-clearance military personnel like William Cooper (author of Behold a Pale Horse), the global elite (that royal bloodline and their cohorts at the apex of world politics, war, trade and banking, etc.) have made the reduction of the world's population to a much more manageable number a top priority since this explosion; some former insiders, like George Green, having revealed the goal of their intents to an overall reduction of approximately 5/7ths of the earth's current human occupants.

What are some of the methods of subversive control and depopulation? In attempting to address this reality we come up against deeper underlying complexities and historical human gaps, those which most of humanity (including myself) have yet to understand and unravel, thus circuitous approaches of inquiry, such as this, can logically come into play. As I groped further into the unraveling of the mysteries of the Annunaki's influence over humanity, logic, and thinkers like Steiner, revealed the vexing paranormal complexities and hidden knowledge (of the spiritual realms) to which these advanced beings had attained. At first it was almost paralyzing, coming to the confront of the terrible intricacies behind their subterfuges of subjugation. Fear gripped me. In his lectures on the fallen order of the Angeloi (this angelic hierarchy of higher celestial beings), the Ahrimanics, Steiner reveals the prolific concrete realities behind these egoistic immortals, that which abstract religion promulgates with vague ambiguity and mythical allusion. His analysis of them as high spiritual entities, those who use to be one of the Hosts of Creation and know much more than the lay human about the happenings and responses of the spiritual realms that influence this earthly plane – if these were indeed the Annunaki – gave me a much deeper understanding of not only extraterrestrials in general, but specifically this egoistic hierarchy that had fallen from grace and out of harmony. They know all about the multi-dimensions of spirit and thought, the two intertwined, that affect this reality, and they've used this immensely complex knowledge against us.

One of these methods of subterfuge that began to make startling sense to me was their understanding of the spiritual laws of quantum physics – thought/light manifestation! Since antiquity it has been known as a spiritual esoteric truth that thought creates destiny and manifests matter, various worlds and physical realms. Even now modern physics, like String Theory, is realizing the verity of this principle: as experiments are revealing that even human thought pours forth as harmonic light vibration and affects the atomic spin of matter we observe. In his immense work of erudition, Thinking and Destiny, Harold Percival lays down the esoteric foundations of spiritual science behind the manifestation of thought and human destiny, reaching as far as indicating that even the flora and fauna we see around us, our whole manifested world, is linked directly and proportionally to our collective thought in whatever particular epoch of existence is observed: thus, in ages where human's were more barbaric and impelled by their lower animal natures, savage and warlike, nature synchronously mirrored these composite wills by spawning terrible and ferocious creatures in these same time periods. “As above, so below.” I believe macro-microcosms like this, wheels within wheels, stretch on through Creation ad infiniteum, and that we will eternally be learning by them. So, if this is considered as the spiritual scientific reality it is, our collective thought direction makes our physical world, our inter-reactive reality on this world-plane.......So what if higher intelligences – ones which knew all about this cosmic physics so to speak – wanted to steer collective human thought into the wrong channels, into myriad fears and divisions, materialism, and other negative channels of entropy, thus manifesting a combative and divided humanity and world stage, a readily malleable paradigm that is too busy fretting and fighting to manifest something new, healthy and divine, one more readily enmeshed in the will of their yoke?

This is what the fallen angelic order of the Angeloi, the Annunaki, are clawing to fully accomplish here. Our harmonic vibratory rate as humans is directly proportional to our thoughts and healthy consciousness, and the Annunaki seek to lower that rate as much as possible. What are some of their tactics of lowering collective human thought and vibration? On a global scale, clearly the old war tenet of divide and conquer has been applied. Again, having had millenia, an immortal stretch of time, to dissect our psychology, they know exactly what works most efficiently; and what keener scheme than the creation of intolerant and dogmatic sects of different world religions as a human separator. They control the heads of these major church of states, such as the Illuminati affiliations of the Roman Catholic Church. It appears that the Illuminati is the top echelon of the Annunaki's secret brotherhoods here on earth, the climb to which it seems only this demigod bloodline ever reaches. The Illuminati works its Annunaki agendas into its various appendages, such as the unwary and sometimes knowlingly willing Freemasons, capitalized on as pawns by the former in their blind ambitions to perform these nefarious and questionable agendas in hopes of elite class advancement, power, and sometimes just unwittingly pining to climb the social ladder. Please research for yourself how many big production Hollywood directors and actors are Freemasons, as well as other major power-players in the corporate realm – all will be revealed in a disturbingly clarified light. Being technically advanced far beyond us, much of their control has extending in the form of fascist technocracy, which they have applied with calculated precision to their sweeping media brainwash. Propaganda works on us, they know this all too well; and so they use the media medium to spread deceitful fear (the terrorists that really are them – 9/11) and human differences along any category they have observed and can conjure, keeping many of us globally divided, angry, and limited by these imposed concentrations on differences, hate, fear, terrorism, and intolerance. Positively, I can say that a collective movement of formerly indoctrinated and unaware people are now becoming savvy to these guises and duplicities. And again, these limited modes of thought lower overall human vibration.

On that note, Barbara Hand Clow, myself and many others, believe that the Annunaki know all about the higher energetic Photon Band of Mayan Prophecy that we are entering as we move out of the galactic night into day in our cosmic spin through vast cosmic energies (see the Indian Yugas, and Hand Clow's The Mayan Code); they know well of the cosmic opportunity to make a sudden evolutionary leap beyond all limitation that sits before humanity here. And so they seek to drive our thought patterns and vibratory rate into such lowly levels that this thought-reflective Creative energy funnels us further into the downward-spiraling slave paradigm of their manufacture, further into division and materialistically limited thinking, the reality they create for us, such as they have been, particularly in the last thirteen-thousand years.

Now let us tie in these ruses of global division. Many former top U.S. Military intelligence personnel and erudite researches of these matters believe these bloodline demigods sit behind the curtain of every major global power, the royal court so to speak, and that many of the conflicts between these mighty countries are merely used as a ploy to keep us divided, as well as assist in further depopulation through ensuing wars. As Sitchin elucidates in his book The Wars of Gods and Men, the Annunaki have been utilizing us as soldiers to fight their own egoistic struggles for supremacy on earth and perhaps abroad (as Hand Clow intimates) since the nascent ages following our genetic augmentation. And if we look clearly at the reality that in our modern world our sheer human numbers have grown to far too many for this tiny few to efficiently systematically control, the horrific logic behind their calculated depopulation agenda and its blatantly apparent reality will come to the fore. What an efficient twofold tactic war is, for it both divides global humanity and depopulates: much of that human number reduction coming from the massive loss of civilian life that accompanies these endless conflicts, what our leadership elite like to arbitrarily coin “collateral damage”, one of the myriad linguistic deceptions they employ as to hide the reality of their mass-murdering fascism. And when we objectively analyze how massive these numbers are, such as the tremendous losses of life from the atomic bombing of Japan, the true purpose becomes more evident.

If these demigods do sit on the throne of these world powers, and this is their agenda, then how abhorrent genocide the world over has come into being and allowed to take place makes for stark revelation. Ever since I was a kid I had a big problem with America's lame excuse of neutrality as millions of Jews were slaughtered by the Nazis in WW II. We did not enter that war until the tail-end, despite full knowledge of the magnitude of genocide. Other theories circulate that this particular agenda of depopulation also served a twofold purpose: as the Jews were becoming too financially powerful and began to form a threat to the demigod Illuminati global power-structure (World Bank, WTO, Bilderburg Group, etc.); thus, more humans could be reduced, and competition eliminated, all in one terrible swiping experiment. I term “experiment” here because I also believe the Nazis to be the Annunaki's test case in fear experimentation and new forms of propaganda, to see just how far they can push and twist us grossly fallible humans, to what monstrous horrors we will commit and participate, or, ruled by fear, allow to take place. The Nazi fear tactic proved to work extremely well, and now, under the guise of “TERRORISM”, 'Haters of the West', it is being aggressively applied here in the United States and Europe. Look at what's happening in Arizona these days. I believe this state to be at the forefront of austere fascist measures being implemented in the U.S. Even now they are vigorously pushing forward their agenda of forced vaccinations. Why? As 9/11 reveals to us, our government's NWO having been behind it, resultant psychological fears from such “enemies” can sway humans into giving up any number of human rights, especially when they are suddenly taken away without our knowledge through these false arms of government and its bureaucracies after such tragedies, i.e. The Patriot Act and the many more fascist, austere measures that have been implanted since. This false fear works to keep us divided from our Islamic sisters and brothers, separating the Western world from the Eastern world.

Taking this living reality into hard but tenable consideration, and the methods we already see being employed (see above), the mystery of that declaration (I am creation.....destroy) begins to unravel, becoming demystified, at least for this phenomenally blessed and open mind. For our human numbers have grown too great for the Annunaki to logistically control by realistic effort, and so a solution by the gods had to be decreed. We already know from Sitchin that (see The 12th Planet and his other works) that the Annunaki have made cold and calculated decisions like this before: their Sumerian records still exist, retelling of their decision to let humanity founder in the great cataclysm of approximately 10,000 – 9,500 B.C., a polar shift they knew of well ahead of time. Sitchin also elucidates other warped realities from the past, such as the actual Sumerian (Annunaki) record of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, another cold and calculated decision, for what had actually happened here – the true history that has been abstracted and falsified by dogma – was that the occupants of these cities knew that Anu (leader of the Annunaki) was not God and thus rebelled. The records then state that the decision was made to destroy them; so Anu sent winged Annunaki with the Ark of the Covenant (a high tech radioactive weapon and theorized space communication device) and wiped out the two cities with atomic blasts. The death cloud then grew out of their control, spreading farther than they had intended, wreaking more destruction. Still to this modern day, Geiger counter readings max out taken in the former location of these two cities. Coincidence? Anomaly? Not for me anymore............and history tends to repeat itself. Now the Annunaki and their earthbound demigods have made another cold and calculated decision, to reduce our numbers drastically, to this more manageable number.

Here I feel intuitively pressed to tell that coming to the full acceptance of the phenomenal reality of this dire situation was more difficult than language can properly express. The reality of it is more far-out than the most fantastical of SciFi epics, and the cognized horrific reality of what the Annunaki were doing was probably the most difficult to digest and assimilate into my psyche and consciousness. I really began to realize this phenomenal reality of the Annunaki manipulating from behind the scenes about 3 years ago. It then took me about a year of voracious research and further personal sightings to fully accept the validity of this reality, and another 2 years to overcome the fear and tinges of hopelessness. These still gnaw at me at times, yet I cling to the spiritual tenet of transcending fear altogether, and seeing all, even these fallen ones, as fragments of Creator Consciousness unfolding. All is light, all is Creation unraveling through its own freewill choices of thought. The teachings of Sai Baba, whom I and many others believe to be an Avatar among us, have helped me immeasurably, as well as getting together with groups of like-minded people: for instance, as mentioned, the movements of and Here were people, like myself, thinking very far outside the conventional material paradigm and dogmatic orthodoxy boxes. For any of us coming to grips with this grave reality and wanting to make a collective difference through new mediums of unity and cooperation, I believe these types of associations and community to be priceless gems.

ET's/Angelics of Good Intent

Thus on a lighter note for a moment......As many other scholars and theorists hypothesize, the overwhelming majority of other intelligent life out there seem to be of benevolent intent, pining, from a distance, to help us evolve. Crop circles reveal this message; and as Barbara Hand Clow so intuitively brought to light, they are not only cosmic messages to humanity, but sites where these higher spiritual beings are beaming healing energy into Gaia, the earth itself; thus there is a twofold positivity happening here. There also seems to be a cosmic connection with regards to where the majority of these crop circles are appearing: in the high diamagnetic energy, vortex areas of Southern England, near the sites of Glastonbury and Stonehenge, holy places of the ancient Druids and pagans. Coincidence? Perhaps for some. As pointed to earlier, I believe that the incontrovertible video evidence (and corroboration by upper military officials and missile operators of these dismantled warheads) that was played on Larry King Live, of a UFO circularly traversing a flying test missile and disabling it with multiple beams of light, definitively supports the theory of benign extraterrestrial life. For does it not seem that they are trying to convey a message to us?...........Maybe: 'Humanity, weapons of mass destruction and violence are not signs of evolution, but devolution, and must cease.' At least that's what I was receiving by this instance. They could do much more, but, as many scholars theorize, they are limited by universal karmic law as to the degree they may interfere with our own freewill evolutionary development.

In his book Behold a Pale Horse, William Cooper, former U.S. Naval Intelligence Briefing Team member, gives evidence of an event at Area 51 whereby a UFO landed and extraterrestrials were making off with some of the warheads from the missiles based there. When confronted at gunpoint by the military personnel on base, the extraterrestrials directed beams specifically only at the assault rifles of the soldiers, vaporizing the firearms but leaving their wielders unharmed, except for some burns on their hands. Here too I believe we are seeing the intervention of evolved and peaceful highly intelligent beings. Also in this book, Cooper gives documented evidence of the true initial extraterrestrial event that took place at Area 51 - that which the film Close Encounters of the Third Kind was loosely based on – whereby a race of extraterrestrials coordinated a meeting with us there. The world's top scientists and leading experts in various technical fields were assembled and brought to this monumental meeting. The reports of it indicate that the ET's wanted to share their advanced evolutionary knowledge with us, but that they would not concede to sharing any information until we had eliminated our weapons of mass destruction. Very interesting.

Possibility of Falsified Disclosure

Myself and many scholars believe the Annunaki and their demigod earth leadership may try and use disclosure of alien intelligence in a threatening, fear-ridden portrayal of malign ET's out to dominate earth so as to help speed the promulgation and institution of their New World Order (written in Latin on our dollar bill), a one world government that – even now verily under way throughout the world - already has all the intonations of a fascist, militaristic technocracy – follow the United States' tracks aside British and other European countries' impelled imperialism tracing all the way to the Roman Empire and ancient Sumeria and it's expansions. The irony of this, of course – and the shadowy, ridiculous genius behind it – is that if it is put forward in this manner, it would be the actual extraterrestrials of ill-intent, the Annunaki, behind the terror-ridden propaganda. If this be the case, what a sickly ingenious psychological scheme of duplicity. Though this excerpt from Paul Watson's book Order Out of Chaos differs from my theory of who really sits behind the curtain, I believe it has sound premise regarding the intent of bringing forth panic to tighten the noose for the Annunaki's unfolding of their NOW through what is speculated to be a fascist global takeover similar to their prior fear experiment of Nazi Germany: in this case using a declared global emergency – and their militaristic protection from a nefarious alien race - as the gambit:

In 1947, 33rd degree Mason and President Harry S. Truman formed Majestic-12 or MJ-12, a secret committee of scientists and government officials assigned to investigate Roswell, UFOs, and aliens. One of the biggest organizations providing a voice for supposed whistle-blowers like “Mr. X” is Project Camelot ( Camelot is Arthur’s castle in the astrological/mushroom legend and he has 12 Knights of the Round Table. The Round Table is the name of Cecil Rhodes original secret society devoted to bringing in world government. So again we have aliens and secret society numerology/symbology intertwined. MJ-12, 12 Knights of the Round Table - another Project Camelot “insider” is Clifford “Stone.” Stone as in Masonry, or Arthur’s Sword in the Stone perhaps? Jim “Marrs” talks about Mars/Moon anomalies, UFOs, aliens, reptiles, and ancient astronauts (Marrs also worked with Oliver “Stone” on the JFK film). Michael St. Clair of the St. Clair/Sinclair Illuminati bloodline and John Lear of the Lear Jet (military-industrial) family are also interviewed by Project Camelot about aliens, and so is Richard Hoagland.

Richard Hoagland uses the Masonic “Enterprise” as his project’s name, at Hoagland, a regular Coast 2 Coast AM guest and UN speaker, who allegedly has insider friends at NASA talks about pyramids, faces, and other anomalies on Mars that he claims NASA is covering up. He is also following the suspicious Hexagon formation on Saturn and the disappearance of the bees. Is he really exposing things going on within NASA or is that just the “good guy” image necessary for the public’s further indoctrination? Could Richard Hoagland be working for NASA, or at least for the Masons, and providing the antithesis to NASA’s thesis in the Hegelian Dialectic? NASA provides the official line, denies there being aliens or anomalies on Mars or the Moon. Then Richard Hoagland and other “insiders” present all this information about UFOs and anomalies in Moon/Mars pictures postulating aliens as though that is what NASA is covering up. But to begin with, NASA is covering up the Moon landing, which Hoagland and many others never dispute. Thus Hoagland becomes a false antithesis to NASA’s thesis, and the synthesis is hoped to be the eventual world-wide belief in aliens.

Dr. Steven Greer is the director of the Disclosure Project, a non-profit research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. In a June 2002 article he warned of how a phony UFO invasion would be presented to the public so they would willingly sacrifice their liberty and rally round the government in opposition to the nefarious ET's. Greer describes the ultimate trump card – a hoaxed threat from space. Since 1992 I have seen this script unveiled to me by at least a dozen well-placed insiders. Of course, initially I laughed, thinking this just too absurd and far-fetched. Dr. Rosin gave her testimony to the Disclosure Project before 9/11. And yet others told me explicitly that things that looked like UFOs but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. Like the movie Independence Day, an attempt to unite the world through militarism would unfold using ETs as the new cosmic scapegoat (think Jews during the Third Reich). Do not be deceived. By commingling fact with fiction, and by hoaxing UFO events that can look terrifying, the Plan is to eventually create a new, sustainable, off-planet enemy. And who will be the wiser?

Even if we simply focus on American history for a moment, have we not endlessly been presented with iniquitous foe after foe, on the brink of some impending catastrophic annihilation, communist takeover, or terrorist red alert. I think more critically thinking Americans are surfacing, and beginning to ask the poignant and logical question: Have our leaders ever brought a true semblance of global and domestic harmony? There's always been some life-threatening, fear-ridden threat; and in the passed 200 years they have made quick work of bringing about, with our help, the gross environmental decay of our planet. And if the chess pieces are followed, in most cases, the startling truth that is learned is that the U.S. and/or its imperialistic allies, were the actual perpetrators to backing these tyrannical regimes from the beginnings of their nascent stages from behind the curtain, what they do not reveal in the mainstream media; such as the U.S.'s maneuvering into power of the Sodom Hussein regime in the early 1970's. Instances of these are too vast to cover in the focused scope of this piece, and would only be a rehashing of what erudite thinkers have already accomplished (i.e. see The Chompsky Reader - Noam Chompsky). Once researched and analyzed by logical objective thought, the pattern of duplicity and guile truthfully reveals itself. The global elite positioned by the Annunaki forever create these threats of careering doom. Why? To what purpose does it serve? Here their Nazi experiment will reveal much as to these underlying impetuses.

My speculation is that, having had hundreds of thousands of years to study our behavioral psychology, the Annunaki know precisely what works per sway and manipulation of the masses, and fear, fear sits on the pinnacle of persuasion right now in the collective human psyche, a fear which has been indoctrinated over the course of millenia. Just ask Adolf, or better yet Satan, churning the coals and stoking the flames of our agonizing eternity. And as the two prominent Mayan scholars Barbara Hand Clow and Carl Yohan Calleman revealed: collectively, evolution, through its cycles of time as we are now experiencing it on this three-dimensional plane, passes through periods of psychic and cosmic repetition, wheel-like, intertwined with the multiplicities of cosmic experience. This is one of the messages the Maya were conveying in the cosmology of their calendar through its circular and spiral steps of advancing ascensions on multi-form levels of cosmic consciousness, each step upward also representing the phases of time and karmic acceleration we as a cosmic whole are living in this experience of soul evolution (again, I feel language falls drastically short of being able to describe such an ineffable, perfect, Divine process; and what we don't know is endless, as we shall ever be learning through Creation's unfolding). And we are now re-experiencing on an archetypal psychic level, subconsciously, in this our contemporary sliver of time of that wheel, the period of that great cataclysm of relatively recent experience (approximately 9,500 B.C.) and all of the yet unprocessed fear and terror of that catastrophe.......our Catastrophobia - a term Hand Clow has affixed here. Now, if one opens up to the reality that the Annunaki, like all manifested life, are spiritual beings (Zoroaster's and Steiner's Ahrimanics; Goethe's Mephistopheleans), as well as highly advanced intelligences, spiritual beings who are well aware of these repetitive karmic cycles, and ones who have achieved a certain degree of immortality (having actually been alive at the time of this cataclysm), considering this, they are probably well aware of the current deep fears humanity is subconsciously experiencing and are ruthlessly and opportunistically capitalizing on them in as many perceivable variances of fear-propaganda and terrorism they can contrive.

On the surface, these ruses deem very useful in the efficient realization of their fascist NOW, our consent to these ever-increasing, austere fascist measures based on “emergency” fear-inculcation. But behind the curtain, on the subsurface, I believe there is something even more at play here. Like Hand Clow, I believe that part of the message regarding the ending of the Mayan calendar signifies the earth's entering and total immersion into the Photon band of higher etheric energy pouring forth from the black hole center of the Milky Way, what is astronomically theorized to be a stream of intensely higher vibratory light existence, one that will ever-increasingly ascend consciousness and life, and bring us into prolific multidimensional soul and manifested life experience, higher paradigms that could make our modern existence look like the stone age that it really is. There seems to be a catch-22 though, messages reveal: the degree of consciousness and soul-life ascendency achievement appears to be directly proportional to the collective consciousness evolution in existence at the time of this grand cosmic alignment and immersion – in other words, if we're really consciously/spiritually progressed at this time, the further forward into the positive unknown this will take us, but if we swing the pendulum in the other direction, further into negative entropy (such as we have been to a large extent), the natural laws of the cosmos will justly answer and respond to this hindered, slothful, and barbaric thought-form, thus manifesting a like negative paradigm of existence. Which will we choose? Well, the Annuanki know all about this.....and they desire the latter for us I believe, so as to keep their human experiment worker under their royal yoke. Thus we have seen them increase their fear propaganda and terrorism, their attempts at dividing global humanity, on a tenacious scale as the earth comes closer to full immersion in the Band.

Let us stay out of fear and keep to faith of the universal spirit and unity in each other. This is all happening for a divine bring us back into Unity....into Oneness. As the Ascended Masters and other spiritual adepts have divulged, let us not form judgments or create polarities within our minds. May we see those like the Annunaki for what in reality they are: thought extensions of the Creator, evolving along their own will of thought-form direction. May we regard them with love and thank them for the accelerations they have gifted us, seeing them as our brothers and sisters, from a universal and literal perspective, for their DNA also flows through our veins. May we have sympathy and compassion for the egoistic and libidinous paths some have chosen, and pray for their manumission of self and return to the light. All is Creation unfolding exactly upon schedule, to this let our apprehensions abate.

Deception eventually leaves trails and - when harmony never comes from the lording of the elite - leads to collective questioning and thinking in other directions, such as: If any leader ever proposes war and violence as an option, they cannot lead, for they do not hold life as sacred within their hearts. If any leader further proposes the destruction of our environment in any form, they cannot lead, for they do not hold earth sacred within their hearts. If any leader seeks to propound a system of competition rather than cooperation, they are only furthering disharmony. If any leader would allow poison to be put in the food of the people, they do not represent the best interest of the people. Too long have we witnessed the wars, the butchering, the profiteering, the contamination and ripping of earth. An Event Horizon has been reached. We will recognize these deceptions, and what has not and does not work, or Gaia will shake we diseased creatures from her crust once again. Yet I do not believe this will be our fate. We have a much brighter destiny, that of ascension into harmonious conscious co-creation of our world. Our thoughts are light that manifests our world; thus may our thoughts stay out of fear and tuned to love, cooperation, and unity. In this cosmic acceleration we are experiencing, these thoughts and actions therefrom shall manifest a whole new paradigm of higher vibrational existence far beyond any conceptual reckoning. Sai Ram. To be continued......................

Introduction -

On that note, here is a short piece of fiction, Cosmic Peregrinations, which I wrote as a response to some of these challenges that many of us face in this materially mundane sphere. For those of us even partially plugged in to modern happenings these days, the outlook seems bleak, grim at best; but this story attempts to interpret an outside take on the “realities?” that surround us, one that would question everything behind what is this modern existence of the human spiritual organism, one that would acutely question these media sources of gloom and doom pent on lowering human vibration, limiting thought-form.

Here I have attempted to realize these forms of limitation, their purposes and intents, and move beyond them into self-realization of the godhood within, that consciousness of illimitable opportunity and expansion wrought upon unity and love. The infinite phenomenality of higher realms beyond and behind our terrestrial existence is another facet I've tried to explore (through the more mystical and esoteric spiritual teachings of our world) in this story. I also wanted to bring forward what I feel to be a more academic and spiritually oriented interpretation of the Mayan Calendar as opposed to the westernized, media-mogul interpretations of cataclysm and havoc, that which lowers human vibration and thought-form into concepts of doom and limitation. It is a journey of questioning into the very structure of what many of us deem to be our true historical reality as homo sapiens, begging the questions: Considering the Missing Link and ancient pyramidal anomalies, have there been influences of other intelligences on human development? And, if so, are they still holding interests in this physical plane today, possibly having toyed with our reality? Why is the biblical god so angry and vengeful, and why does He(?) - supposedly a perfect consciousness – revert to violence of any nature as recourse to human failings. Considering the grave lack of materialism to have concretely answered any of these profound questions, or solve even the basest of human dilemmas, I believe humanity is searching for and open to other possible answers, those more to the peripheral, outside the contemporary norm if you will.
Within this journey I have tried to address these profound questions with answers of an alternative cosmological nature to what we, as a whole, are accustomed on this earthly material plane. For myself, I try to avoid any forms of definitive annunciation regarding our cosmic beginnings and headings, as I believe it all to be creatively infinite, and that we, as sentient soul beings, will forever be learning and expanding in boundless consciousness manifestations. I deeply hope that you enjoy it, and find some source of encouraging soul-food within its pages.

Cosmic Peregrinations

The alarm blared raucously. It was no different, like the society in which he trudged, mechanistic and uncaring. Dan Noble slowly leaned over and silenced the automaton device; he had already been semi-conscious for ten minutes: waking just before the outburst had been an ongoing psychic anomaly since childhood. It was almost as dependable as another horrifically anticipated day at work, the minute hand already agonizingly dragging on, and he wasn't even there yet; his brain wasn't even physically out of bed. This was how much Dan Noble despised his job.
For a few moments he lay there, staring blankly at the scintillating specs of dawn beginning to trickle across his puke-yellow ceiling. Would today be the day? Would he finally arrest the gumption to end his miserable life; do one thing wholeheartedly, and do it right, blowing the back of his fucking skull into the nether-sphere with that .40 caliber Beretta? Gradually he rose to the edge of the bed; he would wait until the early hours of the afternoon before committing to the day's outcome. Don guzzled the cold green tea aside his bed, the apprehended jolt must be infused immediately, there was no time or alacrity for brewing, this was the sole staff that would get him to the bathroom, the next phase of mundane routine.
And here Don Noble stood in the buzzing fluorescent light, staring at his lonely aging face in the mirror. His eye-sockets were blue and drawn around the sullen brown eyes, his cheeks sallow, his crows-feet crowing, his shoulders limp and enervated, his balding head noticeably more balded. Tilting his head to the side, Don drew close to the mirror and scrutinized the fading follicles, brushing back the ambiguous hairline with his palm; he held this posture for five minutes, analyzing each minute finery of follicle anatomy and condition; yet the verdict remained – 'You're a balding fuck, and it's definitely accelerating! Now get in the goddamn shower, and wash your uno fuck'n follicle, dick-face!' Sometimes mental self-deprecation could be an enticing motivator. Don was thirty-eight years old, a failed writer – this, when he judiciously self-analyzed the underlying pang of it, was the reality of his slothful and desultory nature - overdrawn and overwhelmed, entirely uninspired, and most certainly alone. And now he got to go sit in the cube for eight hours and haggle with Taiwan and Hong Kong and scrutinize numerical rolling projections until his eyes were bulged painfully from the cranium. Yet he had to do it, for he had to eat, and this was how you ate and climbed ahead in America: you suffered jobs abhorred to the core, all that repelled your instinctively free and sylvan soul-nature.
“Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm a man of wealth and taste,” Mick mockingly courted Don along the inching backup of the 10 East. The conscious tic of which he had never been able to manumit himself when he was nervous or impatient, Don tugged on his nut sack as he obsessively tried to sit up straighter, more erect, in the seat of his failing Nissan Sentra, the engine knocking bombastically in idle (and idle was where he spent a lot of time commuting in the City of Angles); really it was a good car, he had just never maintained it. 'Why couldn't you have gone the route of Mick Jagger,' he flagellated himself. 'You're such a fucking loser, Noble! Today's the day – you will do it. You will finally finish something you started.'
Approaching the front doors of Big Tots Toys, Inc., Don's mind was already abhorrently ruminating on all the coworkers he would have to greet and smile at, feigning at least a mere vestige of sanity and desire for life. Yes, this was the Stygian abyss to which complicity with a material society and all of its bindings and limitations, its lack of visceral engagement, feeling, had catapulted this man. “Morning Don,” the voluptuous Libby sashayed by, her curves, her thick, bouncy, tight curly hair and dark complexion, invariably mesmerized him. “Morn'n,” he replied sheepishly; for he was picturing her in a sudden myriad of twists of the Kama Sutra, demanding his man-sauce, sweaty, primal. 'Yeah, Donny, are you gonna give it, are you gonna give it to momma? Give it to me! I want it! Right now – yes, yes, yes!' The man bowed his head shamefully at these libidinous thoughts.
“Good morning, Craig,” Don uttered meekly to a hulking mastodon of a man wearing a collared Raider's short-sleeve, who went thundering by, ignoring him but for a contemptible glare. Craig Hostetter was that condescending jock bully Don had been plagued by, in one personage or another, his entire life. Waiting until Craig was clear of sight, he just shook his head forlornly. “Happy Monday, Don. Another day in paradise, huh dear!” This was Darcy Hufftenbeck, the overly-friendly, overly-portly cherub of a lady in her late forties. “Sure is,” he lied. “Have a good one!” “You too,” he begrudgingly summoned. 'The last time that woman probably had some dick was in seventy-nine......Bad thoughts go.......Bad thoughts go. Asshole! You don't have to project your misery onto the few nice folks out there in this self-absorbed, piece-of-shit of a city.'
'Thank Christ!' His desk was straight ahead, with no on-comers. Swiftly, Don Noble slipped into his eight-by-eight mansion with a five foot high view of shit-colored brown, fuzzy paneling. Tossing his sporty day-pack oft the side, he logged onto to his PC and mentally prepped for the day's tedium. What would be the absurd count of e-mails from the East over the weekend, he pondered. He rolled closer on his spring-board chair. CHONK! “Fuck fuck fuck, mother fucker!” he subdued the obscenities through pursed, constrained lips. For the quintillionth time, Donny had once again smashed the living shit out of his knee on the steel under-hang of his limited legroom desk space, this one catching part of the shin as well. His face glowed crimson as he forced the pain pressure there, biting his lower lip; the excruciation seemed to bore into the marrow itself, one of those delayed pains, growing more pronounced with each passing moment. “You dumb plebeian fuck! How many times! How many times!.......Piece of shit, fuck-face!” he muttered. Another great start to an illimitable, promising day in sunny Southern California.
Wincing, rubbing his shin furiously, he haunched down and peered at the steel protrusion, as if to incinerate it with his malice. “Hey brother, how was your weekend? Did you blow the fuck up on Abbot Kinny Friday night?” Ken Darn, his preternaturally happy cube-mate who bore the reputation of calling every guy brother, had just arrived. Though he was the chipper antipode to Don, and thus logically should have been enviously detested by anyone so despairing as himself, an affinity had yet blossomed, and this goofy, 'ass clown' (his exact words), galoot of a man had turned out to be his only true friend at Big Tots Toys, Inc.; really his only true friend, period. Ken was a short, brawny stock of man, hearty and athletic, a survivor; surfing was his lifeblood, and he rode some formidable monsters, paddling into places like 30 ft. Mavericks, Todos Santos Island, and Ghost Trees on the coast of the famous Pebble Beach golf course.
“You with us, brotha?” Ken peered over the panel. Still wincing, “Yeah, sorry man, I just mashed the fuck out of my knee again. How are ya?” “Great Donny! Ready to bring the heat for another week. So how was Friday?” “Didn't make it out.” Ken scrunched his caterpillar eyebrows, “What! Why not? That chick was bang'n!” “Yep.....But like most of the people in this town, she flaked, at the last second. And I had to keep calling her: it's like she wasn't even going to let me know. You believe that shit! Fuck it, man, I'm through....through asking women out, period.” “Nah bro, you've just had a tough streak. Don't fall into the defeatist, generalizing mode; opportunity abounds. You're going to meet a genuine hottie that is the right one for you.” “Genuine and L.A. don't go in the same sentence – you know this, Ken.” “Brother, you're disillusioned and horny right now – to be expected. Which is why I'm gonna drag you out on the strip this weekend.” “Ahhh, I can't: I have too much writing to do.” “Bullshit, Barney! You're go'n!” Barney was the derogatory term, like kook, for a novice surfer. There was no reasoning with this barbarous heathen, “Alright......but let's hit Los Feliz; it'll be tourist amateur hour on Sunset during the weekend.” A sagacious grin swept over the other, “Thata Barney, I was just test'n ya. Until we convene at lunch, my fellow noospheric traveler.” Already preoccupied with a flood of mostly indiscernible emails, Don robotically nodded.
It had been over an hour, and he was still laboriously sifting through logistical sludge from China, subjects the order of:
base red 9 plastic, order #726689 to ship 11/14/09
backorder tolodium E10-6 battery available, awaiting approval
suprafilament tested, comic A-14 action figures in production – contact hong kong........And as the gravity of this incomprehensible purposelessness, the manufacturing of things ad infinitum, began to press harder, applying its ruthless impunity, its uncaring mechanical jargon, cold and unconscious that this was already an utterly broken, suicidal man, his cell phone vibrated. Arizona, the caller ID read. Forcefully pinching shut his eyes, Don rubbed his forehead then circled his temples with his forefingers; sanity and composure hung but by a tenuous, fragmented sinew. More precise than NASA mathematics, the calls of the collection agencies rang stout, as certain as the bell toll of death. The unabated travel sprees of his twenties, compiled with an inability to hold any footing under imperiously outrageous interest rates, had synergistically met his other replete miseries at this quantum foci of space time unreality. He owed $45 k, no light at the end of the tunnel.
Rubbing his eyes he strained back to his labor of intent, but the effort was of no use, there was absolutely no way he could carry one finger further in the detritus of the mundane and meaningless, not right now. Clicking on his secret browser, Discretion, he went to one of his favorite websites: Discretion allowed him to navigate the web under the radar while at work: it was some new browser technology for super-nerds. 'What are these Annunaki, demigod fucks up to this week?' he thought. Reaching the home page, he is met by a waving flag, an unfurled scroll of the Constitution, and pictures of vehement protesters around the Capital Building. Scrolling down, Don comes upon an article entitled 9/11, Indisputable Inside Job; he skims a couple paragraphs then continues on. The very next article stops him cold: Camp FEMA: Inside America's Concentration Camp Program. He furiously begins to devour the report, stealing wary look-backs every couple minutes. The more he read the more affirmed he was of his decision to end his life. His head reeled and swam: This country was fucked; a fascist regime was soon to be installed, and Americans were going to find themselves either dead, hungry, diseased, swept away by chaos, or rotting in one of these Nazi camps.
“Good morning, Mr. Noble,” hovered the all-too-familiar and condescending voice of Roger Plank, his boss. Plank was the frat-boy, model-actor who never made it and had now transferred his boundlessly massive narcissism and imperiousness to the office. A scruple-less arriviste, Roger had once defiled his brother-in-laws hard-drive, thus ruining the man's project, and consequently securing himself the promotion. Don bit his lower lip in chagrin: he loathed being called Mr. by Plank, for it was always said in the most belittling of fashion, like he was a first-grader who had just done something naughty and was about to reap a vituperative diatribe. Don quickly clicked back to his email. Noticeably shaken, he spun around to face the interloper, “Good morning, Roger. How-how was your weekend?” Intentionally ignoring the feigned cordiality, Plank gruffly deprecated, “Have you finished the T10 logistics on that long-order from Beijing?” his ominous glare piercing Don suspiciously. “I have, Mr. Plank;” Don rejoined with like condescension and a self-satisfying smile, “I sent it over to you about forty-five minutes ago.” It was times like these he was unable to hold his ego in check: if the opportunity arose for a little asshole reciprocity, he was taking it in regard to Roger Plank. “Would you like me to send it over to-” “Where are you going to source the ping wheels from for the Lancaster account?” Plank interrupted indignantly, his chiseled face growing crimson in anger, his sinewy, freakishly hairy arms starting to shake ever so subtly through the rolled-up sleeves. “I'm currently comparing prices between Central America and Hong Kong,” Don subconsciously fiddled with his testicles, now growing rather fettered by this unforeseen reaction. “I want that before lunch,” Plank growled. “This is an extremely important client. I shouldn't have to tell you that.” “'Will do. I'm sorry; I didn't realize.......”
Don Noble's painful explanation trailed off, for his pretentious superior was already rudely walking away; though he had made sure to not depart until right when the former began his supplication – walking away while a plebeian was speaking to him, this he was renowned for. Scowling, be-ridden with animus, animus for almost everything in this microcosmic material sphere of shit that the world had become, Don stared at the floor as Plank bounced away, slowing down to admire his reflection in a hallway mirror, lightly patting far from misplaced hairs and adjusting the collar of his gaudy aqua Armani button-down.
Seething and broken, wanting no more than to simply go home right now and end it all, Don forced himself to face the computer and complete yet another hollow robot task before lunch. “What a douche bag,” Ken blurted from behind the shit-colored mass. “There's a guy who should have been beaten severely by his father, but wasn't. He's his own case study, one Jung or Freud would be unlikely to crack.” “How a guy can actually become such a comical ass-wipe, and still take himself seriously – which Plank actually does – boggles the fuck out of me,” Don mused. “Well, it's almost lunch, brother: then the day will be half over.” “Yep......guess it will.”
That's what the last ten years of his life had become: suffering through the morning to go to lunch and then look forward to the day being half over. 'Was this it?' thought Don Noble. 'Is this really the pathetic state my lamentable life has come to......pining to fast-forward through one interminably miserable facet of time merely to get to the next, and then obsessively ogle the clock to hurry and get through this even more attenuated lapse of failed stoicism to then finally go home to fret about having to go back in the next day almost all the while I'm home?' Life had become nothing more than a fast-forwarding to the next moment in a futile attempt to escape the majority of moments that were Don Noble's life. 'Life ain't supposed to be like this. I've had enough of this rotting, wastrel existence on the physical plane. It's all shit. It really is.' He wanted to scream out loud, forcefully enough to probably brake some windows; 'perhaps til my eyes pop the fuck right out of my bobbling cabeza!'
Conspiracy Lunch -
“Did you watch that 9/11 video I gave you yet?” Don eagerly hounded. “Not yet, brother; the waves have been too good – I haven't gotten shit done,” replied Ken, just before taking a ridiculously monstrous bite of a meatball sub. “They're building FEMA concentration camps, Ken......They're all over the U.S.; plus they have the capability to build them extemporaneously, very quickly.” Still masticating the prodigious bite, Ken slightly shook his head doubtfully. Don continued, “That was the main purpose of 9/11, to instill fear and divide the world globally, the ole East versus West. Generating enough fear, they can get Americans to concede to some monstrous fascist measures, like the Nazis. That planned tragedy allowed them to eliminate a myriad of human rights behind the tangible proof of this is coming to the fore.” Don paused for a modest bite into his vegetarian humus wrap.
“I don't know man,” came Ken pessimistically, “I watched a whole report on Popular Mechanics that gave hefty creed to supporting the 9/11 Commission's findings.” “Disinformation, Ken. Listen, I know none of us really wants to come to grips with a fact as disturbing as this - that our own government was behind 9/11 – but stuffing our heads in the sand ain't gonna make their true motives disappear.” “I know but-” Don interrupts, “Facts: The 757 that supposedly hit the Pentagon has a 125 foot wingspan. Why are there legitimate pictures taken from the highway of a hole no more than 16 feet wide in the Pentagon? This was before the roof collapsed. And where is the 60 tons of wreckage? They said it burned up. Bullshit! There were still books and desks and chairs in that hole that hadn't burned up. Those planes have slammed into the side of Mount Kilimanjaro and still left 60 tons of wreckage.....and body parts, which they tell us there were none of. Come the fuck on! They found body parts in the ocean when the Challenger blew up in the goddamn stratosphere or nethersphere or whatever the fuck!” “O K, I hear ya, but wouldn't we be hearing some of this on the news or something?” “They are the news. Ken, there is now substantiated video out there of demolition explosions going off in the lower levels of the Twin Towers. A demolition of that magnitude has to be set up at least over the course of 2 weeks in advance. And why did Giuliani almost immediately ban the New York Fire Department from the investigation, and have all the wreckage illegally shipped to China? All that is supposed to be thoroughly analyzed. These are just a few discrepancies; I could go on and on.” Ken smiles. “Search your intuition, you know something isn't right.”
“O K....but who are they?” rejoined Ken, wiping marinara from his upper lip and stuffing in a plenitude of salt'n black pepper potato chips. Here Craig Hostetter and his crony jock kiss-ass, Lance Drum, pulled up to an adjacent table. Drum was dark-complected, average height, thin, a rather dull and banal character, the third-stringer who would forever cow-tow to the iconic offensive starters; he was that cartoon dog running around the heels of the bulldog Alpha, the preternaturally shameless yes-man. Hostetter glowered down at Don before taking his seat; the latter just looked away, as he always did. “They, are the half-breed Annunaki, the descendants of the biblical Nefilim,” Don whispered, desperate to avoid being overheard and castigated by Craig, “the giants told about in a plethora of ancient religious texts. We've talked about this.” “Yeah, but it seems more than just a little far-out, Don....even you have to admit that.” “O K, sure; but the story is all there, long before the bible, in ancient Sumeria....Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent, from whence homo sapien came. Much of the story of the Annunaki and Sumer sits in the British Museum, ancient relics of a bygone past when humans had direct contact with the higher beings that were influencing their world. The Annunaki came to earth from the planet Nibiru, another planet in our solar system, which can now even be verified on the Hubble telescope website. They came down here for gold, silver, and minerals, as they had depleted the resources of their own planet. Gold and silver are integral to their technology, as well as their life-prolonging alchemy, thus both are still so highly valued to this day. I know it sounds shit crazy,” Don pans nervously in Craig's direction, “but through the science of alchemy, the Annunaki seem to have pretty much figured out immortality: they can transmute gold into a life-sustaining elixir called Ormus, which must be ingested on certain astrological alignments to yield the full benefit.”
Gobbling the last bite of his Sicilian hoagie, this vestige rather minute in comparison to its forbears, Ken Darn, with a crinkled expression, scratched his head, vexed. “Alright, slow down for a second, Asamov. What would this have to do with our situation on this physical plane right now?” “That's what I'm getting at,” Don blurted defensively. This provoked a turn-around and scowl from Craig, combined with the taut contraction of his mammoth eyebrows for added effect. Meekly, Don leaned in, “Hundreds of thousands of years ago they came down; the lower hierarchy of the Annunaki were assigned to working the mines. All of this, mind you, can be found on stelae and other inscriptions from ancient Mesopotamia, Sumer, and Babylonia, much of it in the British Museum and others. So for hundreds of thousands of years they toiled in the mines, until finally they revolted. Here the gods of the Pantheon of Twelve (conferred also by Greek mythology) were faced with a dilemma; abandon their project on earth, or come up with a solution. And so it is that they took homo erectus, caveman, and stepped up his DNA with their own, to create a primitive worker/warrior, homo sapien. The story is all there, as well as infinite depictions of spaceships and 12 ft. tall beings in myriad ancient hieroglyphs, obelisks, texts, etcetera – I mean, what's going on with that?”
“Brother man, I love you, you're one of my best friends, but you've gotta realize how irrational you sound.” In habit, Ken was bending back his fingers while he put forth this entreaty. “Ken, even Darwinists have been unable to explain the sudden jump from homo erectus to homo sapien-” Ken chortled, “You just said 'erectus'.” Fettered, Don bit his lower lip, “Come on, man, I'm being serious.” “Alright.....sorry.” “Even Darwinists have been unable to explain the missing link:” Don continued, “that evolution, from caveman to contemporary human, should have taken around a million years, yet it happened instantaneously. How? What? Some acute scholars like Sitchin have tried to explain this to us. The story-”
“Do I have to sit here and listen to this crazy alien shit all lunch?!” Hostetter rumbled as he turned and faced Don. “Do you fucking hear yourself, Noble? You should be committed. I can't believe I have to work with somebody who should be scooping up ET's shit on the SciFi channel!” “You know Craig, we were just having our own conversation; no one did anything to you,” digging deep for some inkling of courage, Don redoubled. “Yeah yeah, whatever Mulder – I'm the one who has to listen to it!” The crony Lance Drum, clenching and releasing his fists, was becoming visibly excited in the background; while Ken, though still silent, was beginning to betray an intolerant malignity in his eyes. He surfed 60 foot killers when towing in with jet skis: there really wasn't a human that was going to scare him. “Really you don't,” Don redounded, “cause you could go sit somewhere else.” “Woh! Tough guy,” chided Drum. Gripping the back of the chair like a vice, Craig flexed the bulk of his arms, pouring forth striated undulations and pulsating angry veins. “You got a problem, Noble? We can figure it out you know.” “I'll be your guy, you Bud Light drink'n bitch!”
Usually Ken kept his cool; but enough was enough, his primal nature was unable to lie dormant in the face of such unprovoked hostility. Hostetter guffawed, “You gotta be kidding me, Darn! Really, I can't be serious!” “Let's find out, big man talker guy!” Ken stood up, crimson and boiling. “We can head over to the canyon right now. You might as well take the afternoon off though, cause I guarantee you ain't gonna wanna come back into work.” There was a canyon dotted with western sage and manzanita that dipped down next to the parking lot in the back: it was the ideal place for 2 white-collared adults to civilly sort matters of disagreement by smashing one another's face. Hostetter shut his mouth at this point; he was a formidable stock, but one unready and unwilling to take on the raging insanity that had been given opportunity to birth, blazing in Ken's eyes.
“You should smoke some more pot, Darn – think you need to settle down a bit. I'm not going to lose my job for a piss-ant like you!” Craig clung desperately in an attempt to save face. The crony laughed deprecatingly; Ken shot him a glance and he immediately silenced. “You thrive off bullying and intimidating others. You're a bitch, Hostetter. And I suspect you always will be.” Casually Ken left the scene, nonchalantly greeting Libby with a friendly hello as she entered the heated eatery, still impulsively whipping around to catch a quick glimpse of her ass as she passed through the swinging door, as he always did when their paths fortuitously crossed. If he hadn't been so depressed Don would have grinned as he followed suit in departure; to him, Ken was an iconic exemplar to the bygone days of chivalry, some type of unfettered coolness the likes of Doc Holiday or Wyatt Earp; there just weren't that many men like him around anymore.
Pressure -
Don had been back from lunch for all of a few minutes, pining to force light, some sickle of positivity – glass half-full type of thing – into his atrabilious cantor, when Shelly Sully, the fake-breasted blond secretary a guy like his boss is sure to have, called and said he needed to come down to Plank's office. Gray and pale, frail, and shaking fearfully with blood pressure rising at the questioning thoughts of what this was about, Don Noble plodded down the shit-colored carpet to the abode of his lording superior.
“Take a seat,” said Plank in drone-like antipathy. Looking around the room nervously, Don followed instructions. He searched pathetically for something cordial to say, “Oh, I should have brought down my new report on Chinese carnuba; it-” Almost smirking, what came out of Roger's mouth was instantly anticipated by Don even before it pronounced, like it had been experienced in a dream the night before; the whole tone of the call-down, the atmosphere of Plank's office, gave creed to the daunting prelude of what was coming. “It is with regret, Don, that we're going to have to let you go.” For what seemed like an eternity Don simply sat there, stupefied, blank. “I'll need you to clear out your workspace by the end of the day.” There it was, with not even a shard of sympathy or dignity of explanation. “Why sir?” So shaken, Don just made the gravest of errors by gratifying Plank with a 'sir'. “The company is making cut-backs......I'm sorry.”
Don Noble continued to sit there in a blank state of cryogenic freeze; the shock he felt was of the same corollary to waking up and finding your legs have been amputated after a violent accident. His lower lip was quivering in a pulsy-like spasm. Plank dialed Shelly, “Push back that sourcing interview a half hour.” Here was Planks final asshole gesture; there were no limitations for a soulless reprobate like him. Standing up to usher him out, “I wish it could have worked out, Don, I really do. There's just been a lot of cutbacks these days.” How he issued this last untruth – right before he was going to interview the replacement - with a straight face sickened Don to the core. He was going to be sick. 'Please...please just make it out of the building, Noble. I can't suffer anymore humility.' Don was anxious now, macabrely excited even, to expediently get home and blow the back of his head wide open. With no further ado he issued Plank a courteous nod and twitched out of the office.
He didn't empty his desk or say any farewells (other than telling Ken he was going home sick and would shoot him an email); the singular focus on Don Noble's mind was loading up that .40 caliber Beretta and ending this wretched internment on the physical plane.
Back at home, he had one obligation before se la vie: finishing his explanation for Ken; for it was Ken who would be left behind to cope with the chaos, depopulation, and increased fascism that the global elite had planned. He wrote:
Thanks for sticking up for me today. You've always been a genuine and sincere friend. I've never really told you how much that means, but its meant a lot. I don't really have many friends, you were pretty much it my man. Anyways....thanks brother, thanks for being a bro.
I wanted to finish my fumbling explanation for you, as I believe our current epoch is coming to a culmination regarding such matters and human evolution. The Annunaki genetically assimilated homo sapien from homo erectus, fashioning a worker for the mines and a warrior in times of need. Here's where some biblical - as well as other – ancient religious myth comes into play. The Annunaki (“fallen angels”) saw the daughters of men and were enamored. They copulated, and the giants from the bible, Vedas, and other texts, were the result. They wreaked havoc on the earth. After their demise in the cataclysm of about 11,500 B.C., it was said that they (the Nefilim giants) would have surviving progeny of their own.....that would become the kings and rulers of earth.
Tracing the bloodline of global leaders, like that of the U.S. Presidents for instance (other than a few, these mere puppets, I believe), all of them, along with other upper echelon national leaders, are interrelated, the lineage going back from here to Royal Britain, Britain to Rome, Rome to ancient Sumer/Mesopotamia. It is my hypothesis, as well as many others, that this global family cabal are the progeny of the Nefilim (demigods) maintaining the control of the Annunaki here on earth. The Nefilim giants were the result of further genetic experimentation and interbreeding with humans gone awry; but it was said that the progeny of the Nefilim would become the rulers and kings of men – this, I believe, is what we are seeing in this Presidential and royal bloodline.
Secretly they all vie for global dominance together, utilizing the methods such as ethnocentric nationalism, fundamentalist religion, war, economics, and pervasive materialism to keep humanity separated from the true spirit of the cosmos, and divided from unifying on a global scale – the old divide and conquer tenet. Thoughts manifest as reality, so, wanting to keep us enslaved, their intent is to bind human vibration as low as possible. Our numbers have grown too many to control, thus through incomprehensible inimical methods, they have been depopulating the earth with ever-increasing voracity. Remember, they are pretty much immortal within our linear concept of time; so they have had millennia to study us and dissect our psychology. The Annunaki know what works on the humans they helped create. Here FEAR is probably their most significant tactic in swaying the masses – think Hitler, 9/11........and the never-ending war on terror (and the civil rights of Americans this has eradicated, both openly and behind the scenes).
Scrutinize entities like the Bilderberg Group, the World Trade Organization, the U.N., the World Health Organization, and the World Bank: they are the grey and black magic secret brotherhoods behind these curtains. The FEMA concentration camps are real. I have an ominous feeling they are going to start bringing critically thinking Americans there, as well as those who refuse to take the H1 N1 vaccine (for they know it is poison, along the lines of fluoride to harden the brain....sterility too – lower population growth). Also, check out the company Digital Angel, and the plan to get us all chipped – here they will use “terror-preventative measures” as a justifiable means. Unplug from the mainstream news and propaganda (as portrayed by Orwell, Huxley, and even films like V for Vendetta – it's mostly them, though with a different source); research these matters on your own, synchronicities will lead you on the path.....You will meet others on this journey of manumission.....truth. I love you, brother. Stay alive.
Into the Light -
Don Noble carelessly, quite too efficaciously, placed the barrel of the Italian pistol underneath his lower jaw, again wearing that blank expression of despair concealed. With his right finger he drew nigh to the lusty trigger. Purgatory or heaven was just a click away. Whatever was to be, he was sure it held more truth and promise than this self-absorbed material splay of me me me down here. His finger was steady, unfettered, as he slowly began to squeeze................
“Is it really that bad, my human brother?” Stunned and jolted, Don instinctively jerked the gun outward towards the voice, “Whoh!” Then he saw her, sitting on the fuzzy retro chair off to his left: she was 8 feet tall and gorgeous, the most beautiful expression of life he had ever seen or imagined; she was stolid and tight, wielding strong and commanding lines, yet symbiotically voluptuous and feminine; bioluminescent, the only color she expressed were varying shades of titillating yellow-green; her voice was an ocean symphony; her face was akin to the enigmatic beauty of Cleopatra and her royal Egyptian forebears – this was a goddess.
Against his logical judgment, for looking upon her there was no reason, Don laid the gun aside. “Who are you? Am I dead?” “There is no sound for my name in your physical stage of evolution; but when I visit your home, the keepers call me Larra. I am from Alcyone of the Pleiades star system. I know why you have considered this hopeless recourse. I know that it is toil, struggle, and much spiritless materialism here......but Don Noble, is your reality, which you have chosen, really that bleak? Do not many of those around the earth currently, and in the past - such as Rwanda, Bosnia, the concentration camp Jews – suffer far more acutely than your Western experience? You do not even realize to what extent your thoughts, your creative intentions, have been indoctrinated and limited by the Annunaki. Even in this materialistic world they have intentionally created, you may move through all of this, Don Noble. You volunteered to incarnate at this exact time of the fifth post-Atlantean epoch to help your fellow humans awaken from the materialism lie of the Annunaki. It was decided that I could be sent to give you encouragement in these dark times, to uplift you in the knowing that you are headed on the right path. Your thoughts and intentions create your reality, down to the most finite particles of light harmonic........your destiny. Will you join me on a journey?”
Don buried his visage in his hands, weeping so uncontrollably that streamlets of tears ran through the cracks between fingers. Larra slightly cocked her head in a loving, sympathetic gaze. A few moments passed like this, then the ashen and weary Don Noble raised his head: still weeping he wore an effulgent and radiating grin. Her body responded, her aura brightened. “Yes, you are very lucky, very blessed to be paid this visit. You may count yourself as one in ten million. This is the cosmic reciprocity of your good karma; without it, I would have been unable to make the journey. Now come, if you will, and take my hands......I have much to show you.”
Timorously he rose and brought himself before her gently outstretched hands, massive hands, probably some 22 inches or more, but also delicate and kind. Mouth agape, he looked up at her in ecstatic veneration. He loved her. Larra seemed to exude a super-vibrational life force that pervaded the entire room; it rushed through every molecule of Don's body as the walls and floor began to flux in the intake and outtake of some cosmic, etheric breath. He could feel it. She was a part of his soul. In a caressing pressure she enveloped his hands...........and what happened next human language suffers greatly to compliment. The earth seemed to drip away from behind him, and it was as if he could see it falling away like paint at the same time that his forward vision brought forth rainbow kaleidoscopes of mythological cosmic terrain and creatures. It felt like his physical body was melting away in a warm sucking, some pulling embrace, and it felt magnificent, orgasmic beyond all limitation. Vibrant mountains, many times immeasurably greater than the Himalayas, streamed passed like the Promethean rustic abodes of Zeus himself; and as they approached the tallest yet, at a speed beyond light yet oddly static, a resplendent plumed dragon of multi-colored hues of the spectrum, as well as other shades and colors his eyes had never witnessed, zoomed forth from its perch on a megalithic rock. “Do not fear,” assured Larra as the beast thundered head on, every thrust of its wings lordly shaking the ether. “It is Quetzalcoatl come to welcome you, the truth seeker.”
Now frighteningly close, the great serpent, the size of a battleship, yawned its cavernous gullet, revealing a similarly expansive pallet of hues on the inside as well, and let forth a tremendous stream of blue flame that entirely engulfed them. There was a surging pulse herein that electrified him: 'It is god energy imbuing my soul,' he thought. All that passed and went through him, lifted his soul, seemed to inexplicably charge his inner being, his whole vibrational level. The Utopia he felt was illimitably beyond any drug-induced trip he had ever experienced, or even thought was possible. Just before colliding, Quetzalcoatl dove straight vertical for the verdant jungle at the base of the mountains. “Yeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” howled Don, his arms outstretched. Other dragons, of different origins and aspects looked on the passersby, regally perched on the jagged cliffs, some descending in a swoop, spinning and whirling, giving a stout show of their aerial prowess. Falcons, hawks, and eagles of comparable size joined them in the fray, intertwining with the dragons and free-falling in a tumble; they played and frolicked like children in the schoolyard.
“Am I dead?” asked Don. “You are more alive than you have ever been in this lifetime,” assured Larra. “Where are we going?” Orange and purple pterodactyls zoomed passed, eructing a boisterously loud reptilian bird-like call. “We are compressing space and time. There is something you need to see.” “You lead the way!” rang Don joyously.
As they careered through the cosmic ether, the topography began to change: the mountains grew smaller, the land more arid, though bisected by a multitude of rivers and their oases kin. Larra slowed down considerably, and they descended towards one of the rivers, hovering off to the side. Swimming, playing, and reposing upon the sandy banks of the river were, to Don, what appeared to be cave people of a much younger epoch. “Here is your homo erectus, caveman, about 450,000 years ago,” said Larra. “They were a simple species in the stages of evolution, comparatively; but they were of a kind heart and nature, for the most part, and carried a very synergistic and loving bond with their natural world.” Don watched in amazement as a vibrant herd of antelope came forth from the foliage along the bank and, with their snouts, nuzzled up to the hand of a respective cave-woman or man, the other generously returning the affection, ruffling their ears, caressing their bodies and chins. “Incredible!” cried Don. Immediately recognizing the severity of his unconscious blunder, he slapped his hand over his mouth. “Shit. Can they hear me?” he whispered. “All is fine, Don Noble; they can neither see nor hear you. We are on another plane entirely. Pleiadians are fifth dimensional consciousness. The event is coming. Observe.”
On these words there came a guttural rumbling and deep crackling in the sky. The antelope scattered into the bush and the cave people stumbled back, frightened. Yet they were still curious, and they looked up to the sky, following the redounding rumble. Don's jaw lolled agape as a massive cigar-shaped ship of silver and gold roared slowly out of a billowy cloud. The ship was leviathan, stretching at least 10 miles long and a mile thick. There was a huge docking door open along the midsection where stood a horde of 12 foot tall reptilian-like beings of a humanoid form; they wore spectacular suits of glimmering gold and silver and brandished some advanced rifle-like weaponry the likes of which Don had never imagined possible. Their eyes were large, yellow-green, and slanted like a snake; calling to one another, they bore a multiplicity of sharp and jagged teeth which followed in rows towards the back of their mouth. “Here are your Annunaki,” declared Larra.
They looked down upon the curious cave people and 4 leaped forward, plummeting to the river. The cave people yawped in surprise; but right before impact, the Annunaki spread grand wings of a superior metal not of this earth, landing in a tremor and blast of sand. The cave people cowered and backed away, some raising their hands over their faces defensively against the refulgent sky people. The Annunaki were decisive and quick; one of them shot a red wave of light from the high-tech rifle, immobilizing the largest of the cavemen. He fell immediately, and lay entirely still while the others ran into the brush. His aggressor methodically walked over, swung him over its shoulder and made a signal to the others. Vexed, Don watched intensively as all of them flew silently, and with no visible propulsion, back to the threshold of the giant portal. Briskly they commenced, disappearing with their hapless victim into the dark bowels of the ship. “Did they kill him?” asked Don, turning up to Larra. “No. This is the beginning to the theory of the Annunaki of which you believe, Don Noble. It is true. That is why I have brought you here. Your efforts have not been in vain. You are on the right path.” Tears welled in his eyes but did not fall. “It is true?! The Annunaki are real?!” “Yes,” she assured softly, “they stepped up homo erectus with their own DNA to fashion a worker/warrior. Working with a few other higher races, the Annunaki manipulate your world today - utilizing material streams and media propaganda through the grey and black magic of the secret brotherhoods of their half-breed Nefilim descendants - more than ever before. To give you assurance and confidence, I was allowed to contact you. You have used your critical faculties, you have followed your intuition which is your Higher Self, your appointed angel, speaking to you – great things are happening in your life, Don. Of all the people in the world, you, are actually one of the most successful, for you have seen through things and penetrated the maya (illusion) that has been pushed upon your people. Are you beginning to see this now?” Unable to hold back the flood any longer, Don wept, “Yes.....yes I do!” His being swelled increasingly higher with the uncanny influx of vibrations that were entering him; for he had now opened up his thinking to them, to limitless possibilities, life, and bounty. “There is one more place I need to show you. Are you ready?” Don swallowed gleefully, “Yes.” “Alright,” nodded Larra.
The air seemed to peel back before them, opening up a portal that shined of stars and neon-strewn nebulae. “How did you do that?” inquired Don, vexed, for Larra had not visibly done anything physical to bring in this phenomenon. “My mind is linked directly with Mother on Alcyone. She wills my thought impulses, as long as they are self-less and of good intent. Many questions you will have. Be patient; more answers are coming.” She smiled and stepped towards the portal, Don holding gently onto her gigantic hand like a small boy crossing the street, and together they passed over.
All was a pastiche of light, color, warmth and emotions as they traversed the expressive patterns of the cosmos. Flowing into this, Don felt an overpowering surge of positive sentiments, almost like apparitions of himself, course through him like pleasant breezes of tropical air: bringing forth the color sensation of pink and orange, he experienced the unfettered joy and excitement of being a careless young boy again, lively and invigorated to enter every new day of adventure and learning. On this higher plane, imbued with this pure, divine energy, all negative thoughts and feelings, resentments of any kind, fell away as withered petals to the promise of a new season. Thinking of his reprobate boss and bully coworker now, the only thoughts that would surface were of love, compassion, and understanding: observing through newly illuminated spiritual eyes, Don could only feel a deep sympathy for these two, as fellow brothers who were suffering in a malformed and malcontent materialistic world of maya. Undulating forward, holding onto these enlightening epiphanies, Don looked down at his hand and saw with astonishment that it was fiery light, his whole body was fiery light, pulsing space and time as pure soul energy. 'I am realizing the Atma within me,' he thought, 'I am seeing it!' 'You are,' spoke Larra to his mind. Then ineffably bright rays of light coursed out of the surrounding space-matrix in which they flowed, piercing and electrifying his soul, bringing him to ever greater heights of self-realization, the coming to knowledge of the loving god within himself, his true self..... “The Atma!” he cried.
Zero Point -
Hovering before it, pining as concertedly as he had ever pined, racing to objectify, rationalize, and contemplate, all these human tendencies left Don Noble for naught but the fact that he was an infant, an infant in the wake of what incomprehensibly swept and rolled before him. They were like distinct vapors of living beings, some red, some blue, some bright white, brown, green, or orange, or any combination therein of the infinite spectrum of light harmonic, flying slowly or quickly, or simply gliding softly about the place; some were human in constitution, some far from, exhibiting 6 arms in some cases, or 4 legs in another; some were giants, some were nymph-like; some seemed peaceful, while others, who were of a crimson aspect, flailed and slashed about, morphing into myriad demonic forms; yet the ones that began to gravitate in the field they now occupied were predominantly of the blue and greenish hues, exhibiting gestures of welcome and acceptance. Where this was taking place, the surroundings, was even more difficult for Don's human mind to futilely try and grasp. Purveyed in otherworldly luminescence expounded planets upon planets, moons upon moons, stars upon stars, nebulae, and infinite other coagulations of a cosmic sort which humans attempt to label to understand. It stretched to infinity; searching his soul, this he knew; but in the center of it all, if this indeed was the center, was a mastodonic hole of godly proportions, from which poured forth an equally immense stream of light, bright beyond any human comparison.
All questions which arose to his mind now, he did not, surprisingly to himself, even consider attempting to utter in any physical manner; instead, he merely thought them and awaited a reply, as if by automatic instinct. 'Where are we? Who are they? What is that beam of light?' they flooded like the dry river basins in the Southwest monsoons. 'We are at the center of your Milky Way Galaxy.. ....where the Creator of your universe emanates from. They are the souls of humans and many other races of this universe,' Larra responded. All was thought now; they communicated strictly by thought-form. Even the telepathic transmission came through to his mind in her voice. 'To the black hole center of the Milky Way is where they go to further their spiritual evolution between death and a new birth. Many orders of the upper hierarchies shall work on the various contents of their etheric, or cosmic soul bodies, in this transition – what your Gnostics refer to as the hierarchies of the Angeloi and Archangeloi, some of these being the folk spirits. The beam of light is what some truth seekers and seers of your people have come to know as the Photon Band. It is a band of higher vibrational ether, point-sourced creator energy so to speak.....higher conscious, pouring directly from the heart of our cosmic creator out into our universe. You have been in the Galactic Night for a very long time, Don Noble. You are extremely lucky to have been born at this stage in earthly evolution, for you are about to enter the Galactic Day; you are about to enter the Photon Band prophesied by the Maya, to be fully immersed in it, and enter into the dawning of a new Golden Age for near 2,200 years. That is, if humanity so chooses. The Band will allow collective thought to carry the pole in either direction; this is why karma is speeding up in these sacred times. For a very long time in your linear counting, humanity has suffered and toiled in disharmony, gravitating strongly to the negative sphere of the serpent spiral, the polar wheel of life. Collectively, your thoughts have been very limited.'
'This is what the Annunaki push for, it is what they want: to keep human thought bound and limited, so that you may be more easily swayed and controlled, to unwittingly keep doing their materialistic biddings here on earth, staying bound in this cyclical wheel of victim-hood and uncritical naivety, all the while they continue to rob earth's minerals behind the curtain, bringing them back to their depleted existence on Nibiru. Thought manifests into physical reality, all is thought – even your quantum physics is now beginning to confirm this – they know this, and they cannot have you jump into an entirely more evolved paradigm of existence by your collective foci coming together in harmony – the opportunity of the Photon Band, moving into complete harmony with the plethora of life awaiting your arrival in galaxy. Many other races in the galaxy, like ourselves of the Pleiades, want to see humans join the rest of the galactic family that anxiously awaits their evolution. But earth has been quarantined for a very long time, because of your violent natures, your destructive power-mongering and selfishness. Violence cannot be allowed to enter the Many different races of the Galactic Federation, including ourselves, have visited earth, brought signs, and in many other ways tried to help you evolve and see through the net of the Annunaki......but, because of the universal cosmic laws, laws of thought, karmic laws, we are limited right now in the assistance we are able to offer. This is due to the freewill aspect of the universal laws. We cannot come to aid in any truly magnanimous form until a certain quotient of your planet becomes self-aware, and is thinking harmoniously, beyond all competition, holding love, compassion, and harmony in their hearts.'
Every word of the thoughts she carried lifted Don's soul vibration higher – clarity was like ecstasy right now, and he couldn't get enough of it. 'More. Tell me more!' he cajoled. 'All that the Annunaki have placed into position on earth has been ingeniously imposed to create competition, disunity, and combativeness within the human race – think of your ancient war tenet....divide and conquer. Having stepped up the evolution for some of you (for there were indigenous populations that developed naturally), they feel they own you, much like lab animals, slave workers. They have had nearly 450,000 years to study you and your behavioral responses; they know your weaknesses, they know what works; this combined with technologies far beyond your reckoning.....manumitting yourselves and your home planet will be no easy task. Much has been built to keep human vibration low and limited, since all is thought vibration, light harmonic. Long ago, humanity had more direct contact with their overlords, the Annunaki. It was in these times that one of your cities rebelled, Babylon. Anu, the ruler of the Annunaki on Nibiru, had been passing himself off as god – in a monotheistic sense - to humanity for a very long time; but many of you knew he wasn't the true god of this cosmos. Babylon knew this, and had the courage to rebel. So, to tighten the noose of control, it was here that Anu first split your tongues into babel, so that you would not understand one another and unity would be much more difficult. Here he also split the one universal spiritual following you had into the various world religions of today, twisting the stories of the true Messiahs who have incarnated on the earth plane to help you evolve, and writing himself in as god. Anu knew religious differences and intolerance would also foment disharmony, disunity.....thus was his aim – divide and conquer, separating harmonious collective thought.'
Don gazed out at the grand expanse: purple and verdant green nebulae shot off to his left; spirits spun and danced, one a group of tall and slender elves; and after they passed by he noticed it. A purplish pink spiral began to gyrate before them. Starting off small, it quickly grew, and continued so on a geometric scale. The wonderland aura it put forth imbuing them, and all surroundings, in its radiant pulsation.....'Its love flicker,' thought Don. His etheric eyes went wide. Then it froze, and the spiral changed to what only could be likened to the core color of the sun, replete. A few moments hung like this in suspense, until suddenly, countless ships, spherical in shape and of the same chromaticity as their source, zoomed out of the miniature sun and filled the space like fluttering fairies. 'Those,' offered Larra, 'are what some of your kind in the know have coined Mercador ships, the vehicles of the Spirits of Fire, pure light beings existing in 10 dimensions simultaneously......omnipresent.....the Christ aspect. They are the ones who have incarnated on the earth plane as Messiahs such as the Buddha, Mohammed, Christ, the Viracocha, and Sai Baba - to name but a few – to help humanity evolve and bring your souls back to the light of oneness, unity. It is no coincidence that they are here now; for there is no coincidence. They have come to greet you, and offer their encouragement. Send forth your love and appreciation for this in thought, and they will receive it.' 'I am sending it,' responded Don. Receiving their love, he sent forth his own vibration of love, one crisp and pure, joyful beyond any former comprehension, now that he was being transformed. 'Will you tell me more about the Annunaki and our current plight?'
'Yes. Anu used world religion against you, and very much of his aims were completed by warping them, Christianity in particular; for while all ancient religions contain some truths, there have been many untruths purposefully inserted to wield control. The Annunaki know well of the human propensity to fear, hence they conspired and brainstormed, and gave Christians their hell, their ever-burning torment. For what could instill more fear than the thought of burning up for eternity? They know human psychology very well. As I indicated, Anu also wrote himself into the bible as god; for he is the jealous god, the angry god, the spiteful and vengeful god who backs armies, the all-too fallible and imperfect god controlled by his own ego and emotions. It always surprises us how few devote Christians see through these transparencies; for the creator is a perfect consciousness, and a perfect consciousness could never create a hell or exhibit these types of ego manifestation. That the creator would possess an ego which would demand sacrifice, be it human or animal, is utterly absurd. All this in your Old Testament mythology is Anu. He used the unwitting Patriarchs to work his inimical guises and schemes. The Ark of the Covenant was a device of superior technology, harnessing the nuclear power of the atom. This is how Anu destroyed the rebellious city of Sodom and Gomorrah; he wrote in the bible that the city had become decadent and evil, but the truth is they rebelled against his enslavement, of which they had become aware; and so Anu sent winged Annunaki with the Ark, and swept it away in a nuclear blast. Even in your present day, Geiger Counters still register extremely high radioactive fallout in this place. There is much more to confer to you about these ancient religious manipulations – more will come as you progress. Seek truth and knowledge with energetic discipline, and the vigor of your delving shall lead to connective synchronicities.....This is the higher benign orders of the cosmos speaking to you.'
The Mercador ships, numbering in the hundreds of thousands, began jetting in patterns all around the sky, leaving a neon-glowing tube of effulgent white light in their wake. Through this, they were forming patterns, intricate matrices that were unfolding right before Don's unbelieving stare. 'Align your focus, Don Noble, with what the Annunaki are using now against the critical judgment of humanity. The sons of the Nefilim are few in number comparatively, but through secret brotherhoods, their knowledge of what is happening in the spiritual world that influences the physical plane, and higher technology beyond your reckoning used for malign intent, they are the dominant forces of the entire globe, streaming their will upon humanity. Remember, to divide and conquer is the Annunaki's primary tactical prerogative, as this keeps collective human thought scattered and confused. They do not want you to focus on harmony or goodwill towards others, for this would change the paradigm they have set – again thoughts manifesting as reality. They want you mesmerized by material and blinded by self-interest. This they accomplish by being behind the streams of the economic complex, national interests, the media, industry, religious powerhouses like the Vatican, materialistic science and medicine, agriculture, the global war machine, much that includes entertainment, and many others. They are the ones behind most of the terrorist attacks, for this allows them to incite anger against your other global inhabitants, further dividing you and pulling vibration downward, permitting them to tighten the noose of fascism through this appendage of fear. They used Hitler and Nazi Germany as a modern test case to realize the extent to which fear can sway you en masse. Hitler had been induced into a meth-amphetamine psychosis – he was naught more than a thoroughly brainwashed, programmed machine. The rest were swayed by their own hate and the fear storm cloud of the S.S. The secret brotherhoods of the Annunaki set this chain into motion in the periphery and Central Europe long before WWII. They were the ones behind the curtain. Yet his karma brought him to this evil place. The Holocaust again served their purpose of depopulation, while at the same time being a grandiose test case in fear manipulation unto the masses.'
'Simplistic findings will ring the alchemical secret of controlling the masses through the printing of worthless paper money. They horde the spiritual secrets of birth, death, and disease to keep you enchained. Humans long ago lived much longer than today – even this is conferred in ancient texts – for you had been given certain alchemical knowledge of life extension: such as transmuting gold into the life-extending elixir, Ormus, which is to be ingested on specific astrological alignments. But your numbers were growing too many to properly control, and they could no longer allow people to remember the story of how they invaded your world, so you had to die quicker; thus this alchemical knowledge was withdrawn back into secrecy. They twisted messianic stories like Christ's: for the mana, the life-giving bread that He passed out to the vast crowds, was actually an alchemical elixir that had been taken from you by them. Christ also spoke vastly of reincarnation; this, the Vatican extinguished as well. You were a slave in Anu's Garden of Eden, and it was one of the Spirits of Fire that appeared and tried to lead you to the truth, the truth that the Tree of Knowledge was one of Anu's life-sustaining vessels, and you were his ephemeral slave; thus it was that he had you banished.'
Larra's body suddenly shifted color to a deep azure. 'The transmission is ending. Will you come with me? There is one more place I would like to show you.' 'Yes, definitely,' affirmed Don. The inter-dimensional portal peeled open the space before them, and together, they stepped over once more. All was a crackle of humming electrical energy and body-suffusing warm light as they careened headlong in the stellar abyss of fluxing energies and color. Don tried to grasp how long they had been traveling in this instance, but despite the plenary delving of his logic, he found that here, he could produce no inkling, no rudimentary conception even, of time. Here, time was no more than a subconscious past-life experience in a way.
And the next thing he knew was the mellifluous, reverberating sound of vibrating air; but this was much more than any mere sound in the sense of the word, for this vibration, though he thought it quite impossible from the orgasmic apex he had already reached, lifted his soul yet higher and higher in every moment of presence and lofty percipience. Panning the space, Don thought she had taken him to heaven, if such a place really existed. They stood beside a stream-fed pool of turquoise sparkling delight, robed in vernal flora in bloom of captivatingly strange assortment, the plants and flowers of distant space: some were fern-like Jurassic throw-backs, except that the curled limbs unfurled and caressed Larra as they passed by, lighting up from the contact. Flooded and overwhelmed by this visual stimulus of Pandora's Box, Don grappled to stay focused. 'What is making that sound?' he thought. 'In answer to your first musing: heaven is the cosmic ether, Don Noble; it can be whatever you make of it. And the sound harmonic is coming from there,' she turned and pointed behind them. Wide and mammoth, here stood a crystal bowl of light-purple, jade sapphire, and glinting white diamond aspects, from which, above it, streamed a spiral of water from a subtle fall. 'This is Nalya, our healing crystal bowl. Her sound raises the Atma, the soul core vibration. She has a most healing voice.'
Don felt every molecule that comprised him humming in harmony with all life, creation; human language was far too deficient to describe the high he felt. 'Amazing!' cried Don expressively, waving his arms and holding them up to the Milky Way and infinite space that was their sky. The ground that he stood on was glowing white crystal, it too, warm and subtly oscillating. 'Will you join me on a walk?' sent Larra. 'I would join you anywhere,' rejoined Don. Larra smiled sweetly, and they ambled down the turquoise pool. The pool was about 50 yards wide, but extended to infinity. Passing by the various ferns and flowers, Larra extended her hand, and more plants moved to it, touched her; and when they did, their verdant green morphed into a matching turquoise bio-luminescence with the pool. 'This has to be a dream,' thought Don. 'It can't be real.' 'Yet it is, Don Noble. You are very lucky. We are on the outskirts of Maya, one of the stars of the Pleiades. This is the source of Gaia's, your earth's, Mayan starseeds. We sent forth that culture to uplift humanity and bring to you the prophecy of light, that of your evolutionary leap in the Photon Band to which you will be entering completely in 2012. Time acceleration is beginning to reach its climax for you now; karma too, is speeding up geometrically, this due to a number of factors, one of which was Anu incorporating uranium into your being so as to keep better tabs on his pets during his long, lonely orbital journey on Nibiru. Nibiru's revolution around the sun is 3,600 years, a cycle replete in the data of many ancient civilizations. You, and all others are feeling it intensely now; that is why times seem exacerbated, more difficult, more chaotic. All this is part of the benevolent cosmic plan that is unfolding from the source of the Creator. Human will has mired itself into this predicament.....and human will must pull itself out.'
'The challenge that lies before humanity now, that which is most critical, is to free itself from the chains and lies of see into the separation and isolation, the selfishness, it promulgates through its snares of competition. You must resist the materialistic stream with all the power of your soul and being, and bring forth continuity, cooperation, compassion, and love. This is one of the messages being brought to humanity now by the Messiah Sai Baba. In other incarnations, he was once like you, an aspirant and seeker; then, through hard spiritual toil and discipline, delving into the spirit behind all, and by living these truths in action, he came to full self-realization of the god within himself, his soul, his Atma. Christ, and many others, did the same. You all have this ability.........It is time for you to realize it as a whole, as one – then you will make the jump. The journey will never end; the possibilities are illimitable.'
Asudden there was a tremendous pulse of electrostatic energy that pervaded their space, and 4 mythical dolphins surged up from the pool, twisting and twirling far up into the ether of Maya and reentering the turquoise with not a splash. They were undulating beaming light in character, almost somewhat transparent; and like Larra, they too were of unusual size, comparable to a mid-size car. Their bodies, in shape, held true to the symmetry of earthly dolphins, but their faces were something altogether new to Don – they had defined characteristics, finely tuned individual faces, pronounced lineaments, personality faces, each one of them, quite like humans do. Eagerly, they jetted to the side to meet Larra who was crouching down. They immersed their heads, gently nuzzling to the touch of Larra; and while they did this, they produced an electric chirping sound, like that of some cosmic bluebird. They looked up at Don with excited eyes, redoubling their chirping. 'Go ahead,' signaled Larra, 'caress them. It is safe. They know only love and affection, caring and succor. They are the Naladrin........the undying dolphins of Maya.'
Sheepishly, Don knelt down and placed out his hand. Immediately two of the dolphins rushed over, but, intimidated by their sheer size, he recoiled. The bewildered, sad expression this put to them melted Don's heart and he quickly rejoined. Instantly upon making contact with them, he felt tremendous pulses and surges of raised energy, directly receiving the pure emotions of love and affection the creatures felt towards him. 'They remember you,' conveyed Larra. Don's face and thoughts were confused. 'This was your home for a very long time, Don Noble......until you volunteered to help awaken humanity. That is why you have incarnated at this crucial time in human evolution. You volunteered for this mission. You don't remember right now.......but in time, you will. Come, walk a little further with me.' Regally she rose and they continued on, the Naladrin swiftly following like loyal dogs, frolicking in aerobatics along the way. Don smiled, overjoyed.
'Even the Creator consciousness of your universe was once in similar, yet different, humble and nascent circumstances of self-realization. And look where this soul sits now! To become like this and beyond is a destiny all conscious life can realize. All that is, all thought-form, moves towards higher conscious, even that which is regarded as the plant and animal kingdom, and that considered as mere elemental matter. The full cosmology of spiritual life, for the spirit sits behind all, is grander than any of us fully realize yet, even we Pleiadians. Great anticipation and excitement lies in the knowledge that we will forever be learning. The Creator also is perpetually learning, through receiving your experiences as free-will extensions of this same Creator thought.'
Don's mind reeled in the complexity and magnitude of what she was conveying. Sensing this, she continued, 'Try not to be overwhelmed. Use your cognizance of ignorance as a motivating impetus for a lust for true spiritual knowledge. All is thought, even the light super-strings of your quantum physics. We are all extensions of the Creator thought thinking within and upon ourselves; here is the freewill aspect. Speak to the dead. They want to help humans still flitting on the physical plane; but they are repelled by materially obsessive thought. Speak to the higher beings of the cosmos, like ourselves, the Christos Unities, the Sirians, the Venusians, the Enochians, and many many others. Most are benevolent, and want to help humanity evolve. We have technologies that can heal the earth from the damage that has been done. The legitimate crop circles that you see, such as many near Glastonbury, are not only messages to humanity, but sites where we send healing energy into the earth.' She paused for a moment, and then continued: 'Are you ready, Don Noble?' 'Ready for what?' he fumbled. 'Ready to return to earth?' 'No! No no!' his mind cried. 'I can't go back! Please! Please don't make me go back there!'
'You must, Don Noble; it is your mission, your destiny. You do not remember, but you volunteered for this. I know it is a violent and terrible place; but there is much there that is still pure and good – go towards the good energies. They will lift your vibration while on the physical plane.' 'Please....please, Larra....don't make me go back there.' Don scrambled. 'I could do something else, anything. I'm sure there's other good work I could do in the cosmos. I'll do it. Just don't send me back there!' 'I'm sorry, Don, but you have to: earth is where your karma is your destiny in this the fifth post-Atlantean epoch of human evolution. Awaken humankind, think to a whole new paradigm of which we've spoken, one beyond economy and competition, one where you could all inhabit superior bodies, one of grand technology used for the betterment of life for all creatures, one where earth, Gaia, is rebirthed in green harmony. Extricate any wrong thoughts of victim-hood. Strive and seek for self-empowerment and independence.....freedom from the chains of the Annunaki's material system. It will be difficult: but love the Annunaki; pray that they choose to evolve with you in the Photon Band. One of the messages of Golgotha was to love your oppressors; another was the realization of the capacity of god even within the human vessel, the Atma. You all have this.' Don was on his knees, emphatically gesturing for mercy with tightly-clenched folded hands and a grim countenance of sorrow.
'Please do not be sad. You are very blessed,' she assured. 'You have been chosen for direct contact whilst within incarnation – that is extremely rare, and most fortuitous. This journey was to reinvigorate you, to strengthen you and give you hope. Has it done so, or have I failed?' There was a pause of silence and stillness. Don's head was drooped sullenly over his chest. Moments passed painfully like this; Larra rubbed his shoulders and caressed his head, her awesome hands going halfway down his back and engulfing the latter. Slowly, he raised his eyes up to hers, 'It has done so. You have not failed. You're right.......I need to do this. I can't leave the rest of them behind in blindness.' 'That is the spirit, Don Noble, the correct attitude! Hold onto that perception.'
'You are god, Don Noble.....All of you are. You just need to realize it. We Pleiadians love and care about you very much. Remember that.'
Ahura Mazda Risen -
A yellow beam of sunlight, of the richness of butter, crawled over the windowsill and sat firmly on Don Noble's face, causing him to stir. Eyes still closed, he wiped his mouth and sounded a primitive grunt. Suddenly he shot upright, eyes ablaze and peeled wide in shock and disbelief. Jerking to his right, he located the gun: he had meant to kill himself, at least that much had happened, he thought. What about the rest, he continued to grope; it couldn't have been real. Yet despite being suicidal the day before, and now jobless with no good reference, he felt like a thoroughbred, vital and indomitable; Promethean, ready to face the Kraken, Medusa, or any dark horde of assassins. “Your vibration.” 'No,' he shook his head, 'can't be.' Though however pragmatically skeptical he vied in the direction of logic, his intuition obsessively bent to the antipode, to the event.
It was all there, like a verbatim data chip in his mind, every moment, every exchange, every encounter he had experienced with Larra passed before his mind like a living picture. Juxtaposing either the deep uncanny complexity of a far-out dream, or an unreal reality beyond anything even his preternaturally sci-fi and fantastical mytho-mind had ever imagined, Don bounced up the stairs to the kitchen. One thing was certain: he felt juiced, invigorated, like an entirely new superhuman. 'Something's going on. It has to be.' he thought. Thundering up the stairs, he stopped, whereupon he caught sight of his reflection in the glass of a hanging picture; Don was astounded: his formerly sunken, drained features were now full and shimmering with life; his eye sockets pressed forth healthy within his skin, its color reinvigorated and the coarse lines faded, now smooth and vibrant; his aura was no longer enervated, but alive and ambitious; even his hairline seemed thicker and more robust; and his brown eyes sparkled with zest and alacrity, no longer spent by the machinations of modern life. The reflection drew a tremendous smile and continued thundering up the stairs.
At the refrigerator, he grabbed a carton of unpasteurized orange juice and chugged straight from the source. Finishing, he replaced the cap and stood there for a moment, scrunching his forehead and rubbing it with his fingers. Something like this would haunt him for ever, might even drive him bat-shit insane. “Why does shit always have to be like this?” he spoke to himself. “Can't a poor bastard just get some tangible hope, some hard evidence of the phenomenal.”
It was then that he turned and saw it. Radiating vacillating neon colors, the gargantuan flower turned towards him and unfurled one of its prodigious fern-like limbs, gently rubbing his forearm. Don reeled backwards to the floor in a crash that echoed into the basement. Repelled by his fear, the plant recoiled. Wide-mouthed, Don ogled it in disbelief and simultaneous amazement. Here was one of the Maya plants 'in my goddamn kitchen!' Slowly and carefully he rose, cautious not to upset the plant any further, and approached it. Seeming to sense his feelings, it turned and extended a number of arms, once again softly engaging his forearm; and as tears welled and fell like the end of a horrible drought, Don reached out and returned the touch, lovingly stroking the plants downy limbs. Its blossoming head was the size of a large TV, and it slipped through a multi-colored pantheon in each passing moment. It sat in its own space-tech terrarium, looking quite self-sufficient.
“Nnnnnnnnnooooooooooooooooooblllllllllllllllllllllllllllllle!” it fluttered the most exquisite vibrating call, turning its flower to his face and flaring its petals. A tear fell onto one of the petals and the entire plant turned a crystalline turquoise with lambent specs of sun. “Thank you, Creator......Thank you, Larra,” whispered Don as he joyously wept upon the plant. And when the last tear fell and Don smiled bravely, the otherworldly Maya plant and its container softly dematerialized, like the miniature stars of fireworks falling to the ground.
Later that morning he made a phone call to his old surf-crazed cube-mate. “Ken, it's me.” “Brother, why didn't you call me back last night? What the fuck! I was worried. That's such bullshit that they fired you,” Ken rattled off spasmodically, like some meth-head on the boardwalk after a solid fix and a cup of Joe. “Sorry, I just got your messages; I was a bit preoccupied for awhile. Thanks for caring, Ken. I don't take a friend like you for granted.....especially in L.A. No worries about the job. I know it sounds pretty nuts - considering this economy – but I'm actually really happy about all this. It's the push I needed to really do something I care about.....something I feel good about.” “Dude, are you on acid right now? Is this Don Noble?” Ken joshed. Don chuckled. “I fuck'n hated that place. I was slowly decaying in there.....gradually watching my meaningless life pass away before me in obscurity and menial repetitiousness.” “While at the same time getting shit on constantly,” resounded Ken comically. “That too,” rallied Don with a smirk. “So anyways, I wanna go surfing, brother. Would you teach me?”
Ken hiccuped astonishment, and then swallowed, regaining composure. “Whaaaaaaaaaaat! Really, Donnie? I've been try'n to get you out there for 5 years! Why now? What happened last night? Tell me the truth.” A moment of silence hung impatiently on the cell waves. “I had an intense dream.......and I realized that I've been spending way too much of my thought-life looking at the glass as half full in this neck of populated SoCal.......when there are so many incredible energies all around me. Surfing definitely seems to be one of them. I wanna be as stoked as you about life, brother. I've seen surfing give you that.” “That it does my young kook apprentice. You're on! I will teach you, young padawan.” Don laughed, admiring the space the plant had occupied. “Thanks Ken. Can you meet me over here after work tomorrow, to help me pick out a board?” “I'll be there at five, howley.” Don Noble smiled as the epiphany bore into his soul: The possibilities in life were endless, as long as you kept yourself open to anything..........anything good for the betterment of all.

Big horn sheep (Alpha male) in Anza Borrego State Park.

This next piece was inspired by - what may be considered - some very unconventional research and modes of deduction.


She stood along the ornate stone railing of the veranda in the cool Northeast autumn night, looking down upon the lights and activity below. Finally, this proferred the opportunity he had been awaiting: her being quiet and alone from the rabble that buzzed incessantly in the warm confines of the party. Not overtly audacious, he positioned himself in a chair off to the distance of her peripheral, a seat whereby he would make himself known to her while at the same time seeming innocent of intentions. Here the wives of two Republican Senators came out onto the veranda and assumed the seats one table over from him, which made the scenario all the more benignly innocent.
The two wives, both in conservative blouses, one black, one peach, shot coquettish glances betraying tones of lust in his direction. It was amusing, the ways in which they played in this regard: one would point out some type of aesthetic lineament or other in the architecture of his direction, whereupon both would turn and feign to admire it; yet it was he to whom their eyes paid homage, this altogether perfect male form. He was not too short and not too tall, and by no means of average dimensions: his body, though covered by his suit, still bulged in the Atlas-like contours of his muscular frame; his hair was space black, his complexion dark and mysterious, and his face that of a god or some type of perfected bloodline, fine and chiseled yet bold and masculine. He wasn't pretty like a boy-model, but gorgeous like a Titan; and the extreme bulge below the waste spoke entirely for itself. Often he would amuse himself in these cases by offering a slight smile at the time of their eyes' betrayal, wherein the admirers would nervously turn away, the smile un-returned, hotly fettered and embarrassed by their indiscretion.
As the evening was beginning to tarry into the later hours, and time was of the essence, he decided to will his thought in her direction, to pull her attention toward him, for she had not yet looked his way. This was his most primary tool, that stressed as the greatest weapon, the only true weapon, during his lifelong apprenticeship in the brotherhood. And so, with all of his concentrated energy, he projected the will and intentions of his thought of wanting her to look upon him, at her. A few moments passed, and she remained still, gazing outward at the bustle of D.C. Stoically and concertedly he held fast though, his full energy fixed upon her looking his way. 'The laws work;' he reminded himself, 'you just need to hold true in the faith of allowance and the knowing that your intentions for the betterment of all concerned are pure and true.' She began to nervously tap the index and middle finger of her left hand – this held promise. Then gradually and unremarkably, she moved her gaze over to the left spectrum of the railing on the veranda. The aspirant to master, he stayed to his focus; which was acutely difficult under socializing conditions, particularly ones so scrutinized as this. 'Look to me lovely. I want to make you feel beautiful....wonderful.'
Asudden a siren blared behind him and she craned her neck. She was turning back to her place of repose when for a split moment she stalled, and devoured him with her eyes; then, as if embarrassed by this libidinous indulgence, she doubly quickened her attention to its former place, breathing heavier in her swoon and fretting with her hair. A decent amount of time passed, while she fidgeted with her hair and dress and did not look back again; yet he remained patient, the select that he was, and sent once more that alluring thought form. She fidgeted and fidgeted, but resistance was futile. Another moment passed, and then her eyes began to cover the railing to her left, tracing the ivory-colored marble floor of the veranda, until they came upon his table, and floated over to his sublime figure. This time, hypnotized by desire, one that warmed the whole of her physicality, her primal core, she paused on his countenance, and he smiled. Embarrassed, she immediately turned away, returning to the party via the door furthest from him. He smiled in confidence and took a sip of his green tea.
Like an interminable infomercial, the conservative gala lingered on, and he sat comfortably reclined on a red velvet couch of swallowing cushions, alone, sipping his tea and observing what the finest of Washington's elite political socialites referred to as 'fun': a soft jazz band ensconced in mediocrity that was beginning to put themselves to sleep while a barrage of stiffly overdressed white people (and two token black folks) danced all too whitely; 'enough to even offend Hoover...the whitest of cross-dressers', he smirked to himself. Had there been any other way, he would have left an hour ago. From this strategic vantage point, he was positioned directly across from her at one of the round dining tables of luminous satin cloth. She was gabbing voraciously with a bald, portly, cherub-of-a-man with a bulbous purple nose screaming the stage of advanced serosis and liver-spotted skin and pockmarked cheeks who looked like he was sixty, but was probably forty. Eventually, she caught his undeniable stare. She flitted and fettered and tried to remain focused on the conversation at hand; but it was impossible: just when she felt she was listening – at least semi-lucidly – her eyes would dart back over to him, all cognizance and composure lost. Reluctantly acquiescing, she finally excused herself from the cherub and teetered his way, mesmerized yet timorous, as if walking into the spotlight for a virgin performance.
He smiled warmly, standing up and presenting his hand, “Thomas Forthright. It is a pleasure to finally meet you in person.” Her handshake was vice-like, as if over-compensating in a male saturated arena. “I'm Sarah. Very nice to meet you. Who are you here with?” “I'm here representing Metatronics. We're a nano-tech company with a new line of innovations we want to bring to the fore.” “I see. Interesting.” She tried to remain calmly composed, but her mind was already ripping the garments from his boldness, her hand cupping and rubbing that bulge. “Come, have a seat,” invited Thomas, patting the cushion beside him with an alluring, finishing rub. “Why thank you,” she said, while deliberately taking the seat on the opposite couch. She was a pious fighter, a moralist, at least on the external, the public surface – but that's how he liked them.
It was after midnight now and the band had quit playing; Sarah still sat guarded, her legs crossed and hands folded neatly in her lap, back rigidly upright, having held this Catholic posture for the entire hour in which they'd been acquainting one another. She had experienced at least ten positions and ten lip-biting orgasms during their acquaintanceship; the primal archetypes had been unrelenting: the man exuded masculinity, machismo, rationality-devouring pheromones, pure titillating sexual exuberance. “Ah oh, my my, wou-would you loo-look at the time,” she stuttered, flipping to her watch. “I must be going. My husband's arriving tomorrow morning.” “Certainly, I understand,” agreed Thomas, rising to accept her hand. “It was a great honor speaking with you. I hope to see you at some future functions.” “I'm sure we will,” she smiled. “Good luck with the technology; it sounds like a winner.” On this last word he leaned forward to give her an affectionate peck goodbye. Sarah jerked back defensively, then stood there wearing embarrassment, her hands tremulously shaking.
“No, we muss'ent; the media is always watching, you know.” “But it was entirely innocent,” came Thomas, “I assure you.” “Yes, but they can make anything look the way they want it to.” “You're right,” he agreed. “Well, it gave me inexplicable pleasure speaking with you, Sarah.” She wanted to cling to his broad shoulders and clasp onto his thick neck, and pull herself around him. “Here is my card,” he continued, extending a neat white, semi-transparent card-stock with fine gold lettering, “if ever you're in San Francisco and would like to have lunch.” “Oh ah, thank you very much, Thomas; that would be very nice.” Then she noticed some writing on the back and flipped it: here was the hotel and room number he was staying in. He gave her a slight smirk, the sexy kind one was apt to see in a GQ cologne ad. She smiled fretfully, as if she was the mother of a toddler who spontaneously decided to get naked at an elite suburban birthday party. “Thi-this is very flatter-ing, Mr. Forthright; but I'm a married woman....a god-fearing, married woman.” “Why should anyone fear god, a consciousness here to help us evolve?” This most certainly annoyed her. “It's too late for religious debates, Mr. Forthright. Goodnight.” “Goodnight, beautiful lady,” he kindly replied with all the charm of a Tolstoyian Prince. And quickly she sped away, free, before the grip of his pheromones and handsomeness took permanent hold and she pulled him into a bathroom and released primeval, dirty lust all over his strapping loins.
While she bounced away, red and flustered, a benignly mysterious grin crept along his lips alone as he sat and finished the green tea he had requested some moments ago, his eyes wandering to the luminous celestial scintillations peeping in through the elaborate windows overlooking the veranda. A thought then was placed in his mind: 'Make contact.' Briskly, he made his way to the front of the building and haled a cab. The cabby was Ukrainian, smelling of mouldered cigars and damp clothes, and was overly loquacious for a driver in this city, particularly at this time of night. His unkempt whiskers looked like black and gray sandpaper and matched the gruffness of his voice.
Back in his room, a dark, strange, blue and red velvet type of suite, Thomas opened a stainless steel briefcase sitting upon a bureau. From it he pulled out a gold device of some extremely advanced technology. It was about the size of a CD case and appeared to be no more than solid gold. Laying it on the bureau, he touched the center with his index finger and immediately a neon-blue holographic construct of a pyramid came to life, the size of a basketball. An effulgent light gleamed crystalline from the apex of the pyramid, outpouring sun-colored beams that formed a defined holograph of Anubis, the jackal-headed god of Egyptian mythology. Thomas Forthright bowed reverently.
“Rise my son,” redounded the lordly voice of Anubis. “You have done well.” The holograph spoke and moved as fluidly as if it was of solid, living flesh, perfect. “I am beginning to question it, my lord. I think I may have failed.” “You only fail if you think along those lines of limitation. She will come. The Father has willed it......It lies within the divine plan. There is one more secret you need to extract. Try to reveal the locations in the United States of their next planned attack. She may know this, but it is too beclouded for me to penetrate deeply into the third dimension of earth currently: the Annunaki have increased the density of their net. As they are desperate now, with the ever-increasing time acceleration of earth's approach into the Photon Band, they are using increased inimical means to try and block the Father's higher vibrational ether and the sight of the Elohim.” “Yes, my lord, I have learned what you have known: that they are even exploding atomic weaponry in earth's outer magnetic fields, to try and prevent the imbuing flow of the Band. They are also trying to depopulate major human centers by dropping noxious chem-trails from military and converted civilian aircraft at high altitudes. The Annunaki fret over a global population that has grown passed their controls.” “Yes, we have been aware of this since the beginning; but karmic law prevents us from being able to intervene too directly. So be it. Nothing they can do will stop the coming age of light and humanities' great evolutionary leap into the galactic family of love and oneness that awaits them. Materialism will fall; enlightenment is inevitable. It is all part of the perfect cosmic wheel of the Creator. Light be with you, my son. She is there.”
The holographs instantly disappeared as a timorous tap barely diffused the thick ply of the fancy old door: the hotel he was occupying was from the early 1900's, old, yet heavy and sturdy, built of enduring stock. Like a master, he composed himself, opening the door with replete composure and an unassuming visage of surprise. For there she was.....Sarah Palin, the one he had been sent to extract. Hurriedly she stepped forth into the room, quite before he could proffer even the slightest beginning of a proper greeting, obsessive – yet tactfully cautious, he understood – about being seen.
The moment he shut the door behind her, she leapt onto his chest and wrapped around his broadness like a frenzied simian, sucking on his lips lasciviously and pulling the lower one down until a seething, snapping release. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once, mapping out his upper body. Eagerly, he returned the enthusiasm and, while she maintained the kiss, she began to disrobe. It was then that he brought his powerful right hand above her head and tapped it with the index and middle finger. Instantly she fell back, unconscious, and he cradled her in his arms; Sarah still wore the blissful expression of ravenous ecstasy upon her visage. And with the utmost care Thomas softly laid her on the bed. Standing above her, he lowered the palm of his right hand over the center of her forehead. Her body began to twitch and convulse spasmodically; yet the episode only lasted for a short while. He then pulled up a nearby chair, the arms of ornately carved cherry wood, sat down, and leaned in close to her face with a grave countenance of severity.
“Sarah, how old were you when they took you away?” “I was three,” she said, unhesitating. “And where did they take you?” “To the forest with the big trees and the big castle,” she responded in a childlike voice. “What did they do with you there, Sarah?” “They gave me a lot of love. All my daddies loved me very much, every day.......and they taught me magic, how to speak with spirits, and much about the planets and universe.” “When you say love, do you mean physical love?” “Yes.” “Did you have any mommies at this castle?” “Why of course we did! There were many more mommies than daddies.” “Did the daddies love them too?” “Yes, of course they did.” “What were some of the important things they taught you about the universe, Sarah?” Her voice transformed back to its normal tone. “We learned a plethora about the spirit of the cosmos: such like hierarchies of higher intelligence, the myriad forms of consciousness evolution, lying behind, the universe, creation. And behind it all there lies a supreme consciousness in our sphere of the cosmos. It emanates from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. They taught us the experimental ways of going against this creator's cosmic laws, for long ago they rebelled against their spiritual charge.”
“Tell me more of your rearing in this place, Sarah,” whispered Thomas softly into her ear. “We were there to serve the men, those of the royal bloodline of Anu. We underwent many different rites and initiations into the secret order; some of us were prepared to take on positions of rule, for a beautiful woman wields immense power. We learned of the home planet of our father's, the Annunaki – Nibiru it is called. It is the outermost planet of our solar system, with a thirty-six-hundred-year revolution around the sun, measured in our linear three-dimensional mode of time-space. They taught us thoroughly about the rulers of Nibiru who sat on the Pantheon of Twelve. Our king, Anu, sits on the throne. It is their direct, half-breed lineage, demigods, that have ruled here on earth since the days of ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia, the Fertile Crescent, the Edin; they are those whom we please, the royal bloodline of earth's global leaders. They are the ones behind the curtain of all that is this material age, the true secret of the western secret brotherhoods. They sway worker humanity according to the bidding of our Father's on Nibiru.”
“Sarah, I know much of their plans to depopulate and continue the tenet of divide and conquer on humanity......Do you know where their next series of staged terrorist attacks will be?” “Specific information as such is not given to those outside the direct Annunaki bloodline, those descended from the fallen Nefilim. This much I do know: The attacks will come soon – they have to lower collective human vibration to their desired control level before earth is entirely immersed in the Photon Band. If they succeed, five-sevenths of the earth's population will die, and humanity will devolve, rather than evolve, in the grand opportunity of the Band.” “Knowing what you do about the Annunaki, what would you guess would be their methods of disguised terrorism?” he inquired, slowly and deliberately, his aspect an effigy of stone. “It is merely speculation,” she said, “but I believe they will launch a coordinated attack on two or more American cities – the methodology a nuclear device contained in something the size of a briefcase.”
Thomas Forthright sat in complex silence for a spell; their worst fears it seemed, were a reality. The Annunaki were desperate, he thought; they had decided to do the unthinkable; and if they were successful, and millions died, with so many Americans glued to the TV terror propaganda, they'd be lined up by the droves to get implanted with the RFID chips already on the open agenda, big brother's ultimate eye. Simple tracking chips were already being administered to unwitting humans through vaccines. “Sarah, I know the Annunaki are behind most global organizations, including the World Health Organization. I know the WHO introduced Swine Flu upon the world so as to depopulate through poisonous vaccines.” He paused for a moment. “Do you know specifically what these poisons are targeting on the human body?” “I do,” her inflection was monotone and far away. “Would you tell me what they are?” “They are focused on deadening the brain, so as to better manage collective thought, lowering the immune system to further depopulation, and create sterility.” Thomas took a moment to ruminate on this disturbing intelligence, even though his long-suffering critical analyses and intuition had confirmed this some time passed. He then leaned forward, his full, crimson lips almost touching the supple skin of Sarah's cheek. “Oh how I I do pity you, my dear....for what they have put you through. For the life that was taken from you. The Hierarchies of Light will take all into consideration in these last days; they know the story of each and every life vessel on this dense matter plane of existence. You shall be judged accordingly, as many choices were forfeited you in this incarnation.”
“Take heart, Sarah. There is a good, light soul still within you. Now you will return to your hotel room and go peacefully to sleep, with no recollection of ever coming here. You will think that you resisted the temptation, and find solace in your stoic control. Take care. This spiritual war will be put to an end soon, and humans will evolve. Nothing, no fallen angelic order of even the highest of advanced intelligences can impede the will of the Creator; and the Creator has willed that humans shall awake from the materialistic lie and evolve in consciousness into higher light bodies. Carry this knowledge in your subconscious, Sarah: it will help you to manumit yourself from their binds of fear. Goodbye darling.” And Thomas leaned closer, pressing his lips gently on top of hers. Only for a brief space did he hold this sultry affection, yet, even in her altered state, Sarah Palin, at least as concerns her physical self, responded voraciously, pulling her trembling body towards his. Thomas soft and furtively pulled back, smiling sadly on her as she rose and walked to the door.
As she opened the door, he said, with her back turned, “Stay close to your heart, Sarah. Follow it. Do good where you can amongst their treachery. Hold true to your soul,...this is the Atma, the Creator inside of you. Do not despair. Good lies within you.........You are not forgotten.” And the door shut resolutely, but with a ring of reached hope, a magnanimous redounding that vibrated the walls and told Thomas that he had done good this night, he had served his fellow human.

Glittering day at Convict Lake in the Sierra Mountains.

This next story was inspired by cosmic spiritual movements, Gaia, and her chakras and ley lines of diamagnetic energy......pure light harmonic.

Order in the Earth

It was nearing midday and they had not yet reached the summit, a reality that stood uneasy on the forefront of Ron Jurgis' mind, the crinkle and hard swallow at the back of his throat. Storms were too much of a probability at high altitude after noonday. The unforeseen multitude of inexperienced climbers above them is what had put a kink in their chain. Mount Shasta was no mole hill: at 14,179 feet, it claimed honors as the second highest peak in the Cascade Range, and the largest stratovolcano by volume in the Cascade Volcanic Arc. Glaciated year round, it required ice axes and technical skill. His climbing partner, and one of his best friends, Peppa Fondtrain, straight from the wave-rich Mecca of Margaret River, Australia, was hunkered down fastidiously right above him. She was short, of a stolid build, yet still voluptuously curved, all woman; her hair was sandy blond and wavy, like the heterogeneous swirl of marble. Peppa was a true charger, fearless: she'd attempt any mountain or back-country, and paddle out into an abysmal ocean on the most treacherous of days. She was a man's man, yet all woman.

“Hoh! Look out!” she shouted down to Ron. He glanced up just in time, as a sizable Nalgene water bottle hurled toward him at the speed of light. They were wearing helmets, but an object like this, careering at such extreme speed, could still spell death, or a mortal plummet. Swiftly, instinctively, Ron drove in deep with his ax; the bottle was on a bee-line trajectory for his exposed upper body. It was nearly there, and Peppa cringed in expectation of what she knew was inevitable. All that transpired next could only be measured in nanoseconds: Ron jerked to the left and flattened himself as close as possible to the ice. He forced his face directly against it and its cold indifference repelled his skin. The sound of the tumbling bottle was a death knell. All was caught in a space-time continuum of slow motion now, and it was in this inter-dimensional floating space of no-time that Ron made peace with his cosmic creator, giving himself wholly over to the destiny that would be. Chhok!

The bottle bounced off the back of his helmet, smashing his face violently into the ice in a horrid cracking sound of bone and cartilage. But he held fast. Today was not his day to go. “Ron! Ron! Are you alright?!” shouted Peppa frenetically. Shaking off the cobwebs, gradually he raised his head. Blood streamed from his nose like Yosemite Falls during the spring runoff. “Yee-at....I'm alive,” he smiled, discombobulated. He took off his helmet to examine it, and was flabbergasted to discover that the harmless water bottle had split a large crack the length of the back. “Ohhh thank god,” sighed Peppa; then she averted her gaze menacingly to the minuscule dots positioned high above them. “Son-of-a-bitch'n greenhorns!” she redounded. “I swear, these mountains should have a no strip-mall-shopping, suburbanite idiots sign at the trail-head!” Blood running down his face, Ron softly smiled as he produced a handkerchief. “Well, shit happens.....” he said, “happens to all of us.” “Some day I'm gonna turn you angry, Ron – make ya into a man, like me.” Here they both smiled.

Content and quiet, they sat by a crackling orange glow in the aging twilight, a shroud of Douglas and red fir boughs serving as the canopy of their abode. Despite the days trials on a crowded mountain, they had still made the summit before threat of storm and unforgiving electricity. The young night was cool and crisp and Peppa revealed a flask from the inside of her puffy down jacket, which was evergreen like the trees above. She took a big pull: it was Booker's, her favorite – this particular bottle had been 130 proof (ole Jimmy Beam usually fluctuated them between 128 and 132). Gradually, deliberately, she swallowed the libation, savoring the every finery of the nectar's molasses smoky oak. A rampaging alcoholic, Ron had to give up drinking, cold turkey, three years ago, so she tried to keep discreet as regarded her replete titillation in this indulgence; still she caught him furtively eying her. “I feel sorry for the people who don't drink,” she said, “because when they wake up in the morning.....that's as good as they're gonna feel all day.” “Thanks Sinatra,” he chuckled; though he couldn't stomach the company of boisterous drunks these days, Ron was still fine with a little joshing pertaining to his Achilles heel. Peppa grinned.

“So did yee life pass before your eyes today, ole boy?” she put bluntly to him. Ron paused, staring off into the growing dark of the corrugated conifers, myriad shadows occupying his yet stunned mind. “It did......I must confess: it most certainly did. There is no description of human language that could really elucidate what that experience is like, I think.” He paused, rubbing his chin contemplatively. “It was as if the entire creation flashed before my still clinging soul. In that flash, I wanted to live more than anything. And this was the plea that cried from my soul to the please let me finish the work I have on this earthly plane. Though I must admit, I'm still not quite sure exactly what that is.” “You're a strange piece of work, Ronnie,” Peppa chortled, masticating the remnants of some nutty bar. “I'm uber glad you're still with us among the living.....cause you make me feel more normal.” Ron smirked, shaking his head.

Their camp nestled at the base of the mountain, where the promontory lineaments of tall vertical extensions first shouted their presence. As was their custom, they had scouted their camp wisely: surrounded by the big trees, it sat on the edge of a chartreuse alpine meadow with still plenty of open sky above – myriad stars twinkled, and the Milky Way hung like illimitable falling snowflakes. Like they so often did on such adventures in camp, the two sat perfectly still and quiet for an elongated spell, bathing in the splendor that was northern California. It was on the hanging fringe of his peripheral that Ron caught a glimpse of the luminous form in the black of the wood. Instantly, he locked his attention in that direction, but it had disappeared.

“What is it?” inquired Peppa anxiously, having noticed him jerk. “I'm not sure......Something I've never seen before; that's for sure. Some trippy light, but in the shape of.......Hell! I've never seen anything like it.” “Maybe it'll pop up again,” she rejoined, following the direction of his ogle. For a few moments, which seemed like an interminable span of time and silence, they sat frozen, peering into the dark. Finally, Ron broke the silence, “Shit. Thought we mighta had a real-life paranormal experience on our hands. Whatever that light was, it was big, and..........” His words trailed off into muteness for Peppa, and her jaw dropped agape and eyes peeled frighteningly back; for the darkness opened up behind him, and from it stepped forth a monstrous being of intense fiery light of solar hues. It was at least twelve feet tall and it's body hummed like electricity. It lit up the entire meadow and canopy, all was encompassed in it's etheric glow. Stiffly mortified by Peppa's reaction and daunted by the tremendous glow, Ron hesitantly turned his head to look over his shoulder. He only caught sight of what seemed to be an arm the size of a motorcycle moving toward him.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Ron leaped forward and rolled into the meadow. Joined by Peppa, they both sped as fast as their fatigued climbing legs would take them for the far side of the meadow. Then all changed to a more somber, amber glow, and a guttural deep voice called forth: “Fear not, my children. I mean you no harm. You have my word. Please, speak with me, will you? I have much to show you.” Something intuitively struck them both, and they halted, turning fretfully to face their fate. The creature that towered over them was almost of a rock-like aspect in shape, though made of dense fire; it was broad and almost thick as it was tall, but had the kind face of a lemur-like sylvan dryad. Unlike its body and main appendages, the fingers were long and nimble and looked capable of dexterous endeavors. The two stood silently motionless as the creature came closer. Moths and other winged insects fluttered about its luminescence, and each step it made upon the earth left a crackling afterglow and pulsating vibrancy.

Looming above them, just several yards away now, the creature said, “My name is Velosh in your tongue. Please, do not be frightened,” it continued on their wild-eyed visages, “I am incapable of hurting any form of creative life.” The creature smiled and sat in the grass, so as to appear less intimidating. “You have chosen to visit Gaia's first chakra at a most propitious time. The dome has been reactivating and will awaken this night.” “Whh-who are y-you?” stuttered Ron. “I am one of the leftover remnants from aeons passed, one of the Ophanim Light Workers who volunteered to stay behind in hopes that humanity would one day be ready. For-” Ron was still incredulous, entirely stupefied, as to the reality of the situation at hand; and so, in this maniacal state, he interrupted Velosh's attempt at clarifying: “Who are the Ophanim Light Workers? What are you?!” Velosh murmured a light sigh, “My deepest apologies: in my hasty excitement regarding this magnanimous event, I carelessly overlooked the reality that neither of you has ever experienced a cosmic spiritual being first-hand in this lifetime.” His hue changed to a jade-blue of an emerald aura with tremendous eye sockets where poured forth a calm, scintillating light of sunset. “The Ophanim are one of the higher orders of intergalactic intelligence working with the Council of Light in this three-dimensional sphere of biochemical creation. Your Gnostics refer to us as the Archangeloi; many of you think of us as angels. Advanced evolved intelligences, many of the extra-terrestrials that you see, are in fact different orders, or creational manifestations, of what you have categorized as the angelic hierarchies. Most are benevolent, those thinking and living according to the Cosmic Laws of the Creator consciousness. But there are still the fallen ones: beings that have gone against the creative thought for there own egoistic purposes. They have veered very far into the negative pole of the life spectrum, creating an imbalance in harmony.......Various orders of these have been playing in your world for a very long time, manipulating and enslaving humanity from behind the curtain.”

Ron and Peppa were still disbelievingly flabbergasted, the latter's tongue half hanging out; but both carried an openness to the supernatural, and so followed the rabbit hole deeper. “Ready for what?” pressed Peppa, backtracking to the beginning. “Ready to make the evolutionary leap into the higher cosmic plan of vibrational ether, the Photon Band that extends from the black hole center of the Milky Way Galaxy, the spirit center of your universe. You have felt the quickening, especially those of you sensitive to the subtler energies. Time acceleration is upon us, that of which the Maya offered their star-seed prophecy of the Pleiades. Consciousness is rising.....bodily vibration is rising. All will feel it more and more as earth is immersed in the band. And all is cosmically, spiritually interconnected: this is why the dome centers over the earth's seven chakras are also reactivating at this time – as above, so below. So much has been deceitfully hidden from you by the fallen orders......for purposes of control. Please, if you will come with me, so much more can I teach you through the Akashic Light Record, the pictographic holograms....the seeds lying dormant in your minds.” The adventurers exchanged a foreboding glance. Then, “I'm gonna follow my intuition:” announced Peppa, “I have to go.” Ron delayed, intermittently peering at Velosh out of the far corner of his eye. “Shit! I feel the same,” he conceded bluntly, at a loss for more meaningful words. And Velosh grinned paternally.

The night had grown cold around them, the air revealing breath; but when they were even relatively near Velosh, all was warm and comfortable, the evening chill thwarted. He had taken them to one of the vertical rock appendages at the base of the mountain, and here they stood behind him looking upon the sheer face of uncompromising granite. Velosh merely stood there silent for quite some time, until Ron ventured a discomfited expression at Peppa. “Be patient,” she silently mouthed more than spoke. Then Velosh's buzzing magnetic vibration increased immensely, as did his fiery aspect. Flames now jumped right from his body and he spoke an ancient tongue, “Larooona follaquintepe exsorcelliae mallocondorme opremsa!” the deep redounding echoing off the rock walls and conscious forest (which it was indeed, for Ron startled when he saw the surrounding trees draw nigh to their huddled space). The Ophanim's eyes were a bright white as brilliant as the noonday sun. A few moments of silence passed, then the ground rolled in a tumult and the rock hummed, the arms of the trees danced and shook. Peppa Fondtrain grinned in elation, and a light ray delineated the contour of a massive door on the granite face.

Grandiosely it buzzed and rumbled, then efficaciously opened in upon itself. Velosh's eyes resumed their sunset demeanor as he turned to them and said, “Please follow me.” Shaking with excitement, Peppa eagerly stepped to his heels; but Ron remained bolted. Who could blame him, she thought: this was all so far beyond comprehension, and entering beneath the earth can be disconcerting under any circumstances, much less one so weirdly enigmatic as this – and Velosh was far from the lilliputian sort. “Look to your heart, Ron Jurgis.....and you will see that I mean you no harm,” assured the giant as he laid forth his open palm in the direction of the abysmal cavern, and suddenly a string of descending torches wholly lit the unknown. The man stood in indecision for a spell, juxtaposing his familiar rational mind with his heart, his intuition. “If he brings us to hell, I'll never forgive you,” he gibed Peppa. Sometimes humor is trepidation's only true salvation.

Velosh laughed lordly and they entered Mount Shasta. Ron looked back tensely when the megalithic doors scraped shut. Their host turned to them with a humble grin, “Please stay close and do not wander. Dark entities lie in the nether-spaces here as well, as do mischievous elementals.” “We will,” replied Peppa. And so down and down they went, so intensely so that at any moment Ron almost expected to arrive at a molten core, whereupon he would burst into flames. The temperature did rise slightly to a more comfortable level, and the two loosened their waterproof shells and unzipped the underarm breathing compartments. They passed a bend and were met with a multitude of dazzling flashes, for here the walls were bedecked with glowing crystals of a complex assortment. At the sight, “Wohhhhhhhhhh!” escaped involuntarily from Peppa. “Yes. Are they not wonderful. These are the Qoeronna, the energy crystals of Gaia's Muladhara, her root chakra. They transmit the etheric energy flow from her golden crystal core to the celestial pyramids of higher creation.” And as they passed by, mesmerized by the spectacle, revolving in awkward ongoing circles in order not to miss a wonder as they went, the two humans felt their vibration quicken, the ecstasy begin to take hold; in fact, they both began to feel so physically elated, that the remedial task of placing one foot before the other became difficult as requiring attention to stay within the reality of their physical bodies. Velosh felt their harmonic rising, “You will feel the crystals quicken your energies. Just flow with it.......They are healing your bodies, bringing you into harmony with the creative thought-forms of the cosmos.”

'Who is Gaia?' thought Ron. “She is your earth mother, the living consciousness entity of this planet of creational thought experiment,” replied the Seraphim. “She is the female expression of polar energies, the mother-host of creative thought manifestation into physicality.” Ron felt too good to even be surprised at their guide reading his thought. “I see,” he responded in an uncomprehending manner; for the deep complexity of it all was yet too far for his somewhat materially Westernized mind to fully grasp. Velosh, omnipotently sensing all, offered, “More will come to the fore as we progress.” Ron nodded, eyes half open, floating in bliss.

Rounding another luminous corner, they entered onto a grand balcony of stone that looked down upon a tremendous congregation of Velosh's kin all turned up to them. “Welcome, children of the earth. We have been expecting you,” they all chimed in unison. Ron and Peppa, astounded, laughed joyously in dreamy disbelief; the prolific number of these higher beings humming now all around them, raised the magnetosphere higher yet, pushing their bodily excitations to still further limits. Like their caretaker, these too possessed hulking forms of light encompassed in a masculine mantle. There was one Seraphim at the head of this fray who was astoundingly larger than all the rest, and poured forth a more intense shining of fiery silhouette. All fell silent, even the humming, and he spoke: “With your coming to us, the prophesy stands true in the light. Your presence here is most auspicious in these times of woe.” Still vexed and overwhelmed, Ron roughly rubbed his eyes and opened them again, expecting it all to have disappeared as he was sure to startle awake from slumber in the reality and sensible safeness of his tent. But all remained phenomenal, as such is the true identity of the universe. “Long ago we put forth the request to send two humans, pure of heart, at this time of enigmatic transition – for even we Seraphim of the upper hierarchies of this time warp zone of unfolding consciousness are yet unknowing of what is to come. Peppa Fondtrain, and Ron Jurgis,.....your race has been manipulated by certain orders of fallen angelics, higher intelligences.....what many label as extra-terrestrials, for quite a long time in your linear counting. Are you aware of this?”

They both looked at one another, flummoxed, like adults who find out they were adopted thirties years later. Finally, “No,” they both chimed simultaneously. “Yes, unfortunately it is true: though most of the high intelligences of this universe are benevolent - they that want to help humanity spiritually evolve - thinking and living in harmony with the Creator's Cosmic Laws, there yet still exist those who have fallen into decadence and egoism.....moving against the divine will of creation, expansive polar harmony, balance. One of these races are the Annunaki. They come from the planet Nibiru, a ninth planet in your solar system. They are the ones who settled the Fertile Crescent, stepped up post-Atlantean human evolution, and built your civilizations of ancient Sumeria, Mesopotamia, Babylonia, and Akkad. The Annunaki have joined with a number of other fallen races in attempts to keep humanity enslaved; yet behind the scenes, they all endeavor to deceive and get one over on the other, which gives hope to our cause. Domination, greed, and subjugation of lesser intelligent species – all that is bombastic ego – has infected their souls. More you will come to know as the Creator's omniscience unfolds.”

Then there came a great rumbling and shaking of the inner earth. “Ahhhhhh!” screamed Peppa, clasping onto Ron, who she discovered was also trembling terribly; but to both their amazement no rock collapsed, not even the fall of a pebble. “The event is upon us,” declared the mighty Seraphim, whose name was Tuloo. “Will you help your fellow humans.....whatever the cost?” this last word echoing ominously in Ron's reeling mind. Peppa locked on her feet, torn by fear of the uncertain: for, 'What if this helping means that I'll have to toil in misery inside some dark mountain for 2,600 years?' She couldn't help contemplating those possible outcomes leaning more towards the stoically macabre, the tic of her Promethean psyche as having been reared in a staunchly disciplined military family. Her heart palpitated violently, whereby she thought she saw her breastbone actually reverberating; and she tried to keep her head, and listen to it. The mountain shook violently once again, then again right after:

Tuloo looked desperate. “Yes! Yes, I will,” she answered assuredly. Ron's mind however was caught in an altogether different pickle, and he fretted about multitudinous scenarios of odious destiny; some the likes whereby he was swept away by a leviathan, winged vampiric demon that hurdled him down to the stygian abyss, where the horde of deformed terribles commenced to rip him apart, or being shackled into space by one of the fallen angelics, doomed to bleed the rest of his days in a dim mine on some withered and depleted planet. 'Stay positive!....Stay positive!' his mind shouted. 'Evolution is spiritual, it's selfless giving and sacrifice.' The entire mass of Seraphim looked to him with compassionate patience. “I will,” he affirmed.

“You both do your race an ineffably magnanimous service,” soothed Tuloo in the rumble and chaos that had taken firm hold now. “The time is now. To the surface.....and the will of good!” As he finished this last word, they found themselves in the midst of the Seraphim in the center of the alpine meadow where their camp lay. The ground of Gaia's exterior crust shook and trembled as well; and above it all towered two radiating thrones of white crystal, two-hundred feet high or more. Velosh and Tuloo stood before them. “What do you need us to do?” asked Peppa meekly: for the sky was now churning and frothing in dark swirling clouds of Nebulae spectrum, some black, some purple, some an ominous swamp green, all of it enshrouded in a conflagration of electrical tumult. “We ask if you would volunteer for your race and sit upon the Thrones of Faith. Through the thrones your heart chakra will flow into all of us in helping to repel the fallen ones. As the dome above this energy center of earth reactivates, it also opens up myriad portals that the fallen thought-forms can see. Once this happens, they will try to enter and prevent the quickening of human consciousness through this dome. Seated here, your heart-faith, if it is true and genuine, will strengthen us, and you will be shielded as long as we survive.......But if faith and strength waver....., and we fall............., you fall too.” “And what happens then?!” belted Ron, distraught. “We all could be killed or imprisoned by the dark forces,” answered Velosh directly. Rumbling.....silence......lightening.......trembling.

“Ahhh, such is life,” confirmed Peppa, “no gain without a little chance. I'll do it.” “Me too,” rallied Ron. “We are part of something spectacular here, this much I know.” And in the next moment they found themselves sitting imperiously on high over the meadow and the reverberating Seraphim, Velosh hovering before them. “You will start to grow warm and electric,” he said. “Allow this pulse to flow through you, into your heart and out, focusing solely on love and compassion and a new way of life beyond all competition, the harmony of creative consciousness. Have faith in your cosmic creator, the Atma, the soul, the god that is in you, and faith in your fellow humans – this will energize all of us and the surrounding ether. And keep your eyes shut, no matter what you hear, for the terrors of the fallen can still your heart! Keep them shut....until you hear the calls of the dove – if we are victorious. This is the only instruction I am permitted to give. Above all, have faith.” And he smiled paternally, then turned and spread his enormous arms wide, palms open to the heavens. At this gesture the rest of the Seraphim ascended to his side, Tuloo at the fore.

And the mouth of heaven tossed and churned and the Seraphim conjoined in a cry: “Adonai Tsebeyoth! Adonai Tsebeyoth! Adonai Tsebeyoth..............!”; and so it was that the dome concretely revealed itself, grand and turquoise electric-blue, perfectly spherical over the mountain and its land. Ron and Peppa here felt themselves fused into the thrones, jolted into their emanating light radiation as if succumbing to high G-forces of propulsion; yet the energy felt benevolent and kind. As the Seraphim continued to call into space, inter-dimensional portals began to open up in circles of increasing crimson spirals scattered about the dome, and a terrible, odious sound went forth therein, a demonic tongue wielding the noise of thunder and careering avalanches. Horrifically these morphed into guttural enraged screams, and the fallen ones poured forth.

They streaked the air in grim ships of a cigar-shaped form. These vehicles were lined in many acute undulations of dark and foreign metal, and technical finery made of gold and silver for electro-magnetic conduction in the riding of light harmonic. On the nose, and all along the sides, projected weapons of inimical make, and immediately they shot forth seething lasers of hellfire red upon the Seraphim.

“Shaylooth!” cried Tuloo, as the host synchronously raised their arms in a cross. It was at the moment of impact then that a transparent shield of aqua-green encompassed them and absorbed the assault. The assailants pulled violently up to avoid collision with the breathing, wavy enigma, and as they did so the Seraphim wasted no time. Again, as if performing a choreographed dance of exactitude, they simultaneously rearranged their position to form a circle in front of their face with their hands; and as a multitude of the fallen sped toward them on a return attack run, the Seraphim called “Shivaaaaaaaaa!” through the circle of their hands. And from this hummed forth the most amazing spectacle: an increasing rounded wave, brighter than the noonday sun. Each defensive wave struck its intended target.....and what happened then was most strange indeed. The afflicted ships of the fallen ones did not explode or burst into flames, but were held captive, engulfed in a magnetic field of sorts. Frenetically they smashed and ricocheted off the forcefield, yet to no avail – they were trapped. There were the others, though, still lurking in the bleak clouds overhead; and these clouds had begun to spin ferociously, rocketing into space in a spiraling vortex of electrical maelstrom. As the Seraphim searched the skies they plummeted earthward, eructing a hail of red malice in their wake. Most of the earthly angelics were able to reset their shields in time, but there were a few beams that beat their mark, and with a great flash of blood-fire sent the targeted Seraphim reeling into the sky and across the meadow, landing in a smoldering heap.

“Nonglooooooo!” cried Velosh, relinquishing his shield and positioning to attack. “Shivaaaaaaaaa! Shivaaaaaaaaa! Shivaaaaaaaaa!” he emitted, quickly trapping three. He then turn around to see Tuloo being struck in the back by one of the malicious beams, his smoldering shell catapulted into the shadow of the outlying wood. Something broke inside of him, yet emotion was to be controlled by their order. Shielding himself, he called to Peppa and Ron, “Stay resolute and confident, my friends! Send us the powerful will of your hearts!” “I don't want to die, Ron!” screamed Peppa. “Keep to faith!” he called. “Concentrate! Do what he told us!” But Ron was terrified and wavering too. An intense humming drone then approached, and hovering directly in front of them was one of the terrible vessels. “What is that!? Ron! What is that!?” “Don't look, Peppa! Don't look! Keep your eyes shut!” For a brief moment it seemed to be studying them from the black mirror-like glare of its cockpit, and then it shot. The beam, however, was succinctly rebounded back at it, cutting the ship in half, their smoking remains screeching away from the force. Billowing smoke that hung on revealed the cylindrical form of a shield around the two humans.

“Shivaaaaaaaa! Shivaaaaaaaa!” went up the enravelling calls of the Seraphim; and the battle raged on like this, with casualties and captures mounting. The attacking ships criss-crossed and darted, fired and fled. “Bring it to an end!” redounded Velosh. “Give us all of your soul, all of the goodness of your heart!” But Ron and Peppa had begun to despair: the sounds of the tumult around them had bore into the depths of their darkest fears. “Stay stout! You are one with the Creator!” continued Velosh. Their insides seethed, as if their organs were being cooked. “I can't do it any longer!” cried Ron. “It hurts too much!” “We have to sustain!” returned Peppa. “We have to endure!” “Shivaaaaaaa!” Velosh spun and trapped an assailant as it was driving to his back and preparing to fire. “Go to love!” he assured. “Relinquish all fear and clinging to the limitations of what you know!” So Peppa and Ron dug deeper into their souls than ever they could have imagined, flowing into the pure essences of unity and divine selfless sacrifice. They knew what they must do. 'We give ourselves for our fellow humans,' they both thought these words in unison, as one; and while they came to this decision the Seraphim had ingathered into a tightly filled circle, raising their arms, in pyramidal fashion, high and toward the center. The ground convulsed and the waterways belched, and the ships raced from cover, sending out their death rays. Yet the host held fast and the quickening enshrouded them, a glinting white membrane of light, the quickening of the human soul. Resplendent and glorious, owning pure energy of the stars, the hosts' gathering propelled from its center an awesome tunnel of light into the apex of the dome. There was a lordly crackling of static, then waves of white-sand-blue light emanated downward from the dome, utterly consuming the vehicles of the fallen.


Smoke and ashes flitted along on the gentle night breezes of Mount Shasta. The conflagration was over. But the dome continued to breath and swell and transmute its cumulus forms, passing in swirls of purple to orange to jade to white, and some colors the two humans had never seen. Velosh had told them it was alright to open their eyes, and with another rumbling of Gaia they had. Ron and Peppa were flown back to the ground, each in one of Velosh's bulging arms of flame. Slowly descending, they saw the smote Seraphim returning to the host from the shadowy forest and other places from whence they fell – Tuloo smiled at the head. “Praise the Light!” yawped Velosh as he gently set the humans down. “Yahweh is good, my brother,” returned Tuloo with a smile. Then, turning grave, he looked to the sky and the entrapped fallen. “Are the portals sealed?” he rejoined. “Yes, my lord,” answered one of the host.

“What is to be done, lord Tuloo?” inquired Velosh. Tuloo paused gravely, looking heavily at the ground. All was silent in this moment, even the breeze, and the host, wearing expressions of grand and unsure expectation, looked and waited upon their leader. At last he raised his head, “They are to be recycled to one of the dust cloud worlds.” He raised his right arm, and with open palm, slowly began to make a fist, and, as he did this, the containment bubbles holding the fallen commenced to shrink, the ships along with it. They went berserk, pinging off the walls like a freshly caught fly; but to no avail......nothing would thwart the karmic consequences of defying Cosmic Law as such they had. The magnetic cages shrunk and shrunk until finally they faded like a dying star. “Are they dead?” inquired Peppa, meekly. “No,” answered Tuloo, “we, like the Creator, are incapable of ever harming another life-form. They have been recycled, to begin soul evolution anew on one of the dust-cloud worlds. Yet, it will be a harsh and unforgiving existence for aeons, an extremely tough go you might say, as this is the karmic ramifications they have brought upon themselves through their turpitude, their wrongful thought and action; ramifications necessary for the advancement of their soul evolution back to unity with the Creator and all light manifestations of Creation's divine will. That is what self-realization to the god within you brings.”

Tuloo looked up to the sky. They followed his gaze. Smashing frantically into the transparent walls in barrages of sparks, one vehicle of the fallen remained. “Here is the leader of this horde;” said Tuloo, “we must question him before he is relegated.” “What are they, extra-terrestrials?” followed Ron. Thunder cracked on high and the ground shifted. “They are the fallen angelic order of the Angeloi,” Velosh responded. “What much of humanity has labeled as extra-terrestrials, are in reality spiritual beings of the infinite hierarchies of the Creator. Most are benevolent; but some have been overtaken by their own egoism, and purposefully work against the Cosmic Laws of the Creator, using their advanced technology and knowledge of alchemy to manipulate lesser evolved genetic life and subjugate it on this earthly plane. Most of you humans they genetically stepped up from homo erectus (caveman) in southern Africa and the Fertile Crescent: they came here for gold, silver, and minerals, for they had depleted the life-force of their planet. They needed a primitive worker. Man was the solution. This Sumerian history far predates the Bible – which they have twisted. The story is there on stone tablets in your British Museum. These are the Annunaki, from the planet Nibiru of your solar system........and they have been playing in your world for a long time on your linear scale, using humans like worker bees. Their half-breeds are the royal bloodline of earth's global leaders. Different countries, different political's all them behind the curtain, separating humankind through materialism and competition, terrorism and propaganda, divide and conquer their tenet. They are fourth-dimensional beings, and so also like to come into your world to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh. That is partly how your aberrant giants, the Nefilim, were spawned.” Ron and Peppa could not even summon the slightest of responses: they simply stood there, their mouths slightly ajar in stupor.

Then Tuloo, lifting his right hand, guided the containment ball down before them. The captured vessel desperately flung itself pell-mell in every direction; and upon drawing closer, it was clear that its propulsion system operated by some means of harnessing local diamagnetic energy, for there was nothing the likes of a thrust mechanism to be seen anywhere on the exterior. It was about sixty feet in length and half that in width. As it was gently alighted on the verdant grass of the meadow, Velosh reached out with both hands and its power ceased, the craft fell motionless, and the force-field faded. While Velosh retained this stance, Tuloo made a flipping motion and the caliginous cockpit, almost indistinct from the rest of the ship, flew open with a rampageous might. There, held fast and suppressed by the mysterious power of Velosh, pinned into their seats, were two immensely tall, gargoyle-like reptilian beings. They snarled and contorted their aberrant visages in chagrin, the blackish-green of their minute scales juxtaposed against the omniscient light of the Seraphim; and, holding true to their skin, the eyes were large and snake-like. “Hsssssssssssssssssssss!” they lashed their heads, revealing grossly long, bifurcated tongues.

“No telepathy,” announced Tuloo, “we are going to speak, and use English as the channel, so that all may understand.” He paused for a moment, panning the space of glow that was his host huddled round, then continued, “What are the prerogatives of the Annunaki on earth at this stage of entering the Tree of Life?” The hideous pilots screeched and flailed, and pierced with looks of absolute hate; but powerful as the pounding ocean swath, akin to a consuming avalanche on course, the host roared in unison, and their malign display fell mute. “Answer! Or your fate will be harsher!” yelled Tuloo. Silence. The Annunaki rumpled their faces, obdurate; yet their fate was realized. “To depopulate the humans, and send their collective thought-forms away from unity, into negative entropy, and there keep the remainder of their subspecies bound in materialism and limited spiritual thought-mode,” hissed the being on the right. “May your thoughts and actions bring you back to harmonic vibration in your next round of existence,” said Tuloo. To this the Annunaki gnashed their slavering jagged teeth in a terrible shriek, for they knew what lay next. “Ahriman is incarnating!” screeched the other. “We control earth. The father has failed.” Velosh motioned and the magnetic ball engrossed them once more, their howls entombed like the shoveling over of grave dirt. Expediently it shrunk and they writhed, until all that remained was a minute star, no bigger than a firefly, and – poof!, it was gone.

Turning to Peppa and Ron with an empathetic look, “That was for you. We knew this,” said Tuloo, “but you needed to hear it directly.” The dome shivered and quaked, now turning an incandescent aqua-green the hue of the Aurora Borealis. They all looked up, reverent, humble. “Depopulate us? Why?” came Ron. “Because earth's human population has grown too large for them to systematically control - as they would like - any longer. You have a great opportunity upon you as spiritual beings in the entering of the Creator's Photon Band – as your scientists and mystics call it – an opportunity to think passed all illusions of self, competition, materialism and limitation. You can make the jump into higher evolved bodies of light, and harmonious communal living with other intelligences of your universe and beyond; you can enter into a new golden age, an entirely new paradigm of creative, cooperative existence of life expansion. Or, as a collective thought-form, humanity can allow itself to be driven further into negative chaos: separation, intolerance, and thought-form limitation by these denigrated higher intelligences, and so stay lowly and limited, working - and bound to - their material sphere, the Wheel of Samsara......which is where they want you.”

Peppa stood wide-eyed, smiling and bobbing with alacrity, as if manumitted from some inner chains deep within her subconscious; but Ron fell to his knees and covered his face, weeping. As many a sensitive mind could imagine, all of the phenoma, and now this harsh revelation of having been but a puppet on a string one's entire life, hit the man all at once: he was overwhelmed and beleaguered by hopeless despair confronting a life of willfully lived, yet obscured, deception. Kneeling beside him, Peppa gently wrapped an arm around his shoulder and squeezed, while tears ran through the cracks between his fingers. “It's o k, Ron......Just let it out. You're not alone.” The console seemed to trigger even deeper content of the psyche, and he sobbed more prodigiously. Pulling his hands away from his face, involuntarily convulsing and spastic from the intensity of the release, he cried out, “M-my who-whole life I've spent pursu-ing a lie. We're noth-nothing bu-but fucking worker-bee la-lab-rats!” Another unabated wave hit him, and he doubled over in whaling contortions; the Seraphim looked on with wrinkled foreheads of fire, lamenting and compassionate. “Though this may offer you little comfort,” spoke Tuloo softly, “you both volunteered to incarnate at this stage of human evolution, to help awaken humanity and manumit it from this bondage. Right now you don't remember this, but soon, you will. If it is any consolation, you came to realize these deceptions by your own fruition in your most recent past lifetime.” Asudden the sky, rolling in evermore brightening clouds of prolific color, let loose an elongated and tremendously loud sigh, an extremely anthropomorphic sigh. The Seraphim verily looked up, the two humans following their lead. “Gaia is calling:” affirmed Velosh, “the time is now.”

And the mystical clouds gathered into a circular mass, high, and directly above the apex of the mount, then pulled back directly in the center, so that there was a circle within the circle; in which emanated a cosmic light of blinding force and effulgence. Tortured, expectant minutes hung on like this for the humans, minutes ridden with thoughts the like of: 'Is this it, are we to be consumed by fire and wrath? Is this the Rapture, the second coming? The Creator must be furious with our selfish decadences; and then that awesome light spilled onto the mountain, like some ethereal inoculation of the divine, swimming over the rock and earth and growing life with an imbuing of its crystal radiance, until it swept over everything under the dome.

“Is this heaven? It must be!” exclaimed Ron, looking down at his white-glowing arms and hands, his new bioluminescent skin, radiating and electrified; in fact, he was so drunk on god-energy and its higher vibration, that he was certain he could summit the mountain in a single bound, simultaneously feeling nothing but love and compassion for all, even his newly acquainted oppressors. Peppa danced gloriously: spinning and twirling, then abruptly shifting positions into a locked form of suspension on one arm – an incredibly superhuman feat – the whole display seeming like some bygone primeval ritual

of a long-distant past. Even the Seraphim were enshrined in a brighter hue of pure light, and they too danced about rapturously, some of them eventually taking to the air in speedy and wondrous electric flight. And the engulfing energy continued from the ground until it contacted the outer delineation of the dome, and then it diffused upward becoming the essence of the dome itself, transmuting the covering to its lambent light. Harmonic vibration abounded, the higher ether buzzed, and the Creator-flow, to the merry yet wary vexation of the two humans, continued to increase; for, though they were physically and psychically higher than they had ever even imagined, they began to feel as though they were spiritually and physically unprepared for such a divine pulse, and that they might literally explode out of their skin or combust in a poof of gray static smoke.

“Stay grounded!” yelled Velosh. “You will want to leave your bodies; but stay grounded!” The wind picked up now, the trees swayed and bent, the grasses slithered, and Peppa's regal golden hair whipped and straightened in the zephyr. “Your karmic acceleration is reaching a crescendo;” followed Tuloo, “release all your built-up negativity and return it to the elemental realm of Gaia! See into cosmic foreverness, limitless forms of life and beauty.....see beyond all limitation!” And on this last word the tremendous energy cinched into them entirely, coursing and fluxing through them on an atomic level of light coding (those evolutionary gifts of the higher orders, Velosh had told them in passing), pulling their very soul toward the far-reaches of the heavens.

“Do not go yet!” called Velosh. “You are needed here a little help your fellow humans know their true story....their true history! To know their controllers, to realize their thought connection with Gaia, the cosmos, and the spirit world...., only then can they move forward out of self and materialism, into an entirely new multi-dimensional paradigm of galactic....universal experience!” “Aaaaahooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” cried Peppa. “I need to let go! I want to leave this place, this tragedy called society and living down here!” “It is all soon to change!” Tuloo now rejoined. “But work is needed of you, here, in the last days of this cycle!” “Eeeeeeaaaaaaahh hhhhhhhhhhhhh!” screamed Ron; shaking wildly, his hands were in the air and his eyes had rolled back into his head – yet there was a gaping, pervasive smile across his visage. “Ron, stay with us! Stay with the earth; Gaia needs you here! Your family needs you!”

The two humans convulsed and glowed and smiled wide, and the Seraphim noticed that pure bodies of light were gradually starting to wisp upward from the crowns of their heads; Velosh, uncharacteristic of his spiritual way of controlling emotion, here betrayed a frown. He turned to Tuloo, telepathically sending his thought, 'Humanity cannot lose them yet.' Tuloo did not respond, merely smiled in some tranquil, divine knowing. And then it all stopped, the dome, the shaking, and the wind; all that remained of this cosmic event was the streaming of light onto Shasta's peak. Ron and Peppa fell to the grass in a grinning unconsciousness. Velosh sighed, his angst mollified by the dome's abatement. 'Control your thoughts, my brother. All is the Creator's divine will of evolution, no matter what we prefer as an easier route for ourselves,' Tuloo communicated to him. Velosh bowed his head in reverent penitence.

Following a short span of anticipation by the rest of the Seraphim, the humans eventually stirred and sat up; they wore looks of elation, as though they were entirely reborn, emancipated, enlivened by this new-sprung electric etheric blood-flow. Charged light radiation of their more spectacular cloak, the angelics hovered over them in a perfect circle, and the hooting of owls commenced to gather in the encompassing wood. Ron and Peppa had resumed their normal aspects. Examining his hands and arms, then feeling his face, Ron asked the host, “Are we dead?” “I feel amazing!” rejoiced Peppa. “Far from, my brother; the first stage of cellular recapitulation has been endowed upon you by a higher council of light of the mid-heavens. In layman's terms, your light harmonic vibration has been quickened, stepped up to the next higher frequency. This will help you with the challenges that lay ahead,” answered Velosh. And though before all this an explanation of the sort would have left Ron disquietly cogitating aimlessly, oddly enough to his own awareness, he understood precisely what Velosh was trying to convey. “I understand. Thank you, Velosh.....Thanks to all of you!” he declared confidently, and Peppa echoed the same. Then he and Peppa shot to their feet, surging blissfully in their nascent invigorated bodies.

“Hold strong in these times ahead,” encouraged Tuloo, “for the beginning of the chaos is about to set upon humankind; the fallen orders are culminating their plan of depopulation and downward spiral of human thought – negative entropy. They are the elite behind the curtain of global economics, industry, western medicine, the war machine, even entities like NASA. Having achieved a certain degree of immortality, the fallen orders, like the Annunaki, have had thousands upon thousands of years to experiment on and dissect the human psyche, culling what works best in swaying you, en masse, to any particular direction that suits their whim; and here they have discovered that fear is your prime motivator. And so they introduced god's wrath and creation of hell into the Bible. They are behind most of the terrorist plots, to ascend fear and bring human thought and vibration low, for thought manifests as reality. There were great cataclysms that occurred in the final stages of your last Atlantean epoch, and these archetypal fears still reside within your collective subconscious. The fallen ones know well of the Mayan Calendar and that you are now, through the cosmic Wheel of Life, the full circle of evolution, re-experiencing this period of uncertainty. Many have not fully processed this subconscious content, thus the fear; and so the fallen capitalize on this: even by creating earthquakes with their sinister and ruinous HARP technology. They deleteriously pine to warp the end of the Mayan Calendar into an apochryphal prophecy of doomsday apocolypse, when, in reality, it is your entering into the Photon Band of enormously higher vibrational energy pouring out of the black-hole center of the Milky Way, a chance to make a tremendous evolutionary jump, to become higher light consciousness, like the true Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, Zoroaster, and Sai Baba who is with you now. You could leap into an entirely new paradigm of existence in this opportunity, one beyond their competition and control.....their slavery. They can't have that.”

Riveted, Peppa and Ron hung on every word, the former pressing her hands to her heart. “Remember, all is thought – all matter, everything,” coupled Velosh. “Think and act abiding by the Creator's Cosmic Laws, and your thoughts will manifest. Freeing yourself from any notion of victim-hood, think to this new expansive golden age with love and compassion, hope and tolerance, and more assistance will come to you from infinite dimensions. Now, it is your duty to awaken your fellow humans to the truth of their history; as star seeds, this is what you volunteered for when incarnating into this period of human evolution. For now, it is time for us to go. Know that we love you all very much, and want to see you join the universal family of infinite life. Many high intelligences eagerly await humanity's arrival into these higher existences of peace and harmony.” “Please don't leave us! We need your help. We can't do this alone!” beseeched Ron anxiously. “Where are you going?” followed Peppa. “You are not alone, Ron Jurgis: there are many other humans aware of these deceptions, and multitudes in the cosmos who are trying to help. We will still be helping you.....but from another realm for now. The Galactic Council has summoned us to another station where we are needed. Remember the magnanimous message of Christ: love is the only He yet loved his oppressors. Go to Sai Baba in India. He is an Avatar with you now, of that same dimensional plurality, that same yoke of the Christos, the Spirits of Fire. He will guide you and fill your cup with succor. Bring others to this holy place, for the dome is reactivated. Go to the other chakras as well: the Great Pyramid, Glastonbury Tor, Mount Kailas, and the others; they will further activate the consciousness energies of your body.”

Tuloo and Velosh, in turn, lifted both humans in a gentle hug. Tears trickled down the cheeks of both mortals, tears of uncertainty and joy. After setting them down, Velosh said, “We shall climb Gaia's root chakra one last time. Sai Ram.” “Goodbye,” said Ron, “we'll miss you.” “Peace and love,” followed Peppa. “Thank you.” And the entire host smiled wide and bowed, then commenced their lumbering march up the mount, Tuloo and Velosh joining at the rear. Their gait was quiet and calm, steeped in their loving farewell to their home, yet they made speedy headway up the monolithic face with the capaciousness of their strides.

And the two humans sat in the fluffy loam and watched their entire march, the march of the Seraphim; and in the bright intensity of their massive contours, they followed them all the way to the summit, where the angels walked into the light and disappeared.

Green Festival San Francisco, April, 2010

This next piece is my hack at a bit of Gonzo journalism; and yes, it's all true.

Early on in his lecture on The Ahrimanic Deception, Rudolf Steiner indicated that one of the primary missions of spiritual humanity in this fifth post-Atlantean epoch, is to resist the deluge of materialism with all of our tenacity of spirit; for (as I too believe) this is the capital mechanism whereby humanity is deceived by the fallen thought-forms holding sway over this world: [human tendency toward avarice, control, pomp and luxury]. Even from a broad sociological standpoint, I believe we can say that more and more people worldwide are experiencing a growing ennui in regard to materialism and its globalizing force, a listless malcontent (even if its subconscious) beside the vacuity of material aggrandizement and its so many stagnant confining cubicle prisons. People want to touch and feel Gaia, to remember her invigorating vibrational life-breath......even if they don't quite know it yet – this be their gnaw of subconscious material malcontent. Such was mine immediately upon entering the corporate world fresh out of college ten years ago, na├»ve and spiritually clueless, just trying to survive in bombastic Southern California. It took me a few years of cubicle bouncing to face the music............there was much more to life than this mundane material pining. And so in 2005, I left that type of cube space, never to look back.

A human consciousness becoming, a spiritual searcher, an artist with an inclination toward the pen, this was my lot. Deep within me there was this growing obligation to do whatever I could to help restore harmony upon earth, to be part of this movement. Like so many of us on this Mecca, I am often weighed down and enervated by the gravities of pervasive materialism (particularly in Southern California); and it is in these times of depressed overwhelming that a light shines and speaks to me: “It is time to attend an earthy festival, my son, to be reinvigorated in the company of like-minded folk.” So, if finances permit, I heed to this call of my intuition, my higher self speaking to me, for that angel has never been wrong. And when I saw the notification of Greenfest San Francisco on, and that some brilliant, like-minded folk like Daniel Pinchbeck and Paul Stamets (and many more) would be speaking, I knew I had to make it happen. Evermore trying to flow with life's adventures and hold on to that beatnik traveling spirit dangled by London, Kerouac, and the likes, I jumped into my buddy Keith's RV and headed up to NorCal, stopping for some perfect central coast layovers on the way, including a spectacular 14 mile hike through the volcanic Pinnacles National Monument in bloom.

A number of blocks yet away from the festival, I already felt my vibration begin to quicken when a nice woman asked if I was attending the event, seeming to intuit my destination by some sort of resonance mystery (for I was wearing plain garb). My heart and spirit accelerated intensely as, drawing closer, we came upon more of our people. Ahhhhh, home once again, with other folk on the consciousness quest. Yeah baby! And walking into Green Festival I became even more juiced, met by myriad smiling faces and high-vibrational, Eco-humanitarian energy abounding. I immediately sped over to the main stage 2012: Time for Change forum, for these mystical thinkers were one of the principal reasons I had made the journey. I felt a warming reception from the people I sat near, holding tightly to the words of my fellow Zero Point aspirants. My own intuitions and learned perceptions of this Mayan Prophecy run synchronously with the thoughts of Pinchbeck, Barbara Hand Clow, and Carl Johan Calleman: that this cosmic astrological shift into higher vibrational ether (the alignments of the Photon Band, Alcyone, all that is the galactic Tree of Life with Gaia) is a chance for humanity to make a vast evolutionary leap back into co-creative harmony with the Omnipresent, the ineffable, and illimitable other benevolent lifeforms attuned to the Cosmic Laws of right thought, right conduct, bottomless love and compassion and selflessness.

Like so many of us, I too was abhorred (but not shocked) to see the trailer of Hollywood's doomsday interpretation of 2012; what I view as the fallen thought-forms, the elitist powers that be in our sphere of consciousness development, trying desperately to maintain fear and low, limited thought vibration – for positive, purely centered thought readily manifests into actuality (especially en masse), which could catapult us beyond their material, dogmatic, and competitive distortions that humanity has allowed itself to be duped by, especially in these grand cosmic times prophesied by the Maya and others. The Avatar Sai Baba has also confirmed that we are so lucky to have been born at this stage of earthly evolution. And to those entities obsessed by control and the ego-self, and their inimical measures imposed therefrom, I try to avoid any stance of victim-hood in my conceptions, for, like the Hopi and Pleiadian energies have indicated, our current situation on earth is something human will has still allowed to happen, allowing itself to be deceived, and taking any type of victim stance will only draw in more of that negative thought energy, repeating this denigrated cycle. Through teachers like these I have come to believe that asking for cosmic help with an attitude of self-ownership to the present state that exists and self-empowering action on our own part is that which will be received by the higher consciousness forms of this spiritual universe, rather than the aforementioned 'victim, save-me-God' supplications, those only repeating the destructive cycle by drawing in negative, helpless energy, that denying self-ownership to a reality as it exists. In this, I have to remind myself that it is not merely this trifling span of lifetime that has brought us to this juncture, but an unfathomable multiplicity of human lifetimes of experienced soul evolution. 2012: Time for Change: all the commentary and responses to audience questions by the panel I found to be harmoniously in tune and centered upon the values of unity and cooperation amongst our fellow humans and Gaia's ways of life unfoldment - these were definitely some of the people I have so hoped to connect with.

As I had anticipated, the overall feel I sensed from fellow festers was one of love and acceptance, a welcoming of the diversity collage that was this gathering. Here was a place I would have felt comfortable talking of high celestial beings (even my own 3 personal UFO sightings), the miracles of Sai Baba and his message, Steiner's teachings, or even nixies, succubi, and dryads; and here were others – like Pinchbeck – that had had similar experiences and thought-pull alignments. I believe that our thoughts and intentions, aligning with the creative Cosmic Laws, bring us together on this physical plane for a magnanimous purpose.......Green Festival San Francisco was undeniably that manifestation for me. And what a place of sharing and learning. Having read one of his co-authored books some years ago, I had already had a taste of the fungal genius of Paul Stamets, and his lecture on Saturday did not disappoint. I learned of 30 ft. mushrooms in the nascent primordial stages of earth evolution, undeniable links between fungus and soil detoxification (that blew me away), and fungal neural networks working symbiotically with other plant-life on a sheer vexing scale, plus more ad infinitum. Stamets is a true humanitarian, earthitarian, scholar and philanthropist, a disciplined academician I could only hope to emulate. There was literally such a plethora of impressive speakers and topics that one could have occupied themselves for an interminable length of time here.

Having worked in the solar arena for some time, I was also very impressed with the renewable energy representation at Greenfest; along with many of the alternative energy, lifestyle, and economy centered stage lectures like: Green Financial Incentives, The Business Case for Protecting the Climate, Building a Green Bay Area, Diet for a Hot Planet, Solutions for a Sustainable Future, Green Living Project, Edible City: Building a Sustainable Food System, The Role of the Green Movement in Communities of Color, Opportunities in Green Business, Home Solar Energy, Petroleum Free in One Year: Get Oil Out, A Fierce Green Fire (film), Daniel Pinchbeck with Charles Shaw: Writers Evolve to Meet New Media Paradigms, Ecological Bionics and City Metabolism, Weaving the Web with Green Values, Lo-Carbon Lifestyle Trends, Healing Waters Within and Without, and many more. Even being a frequent attendee of earthy-oriented festivals (Oregon Country Fair, Earth Dance, High Sierra Music Festival, National Rainbow Gathering, etc.), and having come across a wave of green clothing designs at these gatherings, I was still amazed at the spiritually redolent and Gaia-oriented eclectic fashions that jumped out at me at Greenfest. Jung Maven hempware was a booth of eclectic, psychedelic and spiritually-oriented styles that really grabbed me (

Being somewhat of a superfood dilettante, I had hoped for a strong representation therein at the event – I wasn't disappointed. Green and live superfoods of perplexing quantities of origin were represented, including two of my favorites: the raw blue green algae out of Klamath Lake, and a multitude of new products from Health Force Superfoods (the company that makes Vitamineral Green). A new leaf of tea (for we Americans) also seized my eye and my taste-buds: Guayusa Tea of the Amazon (procured by Runa in this case), an invigorating elixir of green-leaf caffeine energy; it was freshly aromatic beside a floral afterglow, not overpowering or bitter, which was a nice change to some of the other South American blends. There were numerous others that time constraints did not permit me to investigate. All told, Greenfest covered this arena replete too. It really was a most sublime amalgam of things earthy, positive, spiritual, and healthy.

And when six o'clock too quickly rolled around on Sunday - similar to those times of conclusion at Oregon Country Fair, Earth Dance and the like – I didn't want it to end and have to leave the unified gathering of these wonderful souls. Coupled with the not-wanting-it-to-end syndrome, the premiere of 2012: Time for Change was sold out, and I was trying not to be dispirited..........And that's when, as if propitiously sent by some divine cosmic entity, a tall dreddy brother gleaming a brightly genuine smile handed me a card to the Greenfest after-party at Temple SF. As I was told Bart stopped running in the later evening hours, I had no idea how I would get back to the RV some distance away in Pacifica; yet no trivial logistics or matters of uncertainty were going to keep me from hang'n with my people a little longer, even if it meant shivering outside for awhile after the bar closed until public transit resumed. So I blasted some hits of the Mendo Snowcap in a couple seedy(ish) back-alleys and shuffled over to a Tapas Brewery on Howard in the interim before trance-fix Witching Hour. Turned out Thirsty Bear Brewing Co. had some delectable veggie tapas on the menu, so, not having eaten all day, I indulged a sensational three-course that turned out to be much heftier than envisioned, all the while beautiful gypsy-fashioned women performed traditional dances on a redounding wooden stage. Wrapping up sup with a couple more cups of stellar San Fran Joe, I headed further down Howard to the club, taking another seedy(ish) alley detour en route. Not that I had to be, but I wanted to be as high as possible for this event, this being sort of a quasi-vacation; and interesting energies can come into one's flow many times in these altered states, especially if a mind is open – Pinchbeck and Hunter S. confirmed.

I met a groovy bro work'n the door, chatted for a few moments, and energetically bounced on into the club........And it was off the chain! The setup really grooved: there was a larger-than-life Buddha statue in full lotus, starry mandalas, spiritual symbols and archetypes spanning the spectrum, a host of different sound-rooms, smooth lighting and soft shadows, and intricate otherworldly projected visuals abounding. It was early, yet there were quite a few green groovers already in attendance, so I leaned back against the wall quietly and enjoyed the intimacy. Seriously, leave it to the techie city to entirely blow my mind with what appeared to be the pinnacle of modern computerized visuals: there were multi-colored images of translucent, polymorphic man representing all the chakras and energy nodes pulsating at the fore of pyramidal collage calligraphy, this just a snippet of the many digital realms that were painted that evening. Thus, all this considered, it really wasn't my fault that I was gonna have to get trope-ic. And on this eve the gods were munificent, for the first brother I approached introduced me to another brother who had just the type of trance I was look'n for. More happy Greenfesters were roll'n in, the party was jiven, so I immediately got psilly.

What a club! These were some of the best DJ's I had heard since the old days at Twilo and the Tunnel in NYC.....absolutely ripping. And the accompanying lyrical artists were just as impressive. I found all the folks work'n the club (bouncers, bartenders, everyone) to be extremely cool as well; good vibes all around. Not surprisingly, there was also a multiplicity of hot, intellectual, earthy women that really knew how to bring the heat to the dance floor and “Put cho weight on it!” as the Disco Godfather would say. I continued to lean back against the wall, trip out, and enjoy my family and the show. I love you guys! You keep the life pump'n through my veins in these sometimes grim and foreboding times; for I am once again reminded that I am not alone.....and that we will make this evolutionary leap!

After a while, as I had hoped, Daniel Pinchbeck showed up with a cortege of smiling, energetic folks. Part of me really wanted to approach him and chat for a brief moment (particularly as I feel he is right on track with what is happening on a cosmic level within our local time-space and further): maybe about some of the fallen celestial beings that I believe have been assisting in the warping of earthly humanity and sucking Gaia dry for quite some time now (Zoroaster, Goethe (coined their leader Mephistopheles) and Steiner's Ahrimanics, the Annunaki, and Luciferics, etc.); or perhaps the section of his book 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, where he briefly discusses the possibility of the noosphere having a physical location between the two Van Allen radiation belts in the earth's upper atmosphere (they seem to shield and transform the biosphere through the transmutation of cosmic energies, even dangerous rays from the Sun and other cosmic bodies – to give a very cursory overview) and how the U.S. military has been detonating a series of atomic bombs in them, creating artificial radiation belts [this intuitively jumped out at me in his book, because I had just read George Green's series beginning with the Handbook for the New Paradigm, where he discusses the malevolent higher intelligences that are behind the U.S. military, trying to reverse the higher etheric cosmic flow from entering our world in the right way by atomic detonations in specific celestial regions (Green claims to be in contact with Pleiadian consciousness); and the synchronicity that Steiner predicted the global elite brotherhoods of some of these fallen orders introducing inoculations to humanity so as to disincline them from a spiritual life almost 100 yrs. ago [H1N1 ?: all the big promo billboards we even see for getting inoculated for it these days; I believe, like HIV, they infected humanity with these pathogens to serve a number of their interests: 1) depopulate a global population that has geometrically expanded beyond their comfortable control 2) try to keep humanity dumbed down with ingredients of heavy metals in these shots that cause hardening of the brain, Autism and such 3) and the possibility that these shots themselves contain other virulent poisons, pathogens, or toxins (trace the World Health Organizations early path of inoculations in the 70's and early 80's - as well as their methods of recruitment for participants, such as promoting directly to promiscuous gay males in their ads - and you will see that HIV infection spread directly from their global stations of inoculation)]; perhaps make mention of his thought-provoking connection to the Ahrimanics (? Annunaki) wanting to mechanize the world and some of the sweeping imbalances of technology use we can see on our contemporary earth (people so plugged in constantly, they are having little interaction with Gaia and the souls around them); and/or rap with Daniel about an infinite number of expansive cosmic subjects; but, being that I try to respect the space of any spotlight luminary, I remained mute. Though I had had the honor to shake his hand and have a few words on Saturday.

Quick blurb: Please know that it is not my intention to bring up any of these more iniquitous subject matters so as to focus on negativity or fear. I believe we shall overcome through our thought-form, centering it on love, compassion, service to our fellow humanity, and unity, focusing on a new paradigm of higher existence beyond all forms of competition and conventional historical economics. What I bring to light on the negative side of consciousness polarity is with a hope of awakening as to the realities that exist (as cosmically phenomenal and impossible as they may seem), so as to peacefully, cooperatively, and lovingly move through them with a sense of self-ownership as to the global situation as it exists (for free human will has still allowed these denigrations and corruptions to take root), countering it with non-dual unity......LOVE LOVE LOVE. Like many others, I believe spiritual thought and action to be our primary mode of resistance against these forces, along with a healthy resistance of strangling materialism. As thought is light, and light is matter, focused thought – empowered ever more by qualitative and quantitative centering of benevolent intent - will create whatever reality we choose en masse, together. The more thinking and acting toward this new paradigm of loving unity, the quicker will it manifest as the multitudes of thought-foci coagulate into reality and form. Science too is beginning to realize this.

Pertaining to those understandably skeptical, I can convey that I lovingly and humbly genuflect myself to your current state of mind, and rationally and objectively admit that had I not experienced some of my own cosmic experiences (i.e. UFO/otherworldly-vehicle sightings), my research direction and stances regarding earth's situation could very well be altogether different. And had I not been guided by my mentor, Chuck Wein (filmmaker of Rainbow Bridge – Jimmi Hendrix), to the works of Rudolf Steiner, Zecharia Sitchin, Barbara Hand Clow, Hurtak, and many other great spiritual thinkers and academic scholars, their works and bibliographies synchronistically leading to other profound thinkers and theories, my current perceptions, again, could very well be much different than what they are now. But everything happens for a divine reason, and I feel so blessed to have witnessed what I have (in two of the three cases with a couple of my best friends, no less). Yet to those who might be pessimistic, I only ask that you possibly open yourself up to a few questions of critical thought, not to mention questions of cosmic critical cogitation: i.e. Why is it that the majority of American Presidents are interrelated (even Obama to both Bush and Cheney), the same bloodline tracing back to royal Britain, and from Britain to Rome, and Rome to ancient Sumeria and Mesopotamia? Mere coincidence? Well, even if you believe in coincidence (which I do not), there would seem to be something all-too coincidental here. And like Joe Rogan brought to light in Pinchbeck's poignant interview with him on Realitysandwich: Conventionally, taking a stance of material rationalism, how does one explain all these tremendous cosmic anomalies across the globe, such as the precise mathematical and astrological alignments of megalithic pyramidal stones throughout the world? And how they were moved? My theories here lean toward magnetic fields of light harmonic, that of a higher technology from higher intelligences, that have been intertwined with earth's and human's spiritual evolution for spans beyond our reckoning. What of earth's ley lines and centers of profound diamagnetic energy, the Vile Vortices, and how these holy megalithic sites and structures around the world are built over these energy centers of Gaia? What of the Norway Spiral (as Pinchbeck keenly presented) and its nodal configuration in the cosmic Tree of Life? What of the bones of giants (some of them 36 ft. tall) that can be found in the Rothbury (New World Order family – the same royal bloodline) museums (not surprisingly kept closed to the general public)? Are these the Nefilim of ancient religious lore; or, as Sitchin and Hand Clow might inquiringly suggest: are these the aberrant result of the Annunaki's forthgoing biological experimentations on their human worker/warrior? [Thinkers like Sitchin also bring up the interesting consideration that in the bible and other ancient texts, it goes on to say that the sons of the Nefilim would go on to become the kings and rulers of man. Considering this, is this royal bloodline still the demigod connection to the Annunaki of Nibiru, doing Anu's bidding here on earth? Fascinating thoughts to consider; especially when one dissects that, throughout the ages, our political leaders have never brought about any semblance of harmony, either natural or human related.....balance.] Why is our government trying to control food and nutrients, irradiating what we eat, and thoroughly backing GMO mega-giants of death like Monsanto? Is this another method of depopulation through resultant illnesses of toxic poisoning and malnourishment? Why are there connections high within the U.S. Government and other highly influential personages (like Ford and Disney) with the Nazis party? And why did the U.S. not enter the war until the very end, when they knew millions of Jews were being murdered and tortured? Perhaps, was this a test-case in measures of fascist takeover of a massive population through the impending instrument of fear? It would have also served as a useful depopulation tool; doubly useful even, in that it would eliminate a culture that was becoming too financial powerful for the New World Order and it's plans of total world domination. ??? Look at all the fear propounded now. And what might be the connection with the obvious inconsistencies of our government's explanation of 9/11? Questions like these, to the searching, scrutinizing mind, will go on and on? To the skeptical, my only admonishment is to possibly open yourself up to the unexplainable, the grandly cosmic. It just may interest you, and get you thinking outside the box of the materially-based, tunnel-visioned norm that is thrust upon us in the mainstream media. And in all of this, I have to remind myself that everything, both the good and bad, are extensions of the One, thinking within and upon themselves – so love all, even those that may oppress us, with equanimity. What I can do is act upon “being of service to humanity”.

I feel pressed to add that Steiner also predicted in our fifth post-Atlantean epoch, the fusing of the human soul with machine, albeit a rather cursory and ambiguous reference. Again, this prediction might not have had such a profound impact on me, but, guided by the divine through events of synchronicity, just prior to reading this lecture of his (in Secret Brotherhoods), I had read a piece about nanotechnology research into the syncing of it with the human organism going on at MIT; but, (backed by our military) in this case, it is being focused on the application to the human soldier. Is this possibly the beginning, or some nascent form, of what Steiner was referencing? It sent the spores of my mind in interesting intuitive directions.

Right till 4, Temple SF blew us Greenfesters up......and once again, I didn't want to leave my family; but responsibilities in San Diego beckoned and I had to be heading home that day. All around me were smiles and hugs as I sauntered to the door. I left there feeling on top of the world, strengthened and enlivened by you all - my family - once more; and the words of Noam Chompsky echoed resolutely in the halls of my thought: We are not alone. “There are more of us than there are of them.” And for me, and many other spiritual folk, everything is an extension of the One. All you fellow Evolvers, spiritual aspirants, Gaia-lovers........are that great reminder for me. Thank you so very much. Let us continue to gather and encourage one another; for, together, as a combined focus, thoughts becomes reality - we can create an entirely new destiny, a bright new paradigm. And thanks to all the fearless spiritual intellectuals out there for inspiring me and keeping me moving forward in this consciousness revolution: Daniel Pinchbeck, Rudolf Steiner, Barbara Hand Clow, Zecharia Sitchin........and on and on. And thanks to Swami (Sai Baba). Your illimitable love and grace has brought back purpose to my life. You have reminded me that one of my greatest obligations as an evolving soul is to be of selfless service to my fellow humanity. Peace and love to all. Sai Ram.

End note -

My UFO experiences (for those who may be interested). My first UFO sighting was in the late evening on a beach north of San Diego with one of my best friends. I looked up at what appeared to be a star moving at a moderate speed of straight trajectory in space; yet after a few moments, it grew in brightening intensity (the brightest white light I could have ever imagined) to near one-third the size of the moon. It held this state for a few seconds and then faded back down to its original size, and then performed a 90 degree turn and transitioned into some form of increased velocity/space-time travel as it quickly sped beyond our site. This was the first sighting for both of us, and together we stood, carbon-copies of the other, our speechless mouths agape and eyes bulging from the sockets. My intuition called heartily to me: we had been blessed with a sighting. That was in 2004, and I hadn't pieced much together on an earthly cosmic scale yet.

Then, by later 2008, more and more of my research was synchronically piecing earth's and human's cosmic situation together. My head was (and is) in a place open to any type of cosmic phenomenon; and so, inspired by research into Gaia's holy energy places and the ancients who built there, I gathered an expedition of friends for the exploration of Sedona's diamagnetic anomalies. We only had one day and chose the vortex of Boynton Canyon to hike. The hike was magical: undeniably, a surge of higher ether pervaded my person, and I felt the presence of the ancient Hopi and their predecessors who had built there long ago; but as far as otherworldly sightings, we had none on this hike. The way home to San Diego, however, turned out to be quite different........Passing by an Airforce base west of Phoenix, my friend brought something to my attention, “Look at that! Do you see those orbs?! They're over that base; by those planes!” My blood quickened and I peered out the window of our cruising truck, our other friend at the helm. What I saw no material rationale would explain for me: there were a number (around 5) of large, oval-shaped discs of fiery light hovering over the base at probably 1,500 to 2,000 ft. There were military aircraft in the direct vicinity. The objects were a bright yellow of intensity (like the sun) at the core, fading to a mixture of flame oranges at the outer half. And we observed in vexation as each object would instantly disappear and then reappear in another space, seeming to operate along the theories of inter-dimensional travel. We watched this event for the better part of 4 minutes as we ambled along the highway. Currently, one of the books I'm reading is The Keys of Enoch, by Hurtak; and in it, he describes the Merkabah light vehicles of the pure spirits of fire, pure light beings – what he describes seem to be precisely what I saw. I look upon reading this as divine synchronicity, the message that I am blessed and am on the right path. Here again I made note that there was a military presence in this place of sighting; as with my initial sighting being in San Diego, which is covered by a multitude of various military presences.

My third UFO experience came right outside my front door in Oceanside, California (North County San Diego). It was the early spring of 2009 and I was just walking out to my car at around 10:00 p.m. on a Saturday night. Coming up to the car, I was stopped, frozen in place, by a mind-upturning phenomenon.....The formation of the Big Dipper hovered right before me. Yet it was only a short distance from the ground, and rather than stars, each point of its aspect was a pyramidal vehicle composed of 3 lights that glowed the most beautiful golden hue and then faded to darkness, repeating again. This Big Dipper formation of UFO's was directly over the beach of the Camp Pendleton Marine Base here in Oceanside. The closest to the ground of the objects was probably around 150 ft. in the air: this was the tail of the stellar formation, the rest spaced accordingly heading skyward. Living right by the beach and Pendleton, I was very close to this event, and heard no machine or engine noise whatsoever; the vehicles seeming to operate by way of some magnetic technology. I watched this event for about 3 ½ minutes, and then a thick marine-layer blew in and covered the formation. No one else was in my viewable vicinity. Ruminating on this third sighting linked with a military presence, and knowing what I did of the military making illegal land grabs (like the rancher in Sedona) in specific areas of pronounced diamagnetic and UFO activity, I began to make some stronger considerations connected to our world being manipulated by fallen higher intelligences. For - as Steiner and many others indicate – if what happens down here is a reflection of what happens in the heavens (space) and other arenas of the spiritual realm, the battles that are taking place there, and if our military was guided by these controlling thought-forms behind the curtain, them strategically placing themselves in earth centers of cosmic travel (UFO comings and goings into Gaia's sphere) all made more logical sense, at least to my opening mind.

Again, as Pinchbeck so acutely points out regarding his own pattern of belief-evolution in 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, had I not experienced phenomena like these directly, my openness of thought to theories like Steiner's, Sitchin's, and Barbara Hand Clow's might be very different.......but everything happens for a reason. Peace and love. I miss you Evolvers already.